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  1. cutting for attention
  2. Triggering (SH): Cutting is out of Control!
  3. Triggering (SH): urges
  4. Triggering (SH): Can this be considered as SH?
  5. Getting Help?
  6. Life stinks
  7. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Life sucks again
  8. Feeling triggered over something stupid
  9. #thelinesproject
  10. Need advice on how to stop.
  11. "Razors R My Best Friends"
  12. friend cutting
  13. Help
  14. Scared of loosing her
  15. worries
  16. safely
  17. can you help me?I feel like commiting suicide
  18. im done, i cant do this
  19. FAT
  20. Self-Harming relapse...im such a failure
  21. I'm still alive,although I wished it otherwise
  22. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Update (didn't know where to put this specifically)
  23. Does anyone even care? No..
  24. Was i wrong to tell?
  25. I'm Sorry I'm Such A Failure.
  26. Triggering (SH): idk what to do
  27. Scratching
  28. Scratching is self harm...
  29. Sterilization
  30. What could happen?
  31. How do I talk about it?
  32. Confused, but.. okay?
  33. Relapsing, Too Much, and Abuse
  34. I Don't Know What To Do....
  35. Bridesmaid with scars/cuts
  36. it would have been almost 3 weeks without cutting
  37. Why am I feeling this way?
  38. Vent
  39. It's making it worse.
  40. Picking at cuts
  41. How do I tell my English, Algebra and Science teacher I self harm?
  42. i dont know anymore
  43. Should I show my friend my self harm?
  44. :D
  45. getting rid of scars
  46. I'm SCREWED
  47. Question about cuts
  48. Is this Self Harm?
  49. I quit, it`s over.
  50. I give up on quitting
  51. why do i like self harm?
  52. what can I do?
  53. Triggering (SH): Just a quick vent
  54. how do i tell my mom?
  55. Triggering (SH): I'm sorry,I don't know why but I'm sorry
  56. Teetering on the edge?
  57. considering self harm
  58. just want to be good enough for once in my life
  59. scared
  60. Triggering (SH): 5 years of SH this month.
  61. I don't really know what's happening...
  62. Triggering (SH): I can't do this anymore.
  63. My self-harm
  64. How do you tell a friend that you self harm?
  65. He's gone again
  66. I was doing so well..
  67. Covering up scars: Yay or Nay?
  68. Triggering (SH): i feel like a failure..
  69. My friends make fun of self harm
  70. Please help
  71. It's Supposed To Make It Feel Better... Right?
  72. I don't know why.
  73. self harm?
  74. Triggering (SH): im not strong enough
  75. Triggering (SH): Cant stop...cutting daily
  76. Would've been 2 years..
  77. I don't want to stop.
  78. Proud of myself!! :-D
  79. i needed to punish myself!
  80. Triggering (SH): Tell your self harm how you feel like
  81. A Simple Question: Why??
  82. I don't even know
  83. Triggering: Quick question....
  84. A high without the drugs& I need to be punished
  85. Triggering (SH): Cutting. >.<
  86. Just thought I'd get it all off of my chest
  87. A small part of my story..
  88. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Well here we are again... eh?
  89. Triggering (SH): Not enough...
  90. Triggering (SH): Cant stop...help
  91. Trying to recover
  92. HELP ASAP, Keeps bleeding
  93. Relapse
  94. help xD
  95. Triggering: When my best friend talks about who he likes I feel like I'm not good enough..
  96. Triggering: Picking and peeling
  97. Quick question; non-emergency
  98. Annoyingly close to relapsing
  99. For Those That Can't Stop Harming Themselves
  100. Triggering (SH): help
  101. I Need To Cut....One More Time.
  102. Triggering (SH): My best friend.
  103. I'm Scared
  104. Downward spiral
  105. A hundred days SH free
  106. Please help me
  107. Friend threatening to tell mom
  108. Triggering (SH): I stopped cutting... but I keep finding other ways to hurt myself
  109. help
  110. Im so scared
  111. Triggering (SH): Those annoying thoughts
  112. I am a self cutter, and I DO NOT WANT TO STOP
  113. Triggering (SH): Am I just oversensitive?
  114. whats the point anymore?
