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  1. I feel like my parents are tired of me.
  2. Had to say goodbye for good
  3. Need advice plz!
  4. Need advice
  5. Parents too strict
  6. Unsure
  7. Triggering (Bullying): being judged
  8. Triggering: Being accused
  9. My friend owes me money
  10. How should I handle this conflict?
  11. Triggering: Mom threatens to send me off again
  12. Mom & Younger Sis
  13. Parents
  14. I'm pretty sure my dad is a psychopath
  15. Why donít people want to be friends with me
  16. Keep going back
  17. Just wondered what people thought
  18. Friends...
  19. Estranged sibling
  20. I am so sick of this.
  21. Help please.
  22. Making New Friends
  23. My sister hurt my brother
  24. I need someoneto talk too!!!
  25. Am I selfish?
  26. They dont let me quit
  27. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My sister and I growing apart?
  28. Think my friends might be annoyed at me for getting kicked out of the club
  29. My sister is acting like I don't exist
  30. Family constantly leaving me out.
  31. not sure how to explain this to people
  32. My mum body shames me
  33. How to deal with a dramatic, stressful family.
  34. Should I go?
  35. Triggering (SH): Lying Friend
  36. Weird behavior of teen
  37. Dad hates me
  38. My mom is depressed
  39. How should I deal with my resentment towards my dad for always yelling?
  40. I need guidance
  41. I am a horrible person
  42. I don't know where I should go.
  43. Advice on moving out and living on my own
  44. I'm not sure?
  45. Friend is frustrating me
  46. Rant/Support Wanted?
  47. 24 years old and I'm still spanked by my mom
  48. Jealous of my friend
  49. Getting put down
  50. Why doesn't my dad like me?
  51. I have done something really really bad
  52. friend help pls
  53. My sister is coming to visit and may move in
  54. So I'm gonna buy my own phone but...
  55. going back to prom?!
  56. my mom likes to embarrass me
  57. Dad is coming
  58. Problem....With Half-sister
  59. Bullied and long time no Relationship
  60. Triggering (Grieving): I just don't understand.
  61. abusive households
  62. Triggering (Abuse): My dad is being investigated
  63. I know how bad I am but I still go out of control
  64. I'm reaching my limits with my dad
  65. How to stop being scared?
  66. They hate me
  67. Nothing I can do, but it still pisses me off.
  68. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Disillusioned with my parents
  69. How to dump a friend?
  70. Going to places alone with social anxiety
  71. I just want to leave the house
  72. How can I deal with a mean friend?
  73. Lonely
  74. I think my mom is going to hate me forever
  75. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What the heck is my brother doing?
  76. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My patients is running low
  77. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I should love or at least appreciate my family so, why?
  78. "Unofficial" nieces and nephews
  79. Triggering (Abuse): How do I handle this situation?
  80. Family issues
  81. Triggering: Toxic friends
  82. Should i get rid of my friend
  83. Triggering (Suicide): Death of a friendship.
  84. How to break off a friendship!!??
  85. Triggering (Suicide): I'm even resorting to tinder to find a new best friend now.
  86. How do you identify toxic friends
  87. Someone to talk to
  88. I don't really have any friends
  89. She hates him
  90. Who makes up your Family?
  91. Triggering (Abuse): CPS??
  92. Emancipation
  93. Whats a good way to show love towards family
  94. I desperately need help
  95. cancer
  96. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i don't even know anymore...
  97. Should I move out?
  98. Advice for dealing with an unstable family (long)
  99. Triggering (ED): Friend of 8 Years has become toxic, what should I do?
  100. I'm so angry at my Mom for telling our Aunt about my sisters pregnancy scare.
  101. Triggering: Heavy shit
  102. I don't know!
  103. Triggering (Abuse): My faith wavers...
  104. almost 13 year old Half-sister
  105. Some help please.
  106. I think my friends don't need me anymore....
  107. Sick of all the bullshit
  108. I just donít fit in with them
  109. Embarrassed myself at a party
  110. Triggering (Bullying): imagine
  111. Alone
  112. Help
  113. I want for Christmas is a Mother.
  114. My mom gives me extreme anxiety...
  115. Triggering (SH): Mom and sh
  116. like talking to a brick wall
  117. I feel like I can't trust a family member . .
  118. Love thy neighbor, huh?
  119. Im so nervous
  120. Is this a weird thing to ask a guy?
  121. mums been annoying again
  122. No one my age shares my interests
  123. Triggering: Why do i feel so useless?
  124. Friend making me uncomfortable
  125. Mom taking over Birthday
  126. How do you make friends??
  127. Uninvolved Dad
  128. Dreading a wedding
  129. My 21st Birthday
  130. The crush
  131. A girl found out I liked her and she acted so weird
  132. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Him.....
