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  1. Decisions About Dad
  2. Not friends anymore...?
  3. Triggering: Very close friendship detereorating
  4. Triggering (Suicide): I'm scared for my dad
  5. Friendship Day!
  6. My boyfriend and my teenagers
  7. Leaving a sibling in a toxic place
  8. Female Advice Preferred: Single mom and daughter fighting
  9. My (online) friend has been lying about their age
  10. Triggering: daddy issues?
  11. Not sure what decision to make
  12. Having to return to a toxic household
  13. Triggering: Transphobic friend/group in general
  14. Triggering (Abuse): Awkward situation
  15. I feel like they have forgotten me
  16. I donít know what I should do with her
  17. Add on from previous thread about my friend
  18. Triggering: 15 with divorced parents
  19. Triggering: TW for family diseases: Should I talk to my family about this?
  20. Julie's Long Covid returned
  21. Ted
  22. My sister's condition
  23. Brother intends to get married soon
  24. Do I tell them? Friendship Dilemma
  25. What's the matter with my best friend?
  26. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What a mess!
  27. Non-PG13: Dealing with my asinine parents
  28. I need guidance suggestions for Tommy
  29. Is it wrong?
  30. This one friend is the source of all my happiness but also all my pain
  31. And now we are 4!
  32. Switzerland
  33. Triggering (SH): I'm not sure how to fix things with my parents
  34. Somethings wrong with me.
  35. Maman
  36. Triggering (Grieving): My Mom
  37. No friends=depressed
  38. I don't want to hug
  39. Helped a mate
  40. My mess
  41. Second time
  42. Argument with my parents
  43. My dad feels like a stranger to me.
  44. Friends
  45. I don't know if she's my friend anymore
  46. My mom thinks I donít care about her
  47. Upset
  48. Money
  49. Mom is moving away
  50. She doesn't want to be friends anymore.
  51. I don't know what to do.
  52. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Did I get /too/ angry?
  53. Just found out I'm adopted
  54. Sudden behaviour change in family member
  55. Cant stop crying
  56. Never stops.
  57. Parental Pet Peeve
  58. I don't know why I bothered
  59. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My parent warfare.
  60. I Don't want to friends with her anymore
  61. Triggering (SH): How to deal with family and SH
  62. They went too far!!
  63. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i dont know what im supposed to do.
  64. Triggering (Abuse): Looking to let go.
  65. Worried
  66. Can't believe this
  67. Im at a loss
  68. Not sure.
  69. I think he's making a huge mistake
  70. i dont know wut to do
  71. Confronting Parents
  72. Growing apart
  73. My relationship with my mom
  74. Meeting an online friend
  75. Upset.
  76. Sigh
  77. What to do about my mom....
  78. Meeting my online friend
  79. Is this where a foster family would come in?
  80. Can this broken relationship really be mended?
  81. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): asha,ed and confused on my feelings
  82. How do I ask my friend on Discord more about themselves without looking or sounding creepy?
  83. Getting rid of bad friends and then being lonely..oh well
  84. Cousin :(
  85. Triggering (Substances): Mom's drinking again
  86. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): am i allowed to be mad about this?
  87. Idk
  88. Moved back
  89. How to find new friends
  90. Friend talking behind my back?
  91. My family doesnít take my health seriously
  92. My Parents Are Getting Divorced! Help Needed!
  93. Friend has body odour/smells
  94. My best friend
  95. I cant tell if people are fake or real.
  96. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i have a question
  97. Older Sister
  98. Why is it so difficult?
  99. I feel like my parents are tired of me.
  100. Had to say goodbye for good
  101. Need advice plz!
  102. Need advice
  103. Parents too strict
  104. Unsure
  105. Triggering (Bullying): being judged
  106. Triggering: Being accused
  107. My friend owes me money
  108. How should I handle this conflict?
  109. Triggering: Mom threatens to send me off again
  110. Mom & Younger Sis
  111. Parents
  112. I'm pretty sure my dad is a psychopath
  113. Why donít people want to be friends with me
  114. Keep going back
  115. Just wondered what people thought
  116. Friends...
  117. Estranged sibling
  118. I am so sick of this.
  119. Help please.
  120. Making New Friends
  121. My sister hurt my brother
  122. I need someoneto talk too!!!
  123. Am I selfish?
  124. They dont let me quit
  125. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My sister and I growing apart?
