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  1. Twin Sister: I'm Just a Copy
  2. Is my friend going to judge me?
  3. it's just a hoshposh of problems.
  4. missing him so much!
  5. I need help with family...
  6. Let it be or Keep trying? *long thread sorry*
  7. This girl's headed to a wreckage and I can't be the one to stop her.
  8. Traits... Arnt they great!
  9. Tangled in a web of obligations!
  10. Is it me?
  11. Should I be friends with an awesome guy who doesn't care about people?
  12. Pissed off because all my friends are changing
  13. Best Friend, Biggest Stress
  14. I'm the one hurting them
  16. IDK
  17. My Best Friend (Divorce Issue)
  19. Going nuts
  20. I don't want to fight her anymore
  21. Moving out of home, what are my rights?
  22. I need a friend
  23. Non-PG13: This is so creepy
  24. Triggering (SH): My house is a battlefield...
  25. Is there anyway I can help my friend?
  26. Lost cause?
  27. My parents
  28. Urgent: A girl or your best friend?
  29. should i think about meeting him?
  30. Defect from friends?
  31. MY LIFE :)
  32. Am I letting them down?
  34. Bootcamp
  35. Lieing to my face
  36. Pushed from the crowd
  37. Best friend?
  38. Parents' Mental State
  39. Emotional Anguish
  40. Platonic Relationships
  41. Lost all my Best Friends
  42. It's all falling apart...
  43. Triggering (Substances): uncle is visiting soon
  44. I'm loosing them - my friends
  45. I hate my mom
  46. Graduation week and im sitting at home...suck
  47. Triggering (Abuse): serious advice, where do i go?
  48. Best friend?
  49. does anybody else have this type of family?
  50. dad issues (this weird lol)
  51. family trouble
  52. Dysfunctional Family
  53. trouble in paradise
  54. Suggestions? [LONG RANT]
  55. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I heard something i know I wasn't supposed to
  56. Thong??
  57. I dont want to be a parent anymore.
  58. Why can't I please them?
  59. Hit Where It Hurts
  60. My mom's alcoholism...
  61. He killed her.
  62. My mum really pisses me off
  63. Some friends they are.
  64. questioning
  65. Triggering (Suicide): why
  66. Is this how friendships are supposed to work?
  67. Advice on talking about mental health problems
  68. Leaving a family religion
  69. @&$% you too dad.
  70. Brother's Baby to Arrive Soon...
  71. Keep a friend?
  72. Triggering (Grieving): My family is so mess up.
  73. Bad News.
  74. Idk what to do i just want it to stop
  75. How can I help her?
  76. Update kind of.
  77. What can i do - uncle moved in
  78. Shes always busy
  79. Triggering (Suicide): Dear Mom
  80. i hate them
  81. Friendships after high school
  82. I really need some advice :(
  83. I feel jealous of my friend
  84. My coach has cancer
  85. No Trust w/ Mother, Abortion wether I want it or not.
  86. Mom....Why the hell are u making it so easy?
  87. need help to uh........de-confuse myself
  88. FRICK! "Brother" tells me NOTHING.
  89. Are they really my friends?
  90. Triggering: Dad is bullying me and I'm sick of it !
  91. Should I care?
  92. Young Carers
  93. Triggering (SH): Worried
  94. In retrospect, bad idea... but seriously? This is NOT okay.
  95. Dad moving out
  96. Why does my younger half-brother do this?
  97. Friend's dad has alzheimer's...
  98. He Can't Go
  99. ASking my nan for money
  100. Parents and a New love intrest
  101. Ended a friendship today...
  102. Replaced by Romantic Partner. Help?
  103. My dad's girlfriend is pregnant...I don't know what to think?
  104. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i don't know what i can do
  105. Triggering (Suicide): i helped the problem
  106. He needs help
  107. I....
  108. Homeless,Familyless (if thats a word) STRESSED
  109. Best friend
  110. Do I have the right to be angry?
  111. Sister's graduating...
  112. what the hell is wrong with them
  113. She's driving me insane
  114. Triggering: To shy to make friends
  115. HIV
  116. Guilty for saying yes
  117. He stopped talking to me.
  118. Friend Situation Sucks
  119. My life at home is destroying me
  120. Conflicting plans.
  121. it over.
  122. i hate her.
  123. has facebook ever made you depressed?
