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  1. Done it again :(
  2. Triggering (SH): Somebody stop me, please
  3. Triggering (ED): using other methods to self harm and escape
  4. I dont want to do this anymore
  5. Triggering (SH): Really Triggered…please help me.
  6. Why do people care if i cut myself?
  7. Triggering (SH): Self-Harm Dream
  8. Would she have to tell them?
  9. Triggering: What caused you to have your first self harm episode?
  10. Triggering (SH): Scared For My Friend
  11. Help with new scars
  12. Relapsed....Again.
  13. Starting to go to a therapist
  14. Triggering (SH): Never before seen changes in my scars
  15. My scars wont fade, any way to make them go away?
  16. I feel so shit..
  17. how do I get rid of scars that are not going to dissapear?
  18. Triggering: anxiety when fighting sh urges.
  19. Dreams
  20. I don't know if trying to stop cutting is worth it as I relapsed, again.
  21. Should I tell her?
  22. Sunburn
  23. help!
  24. Triggering (SH): Too Lazy
  25. Triggering (SH): How can i stop
  26. Triggering (SH): OD
  27. Triggering (SH): Self-harm habits.
  28. My friend confided in me but made me not promise to not tell?
  29. Triggering (SH): The taste of blood...
  30. Triggering (SH): Relapsed
  31. 'Stay Strong'- facebook page
  32. Someone to talk to?
  33. Triggering (SH): What are some effective ways to stop cutting?
  34. so i started seeing someone
  35. self harm free
  36. Tell My Parents?
  37. More and More cuts.! ):
  38. self-harm
  39. Triggering (SH): If Only
  40. Tattooing over scars
  41. boyfriend wants me to talk about it?
  42. Trying to cover up my scars
  43. Being forced off my medicine
  44. how do i not cut
  45. Feeling really down about my SH scars today
  46. Boyfriends mood triggering cutting, help!!
  47. Self harm affecting me
  48. Triggering (SH): Triggered! SOS
  49. What are ways to not self-harm?
  50. Not getting as much out of therapy as I could be...
  51. I need advice or someone's opinion.
  52. Triggering (SH): someone to talk to please
  53. i need to cut NOW.
  54. I cut
  55. Triggering (SH): why can't i learn.
  56. Triggering (SH): My Story, Need Advice and First Cuts
  57. Triggering (SH): Relapse help
  58. Guys Something happened and now I kinda feel like relapsing
  59. Perhaphs a New Beginning
  60. i think i am
  61. Hiding Fresh Cuts
  62. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I'm lost in my mind
  63. Trying again, emergency...
  64. Triggering (SH): Have you ever come close to being caught?
  65. Have you ever self harmed during class
  66. Triggering: Self harm?
  67. Triggering (SH): Could you give me reasons to recover? Also a question.
  68. Triggering (SH): I relapsed
  69. Cut too deep? (Nevermind sorry. Don't know how to delete the thread)
  70. Please someone tell me how to talk about it- I want to stop doing this to myself
  71. Triggering (SH): I scratch myself.
  72. Who is your biggest supporter?
  73. Triggering: it's all coming back
  74. How do I talk about it with my minister?
  75. Feelings Suck.
  76. Bored?
  77. The truth about self harm
  78. The Rock Project
  79. Can Anyone Help
  80. Triggering (SH): Where do I go?
  81. Triggering (SH): when did it become ok?
  82. Cuts starting to get deeper
  83. Triggering (SH): I cut for the first time..
  84. I don't know how to help my friend.
  85. Triggering (SH): I SH'd for the first time today
  86. Triggering (SH): I think i will relapse
  87. why do people self harm?
  88. Just a thought
  89. Triggering (SH): Who knows.
  90. Female Advice Preferred: I really want to give up
  91. Triggering (SH): I give up
  92. battling
  93. Triggering (SH): 2 years free!!!
  94. help
  95. I screwed up..
  96. Triggering: Part of who I am.
  97. It's been two weeks!
  98. 2years Free & picking it back up!!!
  99. Hiding cuts
  100. how long does it take to kick SH?
  101. Suggestions on how to stop myself from wanting to hurt?
  102. Therapy Today
  103. Triggering (SH): Just Wanted to Share Something.
  104. I want to.
  105. So remember how I asked if I should tell my youth pastor?
  106. I don't know what to do
  107. Should I tell my Youth Pastor?
  108. Triggering (SH): worried about counselling
  109. Telling my school
  110. Triggering: Curious?
  111. Why?
  112. Relapse
  113. Triggering: Trying to Resist
  114. Hiding my cuts
  115. family jokes about cutting..
  116. would love to cut right now..
