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Re: Religion vs. Fairy Tales - February 27th 2012, 07:02 AM

Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
Actually, that's not exactly what I was saying. I was saying both groups do the same thing to one another. I've seen threads where Christians bash on atheists, too and I see both bashing each other pretty badly outside of the internet. Both groups do the same thing. Both get their hands dirty. So both need to stop acting like they are such an innocent victim of Atheist/Christian injustice, because people not caught up in the battle don't buy that crap. It's like a teenage girl telling her parents that she was at the library while trying to cover the hickey on her neck with her hair.

In this thread, yes, I believe it was more of a comment on Christianity meant to rally Atheists than to be an actual discussion.
Well yeah it is exactly what you were saying, I just didn't talk about the Christian -> Atheist side of it.

Although I think the Christian -> Atheist is more common in America. On the internet it's more common for Atheists to hate on Christians because many can't do it in real life.

Originally Posted by ~Mr. Self Destruct~ View Post

For someone who claims to be s skeptic, you really do love making unfounded claims, don't you.
And I too am a bit suspicious about the question, but I did not participate in the question, simply the resulting debate.
It was just a bit of fun. I'm not seriously claiming to know that every atheist here has troubled lives and takes it out on Christians here.
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