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College majors- I'm confused. - March 17th 2012, 04:50 AM

I'm confused about what to major in. I'm going to college this fall. I have a few concerns. I am thinking about what I will like studying, what field I will like working in and how much money a major will lead to. I know a lot of people say to just study what you'll like and not worry about money, bit I feel like I have to. I don't need to be rich, but I'm going to have loans to pay off and I want to be able to live without choking on debt.

I think i would like studying visual comm/graphic design, but I have a few concerns about it too. I don't know if I'd like working in the field. I guess I have a hard time picturing myself in an office all day which would be the case if I were to become a web designer or graphic designer. I love art and design- always have- but I'm also afraid I'm not going to be talented enough. I've always felt like was creative for the average person, but compared to the world or artsy people, I'm afraid I'm gonna suck. I'm scared the other students will be more naturally talanted than I am and I've heard job landing in the field can be competitive. I've also heard it's hard day to day grind work and low pay.

I've though about majoring in marketing. At first I thought this may be high paying, but I don't know if it is with a bachelor's degree. It's also considered "easy" or "soft" compared to other business degrees. I think it'd be okay to study, I wouldn't hate it, probably wouldn't love it. I have NO idea I'd id like working in any related positions. I heard it can be stressful, which worries me. I'd major in it, though if it would lead to lucrative work.

I've also considered an Education major. I don't think I'd mind studying it. I consider it because teaching is the only position I can actually picture myself in. I think I might enjoy it too. BUT it's low pay. And I think my family might think it a little weird if I Told them I wanted to be a teacher. It's hard to explain, but when I've said it a few years ago my parents kind of down played the idea. I don't know if I'd like being a teacher still. It's hard to know. Also I hate math and science and that's where the demand for teachers are.

Most the high paying jobs involve heavy math/science which is really just not an option for me, I don't tjinkk I would even be able to pass calculus or college physics. Grad school won't be an option until I pay off loans which could take a few years at least.

Does anybody have any good advice for me? Would graphic design be a good choice for me? Or any other ideas? I'm open to hear anything anybody has to say. I'm so confused right now.

I'm depressed over this because there's no simple solution.

I am a sensitive person. I hate mean controlling people. I get stressed easily. I get bored easily. I have anxiety about getting a job, because I'm afraid I'm going to get stressed out and hate it. The idea of going to an office for 8 hr a day depresses me.

I've decided on the college I'm going to and am excited but worried about money and my major. I want to make the Right choice.