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  1. Started again :(
  2. Triggering (SH): Harming myself- self harm triggering
  3. Triggering (SH): Minimizing itchiness during the healing process
  4. why?
  5. how do i stop?
  6. Self sabotage
  7. Triggering (SH): Choosing recovery
  8. Triggering (SH): Cutting just because?
  9. Triggering (SH): Kindness
  10. Triggering (SH): Urges (scratching, cutting)
  11. My Bf is threating self harm
  12. Not healing
  13. back to 0
  14. Triggering: I don't feel right
  15. Want to tell her
  16. Triggering (SH): It's My Fault
  17. What's happening?
  18. Triggering (SH): Falling Backwards
  19. Triggering (SH): Wrists
  20. Twenty months
  21. Triggering (SH): Relapse
  22. Triggering (SH): Chat groups?
  23. When someone asks
  24. Triggering (SH): If you need that little piece of advice
  25. Triggering: Self Harm
  26. Lost
  27. Triggering (SH): Why?
  28. Triggering (SH): Bracelets making cuts worse?
  29. I'm Scared
  30. Triggering (SH): Idk. Can people relate?
  31. Triggering (Suicide): I did it again.......
  32. Triggering (SH): Self Harm thoughts are coming back
  33. Triggering (SH): People are starting to notice I think...
  34. Help please.
  35. Self-Harm Free
  36. Quotes that help me.
  37. Triggering (SH): Will I ever be able to stop?
  38. How should I keep this promise?
  39. Anyone able to talk?
  40. Triggering (SH): Pressure
  41. Triggering (Suicide): Hell
  42. Triggering (SH): Biting...
  43. Triggering: Don't know what to do
  44. Want to Quit but...
  45. Do you consider skin picking self harm if...
  46. Telling a newly met person about cutting
  47. Triggering (SH): How more messed up can my life get??Prt1
  48. Triggering: F*ck it
  49. Talking about self harm with my step niece
  50. Triggering (SH): How have you stopped self harming?
  51. Is there another way?
  52. Triggering (SH): How to tell?
  53. Triggering (SH): i ruined everything
  54. Triggering (SH): How to keep a relapse from becoming an episode
  55. Scars
  56. Triggering (SH): Trying not to break my streak
  57. I don't know anymore
  58. Triggering (SH): I can't stop
  59. Recent self harm
  60. How to get rid of old scars
  61. Anyone have a Reward system?
  62. Triggering (SH): And I spoke too soon.
  63. Clean! (And an alternative I found)
  64. Triggering (SH): To my dear fellow self-harmer
  65. Little Sister
  66. How do I know I wont relapse?
  67. Triggering (SH): Why is it so addicting?
  68. Happy Boxes
  69. Told my friends
  70. Triggering (SH): Can't figure out the reason for my SH
  71. Triggering (Suicide): Bad,bad development. I am becoming a monster.
  72. Article Revival: Myths of self-harm.
  73. Triggering (SH): I relapsed after 3 years and it feels good?
  74. Triggering: I fucking did it again
  75. Scars and job/work
  76. Triggering (ED): Is constant sit-ups self harm?
  77. Triggering (SH): Does it count?
  78. Triggering (SH): First time...
  79. Triggering (SH): Relapse.
  80. hiding scars
  81. Triggering (SH): Urges getting stronger, I need help
  82. Supportive post
  83. Becoming a need again instead of a want
  84. Who can i confide in about my self harm?
  85. Help - what do I do now that my mum has found out about my self harm?
  86. Triggering (SH): I relapsed and now I feel like a huge pressure has been lifted
  87. Triggering (SH): Help
  88. Strange.
  89. Triggering: Do you know what your triggers are and what helped you figure it out?
  90. It's getting worse
  91. Celebrating milestones.
  92. Short sleeves?
  93. Should I tell my counsellor that I'm self harming?
  94. Broken
  95. Will a doctor ask about my self harm if they notice it??
  96. Help - I don't know why I'm doing this to myself??
  97. Triggering (SH): does this count as self harm?
  98. feeling trapped about my situation
  99. Telling my parents gone wrong
  100. Triggering (SH): My self harm problem
  101. Self harm and confidentiality in counselling
  102. Is this self harm?
  103. So i need help covering this up
  104. Triggering (SH): Self harm and Parents
  105. Sinking Again
  106. telling my parents
  107. Triggering (SH): Should I talk to my form tutor?
  108. Triggering (SH): i really don't know where to put this....
  109. Problems with my dad...
  110. Triggering (SH): I need to stop while I still can
  111. I need help...
  112. I really need someone's opinion!
  113. Can't Hold On...
  114. Triggering (SH): ...
  115. Triggering (SH): How to get rid of scars?
  116. Triggering (SH): Lying to therapist...
  117. Why is self harm such a joke to people
  118. Triggering (SH): Should I tell my boyfriend I cut again
  119. Triggering (Suicide): Please help
  120. I know this isn't a question but I wanted to share it
  121. Triggering: I have no title for this....
  122. I'm a bad boy
  123. Triggering (SH): How to hide cuts (while im still quitting)
  124. Triggering (SH): First time felt good
  125. Triggering (SH): Too Far, Too fast. Semi urgent.
  127. Friend thinks I'm doing it for attention
  128. Triggering (Suicide): I really screwed up
  129. Face
  130. Excuses
  131. Self Harm help
  132. Everything is a hot mess express
  133. Triggering (SH): Please help me
  134. Triggering (SH): Help me
  135. does clenching the jaw constitute self harm?
