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  1. Am I "betraying her" somehow? In some weird, subtle way?
  2. I Feel Helpless and Weak.
  3. family
  4. Reached the Breaking Point
  5. HELP!!!! (urgente porfavor!!!)
  6. easy to tell her one thing but not the other?
  7. My little sis :(
  8. What Now?
  9. Are you scared of your mother?
  10. Am I being used? :(
  11. I'm allowed to be best friends with a guy, right?
  12. really don't know
  13. I think I'm going to lose her.
  14. i wish
  15. Momma's Intuition
  16. I hate my dad!!!!!!
  17. Grow the f*ck up.
  18. I just don't feel normal...
  19. Confused and Guilty
  20. I'm hurt and I'm tired of this...
  21. im tire of all this!
  22. He Plays Up In Front Of My Boyfriend
  23. sick of my family
  24. Friend ruined my life! Now I dont know what to do!
  25. I need advice about my father's B-Day (it's today)
  26. mom's surgery
  27. Seniors Last Day
  28. My mother thinks I am ugly
  29. If you have time, read my story, and give advice please!
  30. Hard Times, But That's No Excuse...
  31. He came home today
  32. I'm a mistake?
  33. Ahh, I need some quick advice
  34. Im done
  35. I want to help her ...
  36. Am I really weird :S
  37. Holiday and Friends.
  38. a senseless rant
  39. Hah, I'm such a baby ....
  40. Out of options?? There's got to be something to do, but I'm comming up short...?
  41. What More Can I Do?
  42. well here we go again
  43. Friends with serious issues
  44. i wanna b spared
  45. My Mom's Boyfriend.
  46. Are they reading my Journel?
  47. My brother is back on drugs maybe
  48. He's The Guy I Was Stupid To Trust. (Long)
  49. My mother and my best friend. Oh, what to do. :/
  50. Mothers day (it was yesterday haha I am aware, it's still bugging me though)
  51. My mothers unrealist expectation of my boyfriend an I's Money.
  52. My best friend..
  53. Friend attempeted suicide
  54. Does this make me a bad friend?
  55. Mother's Day
  56. Stressed
  57. I'm not my father's son
  58. My dad?
  59. Venting. Dont know what to do.
  60. Aww man - Sort of a vent.
  61. Well that was lame of me
  62. A little down, feeling weird.
  63. Should my parents get divorced?
  64. Growing out of my friends.
  65. Loosing social skills
  66. How can I make him feel better? =\
  67. Family Rant
  68. People are just wrong?
  69. I think i've just ended it.
  70. a nagger mom and an unruly neice
  71. I said I'd NEVER do this. (Long)
  72. Controlling Mom
  73. Branching out?
  74. PARENTS!!!
  75. Honestly? What the hell was that?
  76. ultra-emotional friendship
  77. dislike my best friends new boyfriend.
  78. I Hate My Parents
  79. I think my dad dislikes me.
  80. Friends changing.
  81. Confused, friend issues.
  82. They Keep Invading My Privacy
  83. confused
  84. Distant Best Friend
  85. HELP!! Someone think's I'm spreading a rumor and threatened to SUE ME!! What do I do???
  86. How do I explain it?
  87. Worried about my Mum
  88. Where do they get that right?????
  89. "friend"
  90. help
  91. Under age- Left out
  92. Friend/Ex-friend/Best friend :/
  93. I Miss My Friend
  94. what do i do?
  95. Mommy =(
  96. I really like him...
  97. I don't want judgement, only help
  98. My best friend is hurting me
  99. I really need to ....
  100. I can't be around my parents.
  101. What shall I do
  102. meeting my 2year old sister for the 1st time.
  103. Taking my dad to court: Domestic Violence, Death Threats and Pedophilia
  104. This Girl
  105. My mom is driving me nuts
  106. My bestfriend is my teacher. xD
  107. I got rid of him.....
  108. How to help my brother
  109. How do I stop being codependent?
  110. My parents are extremly overprotective.
  111. Pressure from my Mom
  113. Disturbing Mother. Help?
  114. help
  115. She just doesn't get it.
  116. My Mother.
  117. Emotionally abusive father, need advice (long)
  118. I can't do anything right.
  119. Torn Between Two
  120. my friend ignores mearound other people
  121. im scared and nervous
  122. Parents... showing signs of age mentally?
  123. Awkward.
  124. the horrors of my mother
  125. Interrogated..by my friend's mum
  126. I don't understand my mom at all please help
  127. what do your family and friends mean to you?
