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Re: How to remove earring? - August 27th 2011, 09:27 PM

Originally Posted by remembering_sunday View Post

Yeah that's what the piercer said, but the earring she used is too big for my ear, so it slides back & forth a lot, which isn't good either. She said to change it to a smaller one, then let it heal the rest of the recommended healing time. A bit sketchy, but the earring I have now is really bothering me with the sliding & it catches on things easier because it sticks out more.

Thanks for the suggestion!
Mine was like that but for the first month my ear would swell for an hour or two and then calm down. Normally while asleep I would knock it and it would swell. It was only a few weeks after this had happened I felt comfortable to change it. I have had my cartilage pierced since October but it still occasionally swells up at times and I change back to my starter bar which is a bit bigger.
If it swells up when you have a smaller bar in then it could be seriously painful and could lead to the bar being stuck.

Having it a bit big is best while it is healing. It also makes it easier to clean around it. It is up to you though. I just know I would have hated to have a small bar in while it was healing.