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  1. Uh oh - I have a crush on a high school guy.
  2. Friend's coming over sometime...
  3. my brother mental issues?
  4. Flat 'mates' rent
  5. My family is falling apart, help!
  6. i feel like i'm losing my mom..
  7. So agravated
  8. What can i do?
  9. Can't Decide
  10. should i ease myself out of the friendship?
  11. Sometimes I wonder if my friends are really my friends...
  12. i feel torn ...
  13. used...socially incompetant
  14. I might not be able to see my nephew again >.<
  15. Holiday with... someone...
  16. Studying abroad
  18. My dads going to throw me out
  19. I need some advice ASAP.
  20. I don't know what to do anymore.
  21. she's interested but I'm not...
  22. I'm not good enough yet again...
  23. my mum and my boyfriend =/
  24. How on earth am I supposed to help her?
  25. why doesn't he want to know me?
  26. i need some help (of course)
  27. Over a pizza
  28. I miss having friends.
  29. ...moving?
  30. hmmmmmm I like him but what should I do???
  31. little problem thats been bothering me
  32. He Won't stop hurting me!
  33. Question...
  34. what should I do???
  35. whats happening?
  36. argh! feel so alone!
  37. One weekend gone, another trapped.
  38. How do you move on?
  39. Question
  40. What;s wrong with him
  41. He's so...weird sometimes.
  42. Pen-Pals
  43. I can't take it.
  44. I feel non-existent and like hte worst person in the world
  45. Third Wheel?
  46. I Dont Know What To Suggest Anymore
  47. Letting him do this...
  48. What can I do!
  49. moving in with him
  50. What Means More?
  51. What does a person do with no friends..
  52. Fake, fake, fake.
  53. My so-called 'friends'
  54. family therapy....already dont like it...nd only gone once....
  55. Mother and piercings and tattoos
  56. A Hypothetical Situation
  57. How do you deal with a bipolar parent?
  58. Advice for me to give my friend please..
  59. why doesnt he understand?
  60. really mad at my friend
  61. My grandparents' marriage is falling apart.
  62. My Best Friend's A Flirt
  63. please help
  64. How do I deal w/ a "toxic" friend?
  65. Need a teen mother's perspective
  66. Not What I Expected
  67. family - Stress
  68. Really scary arguement...
  69. SUPER MAD AT MY MOM!!!!!
  70. What would you do
  71. Ugh. My Mother.
  72. Abandoned
  73. I hate my sister!!!!
  74. Do i stop him or let him do what he has to do?
  75. Why Dad Why?
  76. betrayed..
  77. Is it a friendship or am I being used?
  78. I woke up and..
  79. so much friend trouble...
  80. I HATE my father.
  81. This girl was talking about killing herself...
  82. Have some respect!
  83. what the heck???
  84. Absolutely disturbed...
  85. the problems never really went away...
  86. My dad
  87. so shees really gone overboard no?
  88. Disappointed in my family
  89. rents driving me crazy!!!!
  90. Why doesn't it come naturally?
  91. can't stand to be here any more
  92. My 'ex-friend'... really hurt me.
  93. I don't like my "friends"....
  94. urgh little brotherrrs
  95. i can't believe she has done this
  96. just friends x.
  97. it has to stop somewhere
  98. Grrr...
  99. He doesn't want to be honest.
  100. I'm so confused, please help.
  101. Confused...
  102. i don't know how to assess the situation.
  103. Is it wierd??
  104. Choices Choce
  105. I am so sick of her and I can't take it anymore.
  106. sister on Facebook
  107. Backstabbingg Sisterr ??
  108. female/male best friends
  109. I have to buy her love
  110. my mom has a boyfriend :\
  111. My mom really hurts me...
  112. I'm such a damn loner...
  113. my best friend... (or not?)
  114. Why can't my sister see reason?
  115. Frnds.. and Friends
  116. Brother turning 18 tommorow, help!
  117. I dont know what i did!
  118. How can i help her?
  119. My Grandma is convinced I don't love her
  120. Not sure how to deal with my best friend...
  121. I'm I a horrible friend? =[
  122. She's such a slut!
  123. My family
  124. It feels like he's let go...
  125. It's good...isn't it?
  126. What are your parents like?
  127. confused...guilty...ughh!!!!!!