  115. Triggering (SH): How can i tell my teacher i self harm?
  116. Triggering: Self-injury and relationships
  117. Triggering: I want to cut. I want to die. I want to be gone.
  118. Triggering (SH): When I thought these things were gone....I GUESS NOT!
  119. Triggering (SH): Self harm confusion?
  120. Triggering (SH): Silent and deadly.
  121. Triggering (SH): I need someone to talk to
  122. Triggering (SH): I'm new here butttt
  123. Doctor visits
  124. Addicted
  125. Friends
  126. they need to know
  127. Triggering (SH): No relief anymore
  128. Telling a friend about my self harm
  129. I'll be telling my teacher soon
  130. How to Hide
  131. Self harm addiction
  132. Triggering (SH): Relapsing
  133. Will They Last Forever?
  134. Back at step one
  135. Triggering: Scratching.
  136. Triggering: How do I tell me mom and my closest friend?
  137. Triggering (SH): Other Forms
  138. Triggering (SH): I'm worried about infection?
  139. First Time.
  140. Triggering (SH): It's been going on for a while
  141. Trying To Recover
  142. How to quit self-harm for good?
  143. Girl triggering me
  144. can't be alone anymore
  145. Triggering: just a rant again
  146. This is kinda odd...
  147. Giving in
  148. Triggering (SH): Swim Class.
  149. I can't stop thinking about it
  150. Quitting SH
  151. This is too hard
  152. urges
  153. Relapse.
  154. Having the urge to SH
  155. how to tell my parents
  156. bio oil?
  157. Non-PG13: im new here :3
  158. Triggering (SH): I can't take it. I hate myself. I hate this.I hate everything.
  159. hospital and telling parents?
  160. Triggering (SH): addicted to self harm..friends say i need help
  161. Triggering (Substances): Starting to think I'm a lost cause...
  162. can't get help for self harm
  163. School, SH,& Depression
  164. Regret
  165. How addictive is it?
  166. Getting help...
  167. Triggering: HATE My Scars
  168. Covering up fresh self harm
  169. Hi. I kinda need help.
  170. Triggering (SH): Is this a good/bad alternative?
  171. Sinking so fast....
  172. Triggering (SH): convince me not to
  173. I'm scared for my life. Someone help?!
  174. i need to cut!!!
  175. Triggering (SH): Are you comfortable/do you show your scars?
  176. Self harmer here
  177. Triggering (SH): Bruised
  178. Scars and school?
  179. Triggering (SH): Not again...
  180. Triggering (SH): Long sleeves in August >.<
  181. quick fix?
  182. scars going white?
  183. Breaking inside?
  184. Triggering (SH): My mind is screaming for more.
  185. Triggering (SH): How do I Stop?
  186. Triggering (SH): i hate family
  187. Triggering (SH): Feeling like a Betrayer
  188. Self Harmed at Work
  189. Triggering (SH): I can't recover + a question about jobs
  190. Triggering (SH): Relapse
  191. 4 months of work down the drain
  192. I'm Self-Harm Free almost 2 months now :)
  193. cutting addictive?for blood or pain?
  194. I need help my parents found out about my self harm?!
  195. Skin picking (dermatillomania?)
  196. what's wrong with me? how do I change the way I think of it?
  197. Triggering (SH): Self Harm Free 1 Week!
  198. Triggering (SH): Advice and closure
  199. Scars & Swimming
  200. Self-harm and mania/hypomania
  201. I don't scar...
  202. Triggering (SH): Bio-Oil/Vitamin E Oil?
  203. Listen
  204. Why do people cut their wrists/arms?
  205. My Mom Wants to See My Arm
  206. I dont know what to do. HELP!!
  207. I can't donate because of scars?
  208. Self-harm during panic attacks :(
  209. Triggering (SH): Here We Go Again
  210. Triggering (SH): Really bad relapse
  211. Stopped
  212. Back to the beginning
  213. They all know.
  214. There Isn't a Reason. I just Miss It.
  215. should I tell my GP?
  216. fear to be judged
  217. Just got so weak..
  218. Getting them to heal ?
  219. did you find 'don't call me crazy' triggering ????
  220. Triggering (Suicide): Giving up is my only option
  221. Triggering (SH): Self harming
  222. Triggering: Hiding scars/cuts.
  223. Just wanna do it.
  224. Triggering (SH): Help Me!
  225. I want to, again.
  226. Triggering (SH): Urges back, did they ever leave?
  227. Help....
  228. Does anyone know anything about the bracelet project?
  229. Triggering (SH): How long for OD symptoms?
  230. Triggering: How to dispose...?
  231. Scars
  232. She found out.
  233. Gradually beating self harm
  234. How do I get help when I feel I have no one to turn to?
  235. Triggering: Does anyone else do this?
  236. i keep replaying things
  237. is it...
  238. Doctors?
  239. Triggering (SH): help
  240. Im not entirely sure
  241. Triggering: My Story
  242. What should I tell her?
  243. Struggling
  244. Done it again :(
  245. Triggering (SH): Somebody stop me, please
  246. Triggering (ED): using other methods to self harm and escape
  247. I dont want to do this anymore
  248. Triggering (SH): Really Triggered…please help me.
  249. Why do people care if i cut myself?
  250. Triggering (SH): Self-Harm Dream