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  1. Triggering (SH): What if I just don't want to stop hurting myself?
  2. Uh... this kinda stuff is new
  3. Triggering (SH): Addicted to Self Harm
  4. Late relapse
  5. Triggering (SH): Question
  6. Triggering (SH): Back here again (getting it off my chest)
  7. Self harm and the need for comfort
  8. The paradox of self harm
  9. gf self harm
  10. Triggering (SH): cant do it
  11. Triggering (SH): Can't stop
  12. Triggering (SH): I relapsed.
  13. Triggering (SH): I can't let go of it.
  14. Triggering (SH): my parents fount out advice ?
  15. Triggering (Suicide): I was so close, I'm so afraid
  16. Talking to my cousin about self harm.
  17. Triggering (SH): They found out
  18. Triggering (SH): Paranoia.
  19. Triggering (SH): hi
  20. Is it or is it not?
  21. Triggering (SH): ...why cant I just be normal..?
  22. a dilemma
  23. Triggering (SH): I scratched myself
  24. (TW) I'm close to starting and I'm scared
  25. National Self-Harm Awareness Day
  26. Triggering (SH): I'm upset. TW SELF HARM😔🥺
  27. What should I do?
  28. Triggering (SH): Started cutting again
  29. How can I support my friend?
  30. Triggering (SH): Picking at my skin
  31. Triggering (SH): I'm So Tired
  32. Is self harming automatically considered an 'emergency'?
  33. Triggering (SH): Will I ever be able to truly heal?
  34. Swim Suit and SH (Triggering SH)
  35. Triggering (SH): The Sink (*Strong* self-harm warning)
  36. Dating app photos and self-harm scars (TW)
  37. How are you beating self-harm?
  38. Is this self-harm?
  39. Triggering (SH): Harming myself- self harm triggering
  40. Triggering (SH): Cutting just because?
  41. Self harm free Q & A
  42. Triggering (SH): Urges (scratching, cutting)
  43. My Bf is threating self harm
  44. When someone asks
  45. Triggering: Self Harm
  46. Triggering (SH): Self Harm thoughts are coming back
  47. Self-Harm Free
  48. Is this self-harm? thread.
  49. Do you consider skin picking self harm if...
  50. Telling a newly met person about cutting
  51. Talking about self harm with my step niece
  52. Triggering (SH): Extreme self harm thoughts
  53. Recent self harm
  54. Self harm and tattoos
  55. Scars and job/work
  56. Triggering (ED): Is constant sit-ups self harm?
  57. advice on cutting a hat?
  58. Who can i confide in about my self harm?
  59. Help - what do I do now that my mum has found out about my self harm?
  60. Will a doctor ask about my self harm if they notice it??
  61. Triggering (SH): does this count as self harm?
  62. Triggering (SH): My self harm problem
  63. Self harm and confidentiality in counselling
  64. Is this self harm?
  65. Why is self harm such a joke to people
  66. Self Harm help
  67. does clenching the jaw constitute self harm?
  68. Non-PG13: Cutting again because I wanted the scars back?
  69. Triggering: How are you beating self harm? Vol 2
  70. Triggering: Cutting
  71. Self Harm
  72. Self harm
  73. I need ideas to help freind stop cutting.
  74. Is this self harm?
  75. Triggering: Self harm, detailed gore, animal abuse, suicidal thoughts
  76. Triggering: Advice on therapy/counselling? (Self-harm, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts)
  77. School, Suicide & Self Harm
  78. Telling someone about my self-harm
  79. Triggering (Suicide): Cutting infections
  80. self harm free
  81. Self Harm Thoughts
  82. harm to myself
  83. Triggering (Bullying): I want to die, but yet I don't want to harm myself.
  84. Triggering (SH): just a bit of morbid self harm humor
  85. Triggering (SH): I need help with telling someone about my self harm issues
  86. Triggering: Punishment. (suicide, abuse,self harm)
  87. Triggering (SH): My dad found out about my self harm scars
  88. Triggering (SH): films on self harm
  89. Triggering: Cutting
  90. Feel like breaking a bone and cutting.
  91. Feel like cutting
  92. How do teachers react to self harm?
  93. Self Harm
  94. cutting
  95. Is it really self harm?
  96. Triggering: Self-harm, substance abuse, family
  97. how are you beating self harm?
  98. Self Harm alternatives?? HELP
  99. does biting your arm count as self harm?
  100. I just need to self harm?!
  101. Triggering (SH): how do i hide/lessen self harm scars?
  102. instead of self harm I....
  103. Wanting to Self Harm
  104. Is therapist required to report cutting?
  105. Sex as self-harm.
  106. Triggering (SH): Self Harm, Why do I do it?
  107. Weed over Cutting???
  108. Self-harm first aid kit.
  109. is this self harm
  110. Is this self harm?
  111. Cutting my hair soon
  112. Not sure how to tell doctor i self harm?!
  113. Self-harm and how to improve
  114. Triggering (SH): Cutting and contamination
  115. An experience of self harm
  116. Possible self harm distraction.
  117. Triggering (SH): Cutting again and stuff to do with my boyfriend (long rant)
  118. Triggering: Extreme violence/anger + self harm
  119. Triggering (SH): Dissociation and cutting
  120. Considering cutting bangs off for spiky hair
  121. Triggering: Why do you self-harm?
  122. How much harm did smoking do to me?
  123. How much harm did smoking did to me?
  124. cutting
  125. For You Who Feel Like Suicide or Self-Harm is the answer right now....
  126. Re: Self harm free!
  127. Triggering (SH): Cutting sounds like the right thing to do now
  128. Self harm free
  129. Self Harm
  130. just told someone about self harm
  131. Triggering (SH): Sleep harm?
  132. Help Me? Self Harm...
  133. Giving up self-harm.
  134. cutting
  135. Triggering (SH): Pregnancy and Self harm
  136. Cutting
  137. Dreaming About Self Harm
  138. Research Study about Self Harm
  139. cutting where you can't see what your doing?