  136. Non-PG13: Cutting again because I wanted the scars back?
  137. Triggering (SH): Scars
  138. Do you have a hard time showing your scars?
  139. Scratching/Biting
  140. Triggering (SH): Won't be clean anymore
  141. Triggering: How are you beating self harm? Vol 2
  142. Triggering (SH): I don't want to give it up.
  143. Triggering: Cutting
  144. It's getting more difficult to stay clean
  145. clay stones with affirmations, mantras, etc
  146. really bad feelings recently
  147. Finally hope!
  148. Triggering (SH): I don't even know anymore...
  149. Triggering (SH): skin graft
  150. Help
  151. Anti-depressants and weight gain?
  152. Triggering (SH): Falling into a spiral
  153. Covering scars on thighs
  154. Cuts?
  155. Do the Urges ever stop?
  156. Triggering (Suicide): Urges suck
  157. Triggering (SH): I just don't know anymore
  158. Urges are getting worse.
  159. Triggering (SH): Yay.
  160. how to cover fresh cuts
  161. Help
  162. Triggering (SH): Help
  163. Triggering (SH): I messed up. Help please!
  164. Triggering (SH): Can't stop harming. I need help
  165. Triggering (SH): I'm losing control
  166. Triggering (SH): Relapsing
  167. Triggering (SH): I miss it
  168. Triggering (SH): I don't know why I'm writing this
  169. Swollen wrist
  170. Triggering (SH): When it's the only way to feel something
  171. Been feeling really low..
  172. new coping alternative
  173. Triggering: Idk what to do
  174. Telling parents??
  175. Triggering (SH): Relapse...
  176. One year free soon...how should I celebrate?
  177. Help? I don't know what to do...
  178. Triggering (Abuse): I dont know...
  179. Self Harm
  180. Opinions on when to wear certain clothing.
  181. Triggering (SH): all sorts of SH
  182. Need help removing scars and hiding them from the doctor
  183. Triggering (SH): Am I a real cutter?
  184. Triggering (Suicide): what should i do for my friend?
  185. Alternatives??
  186. Triggering: I just feel like a bad person
  187. Is my mom suspecting me?
  188. Self harm
  189. (Support Post) Don't do it anymore!
  190. Triggering (SH): I blew it
  191. Triggering (SH): My mom was not happy with my cuts
  192. Triggering: Let me bleed
  193. Triggering: Self harm tool
  194. Quick ways to heal scars????
  195. Triggering (SH): I'm pathetic
  196. I need to hide my cuts from my parents!!!
  197. They found out...
  198. Relapse
  199. (Support Post) Don't give up!
  200. Could i be addicted q
  201. Triggering (SH): Burn
  202. A little lost, a little sore, and a lot of depresssion.
  203. Ways to tell a friend?
  204. Triggering (SH): I miss it
  205. Ways to hide cuts without long sleeves??
  206. Just a rant thing I suppose
  207. How to hid below elbow cuts? >.<
  208. Worried...
  209. Tattoos
  210. Im getting obsessed
  211. Is this self harm?
  212. The urges are so strong
  213. i need help
  214. Disgusted by scars.
  215. Triggering (SH): Tattoos?
  216. Triggering (SH): knuckles
  217. I don't care
  218. Triggering: relapsed...
  219. Covering up
  220. First time
  221. Scars and warm weather
  222. It's just getting too difficult
  223. Triggering (SH): Minor burn
  224. Razor please
  225. How to tell my counselor?
  226. School, Suicide & Self Harm
  227. Triggering (SH): Self-harming while not at home
  228. Telling someone about my self-harm
  229. Triggering (SH): A lot of SH things.
  230. Triggering (Suicide): Cutting infections
  231. Triggering (Suicide): i cant do it
  232. Nerve Damage?
  233. Why DO I Do This To Myself.
  234. self harm free
  235. Self Harm Thoughts
  236. Triggering (SH): I serously need a release...(Help asap) (PG-13 stronge language)
  237. Help. Me.
  238. Triggering (SH): Self harming for attention?
  239. Triggering (SH): Blood
  240. Triggering (SH): idek why i'm posting
  241. Started Again
  242. Desperate desire
  243. harm to myself
  244. Triggering (SH): just a bit of morbid self harm humor
  245. Self-harming in class
  246. i dont know what to do anymore
  247. Triggering (SH): ...
  248. about to break
  249. Triggering (SH): Scratched the hell out of my face
  250. Triggering (SH): Relapse