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  1. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Really Hate Here
  2. I know
  3. Am I overreacting?
  4. PARENTS!!!!!
  5. I Feel Awakerd :(
  6. Help
  7. high expectations/disappointed in me?
  8. My Brother's Girlfriend . . .
  9. Triggering: I lost trust j
  10. This is pathetic really...
  11. Do I give up on this friendship?
  12. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Am I the only one who feels like they mess everything up?
  13. Why does she have to do this?
  14. My Father's Drinking
  15. Female Advice Preferred: WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! BUT I NEVER DID ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I found him, now I'm totally confused.
  17. Is it selfish and pointless to be mad at my parents for not signing me up for any sports/hobbies when i was younger?
  18. Triggering: I'm a horrible daughter.
  19. Friends leaning on me too much. How do i tell her?
  20. Baby Brother
  21. Triggering (SH): I want my brother back.
  22. Is my best friend using me?
  23. Chewed Up and Spit Out.
  24. A problem with friends...I need help!
  25. recipe for divorce?
  26. *shrugs*
  27. a matter of money...
  28. Immigrant parents??
  29. it's me again :P
  30. Am I overthinking it or is this friendship all about her interests?
  31. I'm a horrible person
  32. I FEEL SO LONELY :'(
  33. Overthinking everything
  34. Triggering (Substances): Friend troubles
  35. Growing apart or something else?
  36. I feel like a horrible friend
  37. advice on making a friend
  38. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Why did she bother ?
  39. Fake friends? Or do I just need to let it go?
  40. Mom'S
  41. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): No friends
  42. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): family and graduation
  43. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Roommate!
  44. Documentary on experiences of parental separation [UK].
  45. Need a small amount of help
  46. Triggering: Need help with a friend's friend
  47. <3
  48. How do I tell them i don't want all of them to come to my graduation
  49. Silence
  50. i'm at a loss of what to do.
  51. Awkward silences :(
  52. She never wants to hang out
  53. My whole family smokes pot... except me.
  54. What to do about this so called friend?
  55. Can't follow my dream :(
  56. Triggering: My mom want's me to be like my sister..
  57. I am the total opposite of their expectations... T_T
  58. My Grandfather + Mail scams
  59. I associate with all the wrong people. Help:(
  60. She must be as desperate as him (Kinda Long)
  61. My family.
  62. Adults can be such hypocrites
  63. I really need help talking to my dad about my punishment (very long story)
  64. My ex best friends making my life living hell?
  65. No "real" friends
  66. What can a guy do?
  67. She has taken it to her head!
  68. My friends are falling apart
  69. Playing the victim
  70. What's been going on
  71. Just want to leave.
  72. Triggering (SH): I have no idea... (my mom)
  73. My mom told me I'll burn in hell without Jesus
  74. I... don't know what to think. I'm terrified.
  75. Triggering: Friends suck
  76. I Need Someone To Talk To
  77. My brother is leaving home and I dont think I can handle it.
  78. They Won't Change, But I Have To?
  79. I think I'm Done
  80. Being Ignored!
  81. I don't know how to handle Mom :/
  82. Apparently I am more mature than my mother.
  83. I feel really awful
  84. Help with my sister?
  85. My mum acts like everything is perfect
  86. Kind of lame, I know.
  87. Making Friends - it's not working
  88. unwelcome
  89. Triggering: My fault
  90. I feel unwanted
  91. Need friends
  92. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What to do...?
  93. 9 pages about my feelings....What do I do with them? D:
  94. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): HANG UP! >___<
  95. My mom being sick Versus being at school
  96. Female Advice Preferred: dealing with friends
  97. Tracking Down My Birth Dad?
  98. i had a fight with my B.F.F
  99. Meeting new people.
  100. I feel like I don't have a life...
  101. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My Friend= mean.
  102. A "good" friend
  103. get rid of the friend
  104. Difficult dad
  105. My Family Doesn't Believe In Me
  106. Friend trouble, please help...
  107. What Should I Do?
  108. Good ol' days
  109. Triggering: Coming to terms with my sexuality and telling my family
  110. Please help!
  111. Should I tell them? Please reply before Thursday!!
  112. Move or Don't Move?
  113. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My family is falling apart
  114. Why does my mother yell so much
  115. I Don't Understand
  116. Desperate to rekindle this friendship
  117. No one seems to like me..
  118. how could she do this!?
  119. How can she not find out?
  120. Friends or foes?
  121. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My parents can rot in heck.
  122. left out :(
  123. So afraid of what my friends will think of me!
  124. Should I Do Nothing?
  125. Making friends
  126. I probably shouldn't say this to my dad, but...
  127. So tired of all this fighting
  128. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. Why does my mom have to be so rude to my boyfriend?