  140. Triggering (SH): How to tell my aunt about my self harm.
  141. Mental Harm
  142. Self-harm free!!!
  143. self harm on vacation?
  144. I sort of Self Harm?
  145. Self harm free
  146. Is hurting yourself without harm bad?
  147. Is it self harm?
  148. Triggering: I'm cutting. It's getting addictive. Help?
  149. I started cutting myself...
  150. My boyfriend is cutting, what do I do?
  151. is this self harm?
  152. Self-harm Starting Up Again
  153. Safely Disposing of Self Harm Tools
  154. Triggering (SH): thinking about cutting again
  155. I need help with self harm
  156. Triggering (SH): Started cutting again :(
  157. Triggering (SH): Harm encouraging nightmares
  158. cutting
  159. Self Harm
  160. Self harm scars
  161. Triggering (SH): The cycle of self-harm.
  162. Thinking about self harm
  163. Triggering (SH): First time cutting
  164. Triggering (SH): Cutting
  165. telling a teacher about self harm?
  166. Best razors for self harm
  167. I'm trying to stop cutting but it isn't working
  168. Fading self harm scars
  169. How can I stop myself from cutting??
  170. Triggering: Self harm quitting advice
  171. Triggering (Suicide): Help! warning- self harm
  172. Triggering (SH): I self harm.
  173. Non-PG13: How do I get my boyfriend to stop cutting?
  174. Drowning in Self Harm
  175. Non-PG13: self harm because of abuse? help please?
  176. is slapping yourself self harm?
  177. Triggering (SH): Self Harm Thoughts 24/7
  178. Self harm infection?
  179. Triggering: Responding to an Allegation Self Harm.
  180. Cutting off old ties
  181. Triggering (SH): Alternatives to Self Harm/ My story
  182. Cutting Him Off!
  183. i havnt done self harm for 6 weeks
  184. Triggering (SH): Relapse with self harm
  185. Self- Harm on Tumblr
  186. Self harm?
  187. I just started cutting myself
  188. Self-Harm Advice Needed?
  189. Triggering (SH): Why is cutting bad?
  190. Research study about self harm in young women.
  191. Self harm free
  192. Research study about self harm.
  193. 17 year olds and bedtime (not that this has much to do with self harm, but I am not sure where else to post the thread)
  194. Triggering (SH): Self Harm realted dreams ?
  195. Triggering: why people self harm (please read this it might help)
  196. Triggering (SH): Self harm everywhere!
  197. Is this self harm
  198. What do I do if I have been cutting kind of frequently and I am seriously uncomfortable with my parents knowing?
  199. Scratching or cutting
  200. Cutting down on gluten - on a budget (and a time budget!)
  201. Triggering: Self-harm/suicidal
  202. No self harm contract?
  203. Returning to self harm
  204. How do I tell my teacher about my self-harm?
  205. Picking- Is it self harm?
  206. self harm for the heck of it.....
  207. Is this self harm?
  208. Self Harm for First Time
  209. Triggering (SH): Self Harm NOW! :'(
  210. cutting and burning
  211. Debunking myths of self harm
  212. Triggering (Suicide): Should I tell? (There is self harm mention here too)
  213. No harm contract?
  214. Triggering (SH): I feel empty - mentions self harm
  215. Triggering: should i tell my teacher I USED to self harm
  216. Is Scratching Truly Bad or Self Harm?
  217. self harm. anbody please help me
  218. Triggering (SH): How to cover up fresh cuts?
  219. self harm
  220. Cutting in college?
  221. Free of self-harm, but...
  222. The cutting and burning!
  223. How do you explain self harm
  224. I just started cutting
  225. Is self harm a sin?
  226. Self Harm Music Video
  227. self harm
  228. self harm
  229. Post-Self Harm Problems
  230. Triggering (SH): My story with self-harm
  231. Should I tell a teacher about self harm
  232. Self harm free :D
  233. I self harm and I was wondering if anyone could tell me any good excuses for self harm marks
  234. Triggering (SH): Thinking about Self Harm
  235. cutting for attention
  236. Triggering (SH): Cutting is out of Control!
  237. friend cutting
  238. Scratching is self harm...
  239. it would have been almost 3 weeks without cutting
  240. How do I tell my English, Algebra and Science teacher I self harm?
  241. Should I show my friend my self harm?
  242. Is this Self Harm?
  243. why do i like self harm?
  244. considering self harm
  245. My self-harm
  246. How do you tell a friend that you self harm?
  247. Is self harm pronography inlegal? ( US )
  248. My friends make fun of self harm
  249. self harm?
  250. Triggering (SH): Cant stop...cutting daily