  117. Triggering (SH): Worried
  118. Could this lead to self harm?
  119. I relapsed
  120. Triggering (SH): Really really worried.
  121. Triggering (SH): Healing cuts/scratches
  122. help me
  123. Track team
  124. Oh Crap...
  125. My question... Does SH make sense
  126. Am I SICK?
  127. Triggering (SH): it still hurts
  128. Triggering (SH): Need it again...
  129. Switching Therapists
  130. so much worse
  131. Calm Down Jar
  132. Self harmer
  133. hate it
  134. Triggering (SH): I cut for the first time today...
  135. Starting therapy soon...
  136. ...addicted to pain?
  137. Triggering (SH): Can't stop cutting
  138. i need advice on what to do :'(
  139. Waking up to this
  140. someone please help:'(
  141. you can do it
  142. Triggering (SH): When, where?
  143. The sister of a friend
  144. I don't have the guts to tell anyone...
  145. i hate my mum she doesnt take it seriously
  146. self harm
  147. Triggering (SH): SHOULD I CUT MYSELF RIGHT NOW?????
  148. Telling my Doctor?
  149. covering SH cuts
  150. Triggering (SH): My fingers are my tools.
  151. anxiety
  152. help
  153. how to tell her
  154. scars!!!
  155. NO ONE CARES!!!!!
  156. Triggering (SH): help self harm
  157. Triggering (SH): I had my first self harm episode
  158. Facial Self Injury
  159. Triggering: Cutting
  160. its started again!
  161. Butterfly Project look alikes.
  162. mum doesn't understand
  163. Do workbooks help?
  164. covering scars
  165. Triggering (SH): What are your triggers?
  166. My friend has started cutting again PLEASE HELP
  167. Poll: Is Biting Your Nails Self Harm?
  168. I need help
  169. Cut 38 times in one day... Help
  170. Triggering (SH): I need to quit cutting, please help...
  171. Mom dosnt exsept me
  172. Triggering (SH): help
  173. Triggering (SH): Ranting.
  174. Triggering: Options
  175. Triggering (SH): I can remember what it felt and looked like ):
  176. Self harm hotlines?
  177. In an awkward situation...
  178. Triggering (SH): Cut of fire.
  179. Triggering (SH): Explaining to them that it just can't be cured THAT WAY
  180. Triggering (SH): uh-oh
  181. I can't stop
  182. Triggering (SH): Piece of Shit...
  183. How do you tell your parents
  184. i did it again
  185. Told my shrink
  186. Cycle
  187. I'm a failure...
  188. Triggering (SH): Reasons of SHing
  189. Triggering (SH): I need a rant...
  190. Triggering (SH): So I told my mom...
  191. How to help my self harming boyfriend?
  192. I am cutting and burning again
  193. Triggering (SH): Started SH-ing?
  194. really strong urges.
  195. Triggering (SH): Relapsed
  196. I think I am in trouble.
  197. arghhhh
  198. The Butterfly Project
  199. Triggering (SH): Advice Desperately Needed
  200. Triggering (SH): My Rant <You Don't Have To Read>
  201. Ridiculous Urge
  202. Cutting Help
  203. Triggering (SH): ....it ruined my life
  204. Triggering: I find the cuts pretty...
  205. Want to self harm yet I want to stop
  206. Triggering: Just SH'armed
  207. I don't know
  208. Non-PG13: Um....what am I doing? *triggering*
  209. Help Me!!
  210. I miss it
  211. ughh
  212. What do I do...
  213. Grandpa & missing it
  214. ALSO •TRIGGERING SUICIDE POSSIBLY• . An update since August 10th .
  215. Just got the urge to cut...Help
  216. Back from hospital..
  217. giving up
  218. Addicted to self harm
  219. feeling sick
  220. I feel like tellling my mum I cut?
  221. Don't know what to think anymore
  222. I feel bad..
  223. Triggering: Pact
  224. I need to cut
  225. Triggering (SH): Cut my wrists :/
  226. The Butterfly Project
  227. Triggering: Telling my best friend
  228. Tanning and scars?
  229. I desire the pain
  230. Triggering (SH): Electricity .....
  231. Heavy secret
  232. Self-Harming again
  233. This one scar.
  234. Triggering (SH): Help plz
  235. Triggering (SH): urges to start self harm
  236. Biting
  237. Self Injury Awareness Day
  238. Triggering: Self Harm Awareness Day
  239. When you're surrounded by pain.
  240. Worried about a wound
  241. So worried about my friend
  242. Woried about my 11 year old daughter
  243. I don't know who to talk to or what the hell is going on anymore
  244. embarassed by my scars
  245. How can i explain the butterfly project to my parents....
  246. Triggering (SH): I just cut...
  247. I'm lonely.
  248. Triggering (SH): Anyways to cover scars on your wrist without wearing a sweat shirt?
  249. I feel guilty.... Why do i keep doing this ?
  250. Worried about a scar I just got