  133. Parents might find out about online friends
  134. my little sisters and bother are so ANNOYING!
  135. no privacy, sometimes
  136. Grounded for smoking
  137. Triggering: I want to find that balance
  138. I have no friends.
  139. How to behave?
  140. 14 and still not allowed to hang out with friends?
  141. I like some people that something bad
  142. need some good advice about my little sister
  143. Am I just an ugly person?
  144. my ex is homeless now...
  145. They hate me because of this
  146. Financial/medical issues with my mother
  147. My best friend hates me
  148. Might loose my best friend
  149. My family my mom and my younger sister
  150. Mom
  151. Feeling Ignored
  152. i donít have any close friends
  153. Emotions + my sister.
  154. Is this good to think this way?
  155. Triggering: I can't help her anymore - what do I do?
  156. feeling alone
  157. my mom... Does she...hate me?
  158. I've never felt so alone in my life
  159. dispute with friend
  160. Please don't.
  161. My mum just offended me big and proper
  162. Help!!!! Mom is so annoying.
  163. Don't kill me
  164. Making Friends??
  165. Rant but any advice IS HIGHLY APPERICATED
  166. Feels like I'm all alone
  167. Being sensitive/victimizing myself
  168. At what point can you call someone a friend?
  169. Sigh
  170. Frustrated
  171. I need help figuring out which parent to live with.
  172. feeling lonely
  173. Triggering (Abuse): Feeling conflicted.
  174. My sister is stealing the spotlight!
  175. Is this normal?
  176. My little sisters...does my dad favor them?
  177. Why does she do this?
  178. Does my mom favor my sister?
  179. OK lissen plz!!!
  180. Friends are wonderful
  181. Ex-friend problems
  182. Weight on my shoulders from friends and family.
  183. Alone
  184. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I hate my family
  185. i can't even talk to my "best friend"
  186. My sister is favored
  187. Triggering: I wish my mom didn't have me.
  188. Ending a friendship... I feel mean :(
  189. Scared to talk to friends
  190. Sick and tired of my family
  191. Moving back home with my parents.
  192. Is it my fault?
  193. Sick but all my mom cares about is my sister
  194. I need advice. Please help.
  195. Ex best friend...
  196. I'm not sure what to do?
  197. Should I cut ties with these people?
  198. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Why do my friends hate me?...
  199. Internet Friends.
  200. My sister is prettier than me
  201. Husbands nephew moved out
  202. Help! I have problems with my dad!
  203. Freedom
  204. My parents don't give me enough money (trans)
  205. Triggering (Abuse): Oh god please not again!!!!
  206. Mom thinks we're dating??
  207. Best friend wants nothing to do with me
  208. Should consider online dating dating sites etc?
  209. Non-PG13: Getting Pissed/Depressed
  210. Sister called me selfish and unappreciative
  211. Parents won't let me hangout with friend
  212. I'm still having trouble with my Dad
  213. To go or not to go?
  214. i feel like a bad person
  215. Has anyone ever lost a friend trying to help them?+ my story
  216. Not sure what to do. (Serious advice needed)
  217. Triggering: Learning how to move on.
  218. I feel guilty
  219. Triggering (ED): Should I feel guilty?
  220. Asking parents for financial support?
  221. How can I walk away from a friend
  222. Help me...
  223. Rant about my mother
  224. Is there anything I can do for my cousin's?
  225. Please help. How Should I deal with my friend?
  226. Rant
  227. Toxic relationships
  228. How to convince my parents (mainly my controlling father) to let me go abroad?
  229. I don't know what to do
  230. Guess who (again)
  231. I need ideas to help freind stop cutting.
  232. Don't know what to do.
  233. What can I do?? Help!
  234. Brisk of SH cause I am trapped.
  235. Triggering: dissowned by dad. what should I do?
  236. Confused
  237. being ignored for no reason
  238. My Dad won't talk to me
  239. Triggering: I dont get why he just did that
  240. How could I help a relative?
  241. I'm so aggravated with my mom
  242. Triggering (Grieving): mothersday but no mother...
  243. Calling a 'family member' who's a complete stranger
  244. Another mum rant
  245. Am I being paranoid?
  246. Dad Triggers Me
  247. What's next?
  248. Triggering (Grieving): Insecure.
  249. I really dont know what to do anymore
  250. My Friends Suck