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Re: Does your period has a smell? - January 16th 2012, 12:41 AM

It's not normal to have strong menstrual period odor, but it's also not normal to have zero odor. When blood comes in contact with air, it takes on its own scent. This scent is usually mild enough that others can't smell it through your clothes, but you'll be able to smell it when you use the bathroom or change your clothes. Your own menstrual scent is normal and you shouldn't aim to have a completely scent-free period.

But to reduce your period smell you can do things like taking more baths/showers. You can also change your pad often, and avoid scented products. If this still continues and you think it is bad - then go to a doctor and get it checked up on as it might be a vaginal infections (bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or trichomoniasis).

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