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Re: Church outraged over 9 year old rape victim having abortion - March 10th 2009, 01:35 PM

Oh dear, this is one case. I realize it's tragic, but I think it's pertinent to also realize that many other religions have extraordinarily dogmatic custom's just what a certain group of people believe in and I'm fine with that.

There is a religion created solely from Kurt Vonnagut's book, Cat's Cradle. Now, I'm not entirely familiar with it, but I doubt I would follow the majority of its customs. It stands more as an analogy than a moot argument in itself...

Simply, just because this is wrong by Western standards/morals does not make it wrong across the board. Different people have different belief systems, that's all. No need to attack either/or as either/or aren't decidedly correct or entirely wrong (lo and behold the gray areas otherwise known as "social sciences"?).

Thus, I don't know if it's advantageous to really go at the Catholic church (or even Christian faith) for something that a small group of its followers take action in for one particular case.