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Re: How to induce a miscarriage?? - March 3rd 2011, 09:59 PM

Originally Posted by Quartet View Post
You need to take a pregnancy test, first of all!
And inducing a miscarry is exactly like an abortion, just a dumb idea.
A pregnancy test costs like MAYBE 20 bucks, if you go to a Target they're like $7.50 for one test - $10.00 for two tests.
You could put yourself in severe danger if you do this without any medical help.

As stated above, there is a medical abortion, it ranges from $300 to $500, depending on where you go to do it.
It's a lot of money, and I'd hate to say it, you and your boyfriend landed yourselves in this situation.
Talk to him about it and let him know you're not willing to put yourself through something so dangerous.
I so agree with everything said above.
Just the fact that your boyfriend is so willing to help you put yourself in danger should be a red flag that he doesn't exactly have you best interests at heart.
Abortion and inducing a miscarriage are the same difference.
If you are 23, you were responsible enough to have sex and get pregnant, you should also be responsible enough (and know better!) than to listen to something that someone told you.
High doses of Vitamin C can be very dangerous to you, as stated previously.

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