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Re: Do you have a Learning Disability? - February 18th 2012, 05:35 PM

I'm dyslexic and I get math problems all messed up. I'm in college and on my recent algebra test I got the concept correct, but did the basic math all wrong so I got the question marked wrong. (for example I needed to multiply 4 x 3, so I said the answer was 16) I use my fingers as well while doing addition and subtraction. I do it discreetly so people don't see me doing it, or I tap my pencil on the number 6 times when it's 6 while I count up. Just find whatever works for you, it's okay if it takes you a little longer to work a problem out. Try not to rely on the calculator. I don't even carry one with me to my tests so I force myself to work everything out myself. I think it helps me, because after I do a problem so many times I tend to start remembering the answer without doing the work.

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