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Re: Starting college - August 30th 2011, 07:27 PM

If you don't know where you are going then go to the campus and get a map sometime this week and plan out your routes this way you dont get lost on campus. Take your schedule with you and so you can study the campus and get to know it before the first day of class. This way you can ask professors or administration for help. They should be at the campus now getting ready for the school year. If you aren't wanting to do that, I am sure they have a map on the school website and you can get a feel for it that way. Fimilarize yourself with what area your classes will be. And on the first day of class if you get confused ask an upperclassmen.

As far as the introductions your talking about. It will be fine, this week should be no problem. You will more than likely just meet your professors, may have to introduce yourself to the class, don't worry. You can just offer your name and what your majoring in and that your excited for the school year and leave it at that. This is when your professors will also give you your syllbus and go over what you will be studying and what will be expected. It won't be too hard.

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