Thread: Female Advice Preferred: Pregnant and intimacy
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Re: Pregnant and intimacy - March 1st 2011, 12:11 AM

Here is what e-how has to say:
Cook dinner for her as much as you can.

Help around the house. Clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, do the laundry and complete other chores that she might normally do. She will appreciate the break.

Take her out on dates. Go out for dinner and a movie, or make up a picnic and take her to the park for a warm afternoon. Don't let the pregnancy hinder your dating life. Take the time now to go out together because after the baby is born, there won't be any more time to treat each other out.

Treat her to massages, either your own or from a professional massage therapist. Her body will love the attention and will help to keep her spirits high.

Have patience with her. She is going through emotional and physical changes that no one else can begin to understand. Giving her the space to feel those changes will encourage her to be open with you and will help her get through such a confusing time.

Tell her that she is beautiful. Remind her on a daily basis that you love her and love being with her.

Listen to her complaints and her fears. Try to genuinely understand what she is going through. Then express your own complaints and fears. Remain open with her throughout the entire pregnancy.

Cater to her cravings. If she asks you to run to the store at midnight for a specific type of ice cream with a specific type of cookie, don't ask questions. Satisfying her cravings will help her make it through the night in a pleasant and appreciative mood.

Bring her small gifts--flowers, bubble bath or chocolate--whatever she loves and doesn't get enough of.
Also, if you want to be a little intimate and she doesn't, you could suggest you help her rub in some anti-stretch mark cream or just simple lotion on her belly. It could be a nice bonding activity. Or just give her a full out massage with some kisses intermixed.