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Re: Religion vs. Fairy Tales - February 27th 2012, 12:58 AM

I wouldn't say I all out avoid asking any group questions, because I believe in a good discussion, but I do avoid asking many atheists, especially ones I do not know well, questions (it's much more likely that discussion will stay civil if the person is a friend of mine). Why, do you ask? Simple. Because although some do not realize it, there are as many "zealot" atheists as there are zealot christians. Both can be really bad about just spouting off their opinion without listening to the other person. Pretty much like politics, actually. Probably why those are the two topics you are never supposed to discuss with unfamiliar people. It's also probably why the American political system has so much trouble getting things done.

So let's face how this goes down in this forum in particular: atheist asks question or makes comment about how christianity is stupid. Giant blob of atheists agree. Christian comes in to share his/her opinion. Everyone tears him/her apart. If more christians come in, they set out to tear them apart too by explaining why their beliefs are stupid "fairy tales." But not only do their disdain the christians' beliefs, they treat them with contempt for the people they are. It's like shaking your head at them. "Silly person, how could you ever believe that load of crap?"

Kind of sounds familiar, doesn't it guys? Kind of how maybe...oh yeah! How some christians treat atheists!

So how about we have a REAL discussion, huh? You know, the kind where they offer their POV, you offer yours, that kind of thing. NOT where you offer your POV AND blabber on about why theirs is stupid, then they do the same to you. That's not a discussion. That is just a bunch of silly, close-minded, blind and deaf people arguing about nothing.

So if you want to talk, talk. But do it in a way that actually dignifies what you are saying and makes you look respectable and decent. .

I think, if you really look at it, both groups have a lot more in common than they wish they did, because for being sooooo opposed to each other, both groups certainly act very similar.

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