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Re: Religion vs. Fairy Tales - February 23rd 2012, 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by thebigmole View Post
To just get back on topic a little. The definition of a fairytale, aside from a tale about mystical creatures, is "a highly improbable story" And that definition covers most everything in the Bible. Adam and Eve is a highly improbable story. It is extremely unlikely that the entire human race came from two people, considering we'd all have brain damage from all of the incest, and it doesn't explain how there are different races of people at all. Unless there was an Adam and Eve for every race. Noah's Ark, another highly improbably story. Jesus coming back from the dead, extremely unlikely. So yes they all are fairy tales. And you can choose to believe that they can happen, most every girl wishes for her own Cinderella story, but that doesn't make them any more likely to have happened in the past. And you can call it faith to believe in them, but I call it a lack of common sense. And honestly a waste of time. We are supposed to learn from history so that we don't repeat our past mistakes, but I suggest learning from the history we actually know for a fact happened. It's a much more productive way to live.
1. Incest is not directly related to deforminties, it's an urban legend. Unless it's very direct, mother, father, sister, brother. However the chances of deformity only go up, but are not garunteed.

2. Evolution is a great example. If you believe all life came from one kind of basic cell, I don't see how this is any more unlikely. If you continue breed two white dogs, and out of theire offspring only breed the darkest and continue that for a few generations you'd have black dogs. Now realize humans have been around for a couple thousand years already, we've had plenty of time to change naturally.

3. Faith and a lack of common sense are two totally different things. You have faith the sun will rise tomorrow, and refusing to have faith in that fact is a lack of common sense. That piece of logic can be used against you as easily as it can be used for your arguement.

4. I don't think "do not murder" or "do not steal" are a "waste of time" to learn. It's black and white morality that's quite frankly, very important to learn. The stories in the Bible may be literal or metaphorical, but either way, more have important lessons in them deemd acceptable by society.

Originally Posted by thebigmole View Post
Megan I have an honest question. In another thread you explained what you believe about creationism. How does a belief in Adam and Eve fit into that? I just ask because I feel like you are fighting really hard to defend a story in the Bible that I'm not sure you actually believe in completely.
The story of Adam and Eve might not be literal, realize that the Bible may or may not be a recording of true events. The point of it was that Adam and Eve, or in other words all of the current humanity, disobeyed someone (in this case God) who was obviously trying to do what he felt was best for them. As a result something similair to modern humanity was born.

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