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Re: How to induce a miscarriage?? - March 11th 2011, 07:26 PM

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
Well you shouldnt have had unprotected sex!!
She didn't actually say she had unprotected sex. I know it's likely because she might be pregnant, but nothing in her posts state that.

OP - it would be much, much safer to have a medical abortion or to consider adoption. I know that means you have to tell your parents, and you say that's not a good idea, but forcing a miscarriage is VERY dangerous and you really don't want to do it. The consequences of that will be far worse than your parents reaction - as others have said it could lead to death. Please consider something that is safer for you and more merciful for your baby.

If you are pregnant, you and your baby are sharing the same body. Just think about that - the damage you do to the foetus will harm you too, unless you find a professional to complete a safe abortion. Most importantly you need to know if you're actually pregnant. I would advise you not to make any rash decisions, especially if you're not even sure.

Take care.