  124. I'm a Heinous Bitch
  125. Girl who hates me...
  126. Do friendships between girls differ from guys?
  127. She ruined everything. Now what?
  128. I dont understand what is happening with my friend
  129. my friend is suddenly gone(NEED HELP)
  130. No wonder I'm so bloody messed up :|
  131. might be moving
  132. Triggering (Substances): Am I over reacting..?
  133. I don't want to dissapoint her but...
  134. Mine & His parents' trust...how do we attain it back?
  135. Are we ever going to get on?
  136. GAH!!!!!! My family is frustrating!!!!!!!
  137. happy yet not happy
  138. All I really want is to make it work.
  139. Triggering (SH): I thought family was supossed to love you no matter what
  140. 17 years ago today...
  141. My younger friends.
  142. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Dad Issues
  143. Help please :/
  144. Triggering: scared my brother may try to hurt me(SERIOUS, NEED ADVICE)
  145. How do I "Live & Let Live?"
  146. My "Concerned" Mom
  147. Turning my back on my best friend.
  148. Jealousy and green with envy.
  149. Triggering (Grieving): At a loss for what to do
  150. No effort = yelling. Effort = yelling.
  151. unwanted
  152. Something's changed
  153. iratating person
  154. My Bestfriend
  155. sick of this(please read i need advice)
  156. My Boyfriend's Parents
  157. Triggering (Suicide): My best friend
  158. how do i make friends?
  159. Triggering: am i the problem?
  160. Gender problems with my female friend.Help!!
  161. Should a couple stay in failing marriage for the sake of the kids?
  162. thoughts
  163. Lying about my age to a friend.. help, please?
  164. Is this normal?
  165. my crappy friends
  166. family not caring
  167. I want to have a serious conversation with parents, but I keep crying
  168. She says she's in love with me..
  169. Triggering (SH): Problems with Family and Friends. Doesn't know what to do.
  170. My mom is ruining it for me
  171. I need friends i feel so lonely
  172. How do I get through these last 2 year?
  173. She Cant do this!
  174. I didn't know what to do...
  175. Help please
  176. getting frustrated.
  177. How would you feel if your friend said this to you
  178. Triggering (ED): anorexic friend?!
  179. I hate my family
  180. HELP!! Party tonight...my dad..??
  181. How much i hate my family
  182. What to say to her
  183. How long until she breaks?
  184. Triggering (SH): Very worried/stressed
  185. Gift That Says "I Trust You"
  186. me and... ?
  187. Is having no friends OK?
  188. Mom's Trying to Convert Me
  189. Triggering (Suicide): my family suck
  190. I need help with my life!
  191. Moved away
  192. My friend hates my other friend >.>
  193. Am I in the wrong?
  194. Lost her. It hurts. (long..)
  195. Are your parents separated or divorced?
  196. parents :(
  197. Party and grinding??
  198. Friend Troubles
  199. Becoming Friends With New People, Help
  200. Am i delusional or what?
  201. Friends who only cause hurt, what do I do?
  202. Not Sure How to Put It
  203. How do you deal with jealousy of spoilt friends?
  204. Weaning
  205. Little to NO support from extended family. REALLY LONG SORRY I NEED ADVICE THOUGH
  206. Girl constantly taking my "friends" :(
  207. My parents and the tv (help asap)
  208. How can I get round this?
  209. Need friends in Michigan D:
  210. I'm very disappointed in my father
  211. My Father Is Phisically Attracted To Me And I Need Help
  212. Dillema
  213. How strict are your parents?
  214. Triggering: I feel like my life is falling apart, and she isn't helping!
  215. We talked...but did she truly listen??
  216. They treat it like it's some sort of joke.
  217. How much is your family dysfunctional?
  218. No Family to Turn to...
  219. My mother Is Unappreciative.
  220. Feel insecure about my weight in front of family
  221. I don't know what I can possibly do...
  222. Triggering: help me plz
  224. I don't know what I'm supposed to do!
  225. adive please :(
  226. my uncle is a bully
  227. Did I do something wrong?
  228. Can't deal with it anymore!!!!
  229. I'm losing my best friend....
  230. Friends wedding?
  231. She won't let me see him
  232. My Family and me
  233. Female Advice Preferred: lost friend
  234. Conversation Failure :/
  235. Triggering: Biological Father.
  236. idk if she is ok
  237. 10 Years Down The Drain?
  238. Is this normal?!
  239. This Needs To Stop
  240. My life is at shreds
  241. Found something on my sister's computer...
  242. i'm very lonely
  243. I like him too! ):
  244. Missed out?
  245. in a fight with a friend
  246. MOM :(
  247. burned out.
  248. Help
  249. I might lose him.
  250. Does anybody know what to do ...