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Stress about work!!! - May 30th 2012, 04:05 AM

Okay I have a problem and have with every job ive had. I always have a fear of getting fired when there probably isnt any way im going to get fired. For example I am currently living on my own and paying my own bills (so the importance of this job is increased), I work at a bike shop in which I have alot of knowledge for because I was a serious cyclist for a long time. The job is really laid back I love the staff and my manager is really easy going but als quiet. Im pretty sure im top sales person, and the other day one of the managers said to the boss 'your number 1 employee when referring to me'. However I still get crazy anxeity about losing my job. Now about 2 weeks ago I called in sick (was super super sick) I was super worried about it and my boss even overheard me saying to another employee that I was worried about calling in sick yesterday and said its not a big deal unless you werent sick. Well anyways for many reasons both responsible and not I am broke right now 1 dollar in my bank account and little food (lots o booze tho :P). anyways I get paid tomorrow night, but dont have the money to get on the bus to go to work. I just txtd around to my boss saying I was sick and got another employee to cover for me... his last txt was no problem. Get better! I am still super worried now.. I dont know if this worry is real. My problems are real I cant really get to work tomorrow, I am god awful tired, dont really have any food to bring to work tomorrow, but at midnight tomorrow I get a big paycheck and 100$ cash from a friend for a guitar so then Im good. SHOULD I BE WORRIED KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO ME