  126. Think my friends might be annoyed at me for getting kicked out of the club
  127. My sister is acting like I don't exist
  128. Family constantly leaving me out.
  129. not sure how to explain this to people
  130. My mum body shames me
  131. How to deal with a dramatic, stressful family.
  132. Should I go?
  133. Triggering (SH): Lying Friend
  134. Weird behavior of teen
  135. Dad hates me
  136. My mom is depressed
  137. How should I deal with my resentment towards my dad for always yelling?
  138. I need guidance
  139. I am a horrible person
  140. I don't know where I should go.
  141. Advice on moving out and living on my own
  142. I'm not sure?
  143. Friend is frustrating me
  144. Rant/Support Wanted?
  145. 24 years old and I'm still spanked by my mom
  146. Jealous of my friend
  147. Getting put down
  148. Why doesn't my dad like me?
  149. I have done something really really bad
  150. friend help pls
  151. My sister is coming to visit and may move in
  152. So I'm gonna buy my own phone but...
  153. going back to prom?!
  154. my mom likes to embarrass me
  155. Dad is coming
  156. Problem....With Half-sister
  157. Bullied and long time no Relationship
  158. Triggering (Grieving): I just don't understand.
  159. abusive households
  160. Triggering (Abuse): My dad is being investigated
  161. I know how bad I am but I still go out of control
  162. I'm reaching my limits with my dad
  163. How to stop being scared?
  164. They hate me
  165. Nothing I can do, but it still pisses me off.
  166. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Disillusioned with my parents
  167. How to dump a friend?
  168. Going to places alone with social anxiety
  169. I just want to leave the house
  170. How can I deal with a mean friend?
  171. Lonely
  172. I think my mom is going to hate me forever
  173. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What the heck is my brother doing?
  174. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My patients is running low
  175. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I should love or at least appreciate my family so, why?
  176. "Unofficial" nieces and nephews
  177. Triggering (Abuse): How do I handle this situation?
  178. Family issues
  179. Triggering: Toxic friends
  180. Should i get rid of my friend
  181. Triggering (Suicide): Death of a friendship.
  182. How to break off a friendship!!??
  183. Triggering (Suicide): I'm even resorting to tinder to find a new best friend now.
  184. How do you identify toxic friends
  185. Someone to talk to
  186. I don't really have any friends
  187. She hates him
  188. Who makes up your Family?
  189. Triggering (Abuse): CPS??
  190. Emancipation
  191. Whats a good way to show love towards family
  192. I desperately need help
  193. cancer
  194. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i don't even know anymore...
  195. Should I move out?
  196. Advice for dealing with an unstable family (long)
  197. Triggering (ED): Friend of 8 Years has become toxic, what should I do?
  198. I'm so angry at my Mom for telling our Aunt about my sisters pregnancy scare.
  199. Triggering: Heavy shit
  200. I don't know!
  201. Triggering (Abuse): My faith wavers...
  202. almost 13 year old Half-sister
  203. Some help please.
  204. I think my friends don't need me anymore....
  205. Sick of all the bullshit
  206. I just donít fit in with them
  207. Embarrassed myself at a party
  208. Triggering (Bullying): imagine
  209. Alone
  210. Help
  211. I want for Christmas is a Mother.
  212. My mom gives me extreme anxiety...
  213. Triggering (SH): Mom and sh
  214. like talking to a brick wall
  215. I feel like I can't trust a family member . .
  216. Love thy neighbor, huh?
  217. Im so nervous
  218. Is this a weird thing to ask a guy?
  219. mums been annoying again
  220. No one my age shares my interests
  221. Triggering: Why do i feel so useless?
  222. Friend making me uncomfortable
  223. Mom taking over Birthday
  224. How do you make friends??
  225. Uninvolved Dad
  226. Dreading a wedding
  227. My 21st Birthday
  228. The crush
  229. A girl found out I liked her and she acted so weird
  230. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Him.....
  231. Parents might find out about online friends
  232. my little sisters and bother are so ANNOYING!
  233. no privacy, sometimes
  234. Grounded for smoking
  235. Triggering: I want to find that balance
  236. I have no friends.
  237. How to behave?
  238. 14 and still not allowed to hang out with friends?
  239. need some good advice about my little sister
  240. Am I just an ugly person?
  241. my ex is homeless now...
  242. They hate me because of this
  243. Financial/medical issues with my mother
  244. My best friend hates me
  245. Might loose my best friend
  246. My family my mom and my younger sister
  247. Mom
  248. Feeling Ignored
  249. i donít have any close friends
  250. Emotions + my sister.