  130. My parents are being very disrespectful to me. Help?
  131. Advice needed. Comfort, maybe. I dunno. Just help.
  132. I don't trust people anymore.
  133. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): the drop that made the bucket overflow
  134. My friend is a total hatable guy
  135. my friend, my crush and my jealousy
  136. I'm in everyones way.
  137. Arrogance..
  138. Jealousy
  139. Triggering (ED): I'm better... why won't he see that?
  140. I don't know what to do
  141. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My friends, Am I really sensitive, or are they just really mean?
  142. Male Advice Preferred: Why does he do this?
  143. Triggering: I am an awful person.
  144. Triggering (Bullying): Sibling Abuse?
  145. Dump Him or Keep Him?
  146. Do I need new friends?
  147. being tagged on facebook -.-
  148. What to do with my ''Best friend'' - Really need help!!
  149. Family Problems
  150. Parents
  151. Best friends
  152. Who to turn to?
  153. What's wrong with having guy friends?
  154. i just want to be his friend
  155. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): How to deal with my dad ?
  156. Best Friend Problems
  157. Being Social
  158. Sometimes I don't want to see her.
  159. I hate my parents.
  160. Bad karma?
  161. My parents don't understand ...
  162. Am I in the right or wrong with my friend? :(
  163. I don't want to see him!
  164. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Haven't seen her in 5 months..I don't even want to anymore.
  165. Freiendless.
  166. I dislike my dad so much...
  167. Friends..
  168. *sigh* Will it ever end?
  169. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Moving out at 16, but not sure how, what do I do?
  170. A random thought about people
  171. Not a word in 2 weeks
  172. Triggering (Bullying): we want to leave
  173. Non-PG13: If you knew Me...You would know??
  174. Parents.
  175. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My father and I do not get along.
  176. i feel like running away from my family
  177. My brother cheated on my friend
  178. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): How to deal with my brother?
  179. Sister and Brother-In-Law cut us off...
  180. Not really sure what else to say...
  181. I don't want friends
  182. How do I cope with my nasty brother? Long story, so if you can help, please read :)
  183. Can you offer some advice?
  184. Should I tell my other friends?
  185. The "relationship" between my dad and me.
  186. Should I let him go
  187. So a question?
  188. No idea what to do now
  189. Trouble with my Dad
  190. how likely is it I'm going to be an alcoholic or addict of some sort if I try it? What are my chances?
  191. My best friends.
  192. My dad crossed the line...
  193. Fighting with a close friend...
  194. Bringing Up Issues With Parents
  195. Will She Ever Understand? [Possible mini trig?]
  196. Trust Issues
  197. Friendship between a boy and a girl
  198. Suffering with a low amount of friends.....
  199. Friends Fighting.
  200. Monophobia
  201. Triggering (Grieving): Family friend: The cancer's back :(
  202. Female Advice Preferred: worth it?
  203. Alone
  204. Tired of being sorry.
  205. where to go
  206. Advice please...
  207. My little sister, mom, and I.
  208. my temper...
  209. I need support.
  210. :'( My parents
  211. family trouble
  212. I want to see my friend but can't.. what do I tell her?
  213. Me and My mom.
  214. Trust issues with new friends
  215. Your opinion please, on the girl code.
  216. I never understand my dad's logic.
  217. Triggering (SH): Telling mom about it...
  218. My friends are starting to not like me
  219. dealing with alcoholic parents..
  220. If you're going through hell...
  221. I'm hurting my dad without knowing it
  222. Is there any organizations that can help you out?
  223. Triggering: My brother has depression, and I hate him
  224. Nothing.
  225. Wrestling myself - Social Outcast or not?
  226. I need help... Please
  227. Non-PG13: Help me leave town.
  228. Triggering: My Best Friend
  229. My parents will separate
  230. Emotionally abusive father?
  231. mom against paganism
  232. Triggering (Bullying): Being beaten up by my (4 years) younger brother
  233. Triggering (Grieving): how do I deal with my mum ?
  234. Family ties?
  235. This isn't going to end well.
  236. Friendship Advice
  237. Drunk Dad Help
  238. People keep turning on me!!!
  239. Is this right?
  240. Dealing with Dementia?
  241. Friends grandmother
  242. Christmas Depression?
  243. Met my biological family for the first time...
  244. Lost right now. (story in the post)
  245. I HATE HER! plz help me!
  246. A couples Coil...
  247. My best friends my dog
  248. an apparently unpopular opinion
  249. Pain
  250. best friend now distant