  128. I needs some help
  129. Dad Tryng to be Helpful,but court
  130. Seeing friends
  131. It's just too weird now.
  132. Is it weird?
  133. She Drives Me INSANE!!!!!
  134. I feel like my best friend just doesn't care.
  135. Many, Many issues.
  136. She Keeps Lying...
  137. I just can't make a good impression..
  138. I hate him! And I almost hate her for putting up with it!
  139. Not sure how to handle this.
  140. Falling Apart
  141. Winning back an old friend?
  142. dont no what to do
  143. Ex-Besties for a year now
  144. she wont listein
  145. oh boy.. :| help!
  146. My Dad
  147. Daddy's little boy
  148. Is this too harsh?
  149. My Dad
  150. Stupid boys.
  151. Is It Weird
  152. I may never leave
  153. Idk what to get him
  154. who is responsible ?
  155. Great Grandma.
  156. Cheating
  157. my brother and my band
  158. the plot thickens...
  159. a perfect life?
  160. She left and i don't think she's comming back
  161. Denying parental responsibility to get out of debt with the CSA.
  162. GAH what an idiot
  163. I dont know why
  164. I am the outcast
  165. self righteous friend
  166. my mum makes me want to kill myself
  167. im scared
  168. so...i took off the other night....at 10pm...
  169. Oh no
  170. i need to know if there is anyone else like me? and i just need some advice
  171. The one I hate has officially given me a reality check..
  172. Our budget just isn't looking how I'd like for it to look.
  173. I want to go on a walk.
  174. don't know what to do
  175. My mother.
  176. My Brother i worry for him
  177. why doesnt she get it?
  178. how can i keep this a secret?
  179. I thought best friend meant no one was before you.
  180. My uncle.
  181. A curfew at 19??
  182. Mum
  183. Someone be my friend...
  184. Am I a bad friend...
  185. i cant take it anymore
  186. is it just me being selfish?
  187. Never Good Enough For Him!
  188. Nothing goes right anymore....
  189. I hate myself
  190. He wants to go. I do not.
  191. How Can I Get My Life Back?
  192. How do you be a nice person, but not a pushover? + Another Problem
  193. Parents Marrage.
  194. I don't know
  195. What the...
  196. She's constantly putting me down!
  197. Parents fighting...
  198. Best Friend issues (updated)
  199. Running Away.....
  200. My friend makes me feel horrible, but...
  201. need to get this out... :(
  202. College friends.
  203. she's driving me insane!!
  204. Warped Tour...alone?
  205. Mom needs Help
  206. Best friend left
  207. i NEED to get out.
  208. My grandmoms breast cancer came back
  209. The Adopted Thread
  210. I really don't know who to turn to-Please help
  211. Advice about my Dad
  212. Supportive Dad???- I wish
  213. clamped!!!!
  214. I miss her.
  215. Loosing it.
  216. I never thought she was like that
  217. Getting Married
  218. teen drama and such...
  219. How do I convince my parents...
  220. What should I do about my "friend"?
  221. Family and School
  222. Lost Hope
  223. My older brother.....
  224. Afraid of mom
  225. An ex close friend is dieing of cancer but seems to be a peodo
  226. was that a bad thing to do?
  227. gah i cant do this >.<
  228. Opposing Views.
  229. I am so broken.
  230. Is it abuse?
  231. Dealing with Family
  232. I'm terrified of the thought of them dying.
  233. Oh dear.
  234. And when the calls stop...then what?
  235. One friend and more fun friends.
  237. My best friend and I.
  238. All my mom does is yell.
  239. "Take you back" - Pathetic or not?
  240. he keeps putting pressure on me
  241. I Want to be DONE With This!
  242. What should i do?
  243. what to do?
  244. Uh oh - I have a crush on a high school guy.
  245. Friend's coming over sometime...
  246. my brother mental issues?
  247. Flat 'mates' rent
  248. My family is falling apart, help!
  249. i feel like i'm losing my mom..
  250. So agravated