  128. My Dad
  129. I need help getting out of this situation
  130. is it wrong...
  131. I honestly think I'm losing my friend.
  133. Past Issues with Grandma
  134. Black Sheep
  135. How do I break it to him?
  136. Typical
  137. So how do I manage this now?
  138. confussed :/
  139. Parents sometimes make me insecure
  140. Last Night..
  141. Bored
  142. My "friend" dont even know if she counts as one...
  143. Ok, I've really had enough now
  144. I don't know how to help.
  145. Meaning of a TRUE Friend
  146. my sister hates me
  147. I've lost my best friend.
  148. saying "i love you"
  149. Problems with my bestie :(
  150. how to say your sorry, without words?
  151. Does it sound like a mental illness? (my mom)
  152. So there's this guy...
  153. Very Urgent! The wedding is this Saturday.
  154. Almost Killed Yesterday
  155. DNA Test?
  156. Tired of it.
  157. Does he like me or not? CONFUSED!!
  158. No give and take with my mum
  159. i think my sister is getting annoyed with me
  160. SHE DOES MY HEAD IN!!!!
  161. Confidence Boosting Complements For a Friend
  162. 18 with the freedom of a 12 year old
  163. Don't know what do
  164. worried about him
  165. being lied too =[
  166. Mom trouble
  167. Another battle for Granny
  168. I thought I was done crying about this.
  169. No one really knows me anymore.
  170. I think my friends find me annoying...
  171. Adopted?
  172. My sister has been driving me crazy.
  173. wrost things...
  174. OMG drama queen
  175. I Feel Bad Slighty ? A Little Bit Of Advice Please
  176. Family fading away
  177. I don't know what to do about a friend...
  178. BFF's ex. Help please?
  179. Grieving the loss of someone I didn't lose
  180. I'm such a supid idiot!
  181. Changed?
  182. was i too harsh?
  183. Don't know how to feel
  184. Run Baby Run
  185. My family is racist and my bf is black.
  186. Don't know what to say.
  187. I just need to talk about this to someone
  188. Good friend of mine hooked up with my ex
  189. feeling so alone
  190. help me
  191. is she kidding me?
  192. Really big Question
  193. Not again _
  194. Uuuuuuuuugh!
  195. Looks like i'm getting no sleep again.
  196. Getting distant from my friends
  197. I dont know what to do!
  198. I think I messed up this time.
  199. My Dog
  200. Should I tell my mom I smoke bud?
  201. my mom found out i've been having sex.
  202. Self-hate and loneliness
  203. family and boyfriend
  204. How to deal with little sister?
  205. what to do?
  206. small dillema quick replies appreciated
  207. my little sister..
  208. Roommate
  209. My friends really annoy me.
  210. A new friend is ruining his reputation
  211. I trust her, but...
  212. Apathetic?
  213. Can't Stop Yelling
  214. I Lost Him
  215. I have a reflection so I know I'm visible!
  216. In need of repair...
  217. My Family Treats Me...
  218. I miss her...
  219. AUGH... so sick of it all.
  220. All we do is argue.
  221. liar liar
  222. His Sweet 16
  223. Cant focus
  224. Can't stand my dad...
  225. my best friend is ignoring me?
  226. I'm just the best friend.
  227. Facebook Photos
  228. She's leaving again.
  229. feel like i've done something
  230. Need to get him out!
  231. What do I do?
  232. standing up to parents...
  233. It's like I can't stand her anymore
  234. Serious Problem with best friend
  235. I'm "expanding"
  236. *How do you make friends? Ask them to hang out???*
  237. I feel bad, but my friend is making me INSANE.
  238. In an awkward position.
  239. secrets from friends
  240. It seems so Insignifant!!
  241. i miss my mom
  242. Friends and Drugs
  243. Close friends
  244. i need my space
  245. I NEED to move my PC to my room.
  246. I feel like I don't belong
  247. Friends... how to get them?
  248. ARGH!
  249. RAAAGE
  250. I feel like something's wrong...