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Re: Religion vs. Fairy Tales - February 23rd 2012, 04:58 AM

To just get back on topic a little. The definition of a fairytale, aside from a tale about mystical creatures, is "a highly improbable story" And that definition covers most everything in the Bible. Adam and Eve is a highly improbable story. It is extremely unlikely that the entire human race came from two people, considering we'd all have brain damage from all of the incest, and it doesn't explain how there are different races of people at all. Unless there was an Adam and Eve for every race. Noah's Ark, another highly improbably story. Jesus coming back from the dead, extremely unlikely. So yes they all are fairy tales. And you can choose to believe that they can happen, most every girl wishes for her own Cinderella story, but that doesn't make them any more likely to have happened in the past. And you can call it faith to believe in them, but I call it a lack of common sense. And honestly a waste of time. We are supposed to learn from history so that we don't repeat our past mistakes, but I suggest learning from the history we actually know for a fact happened. It's a much more productive way to live.

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