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  1. It's like I can't stand her anymore
  2. Serious Problem with best friend
  3. I'm "expanding"
  4. *How do you make friends? Ask them to hang out???*
  5. I feel bad, but my friend is making me INSANE.
  6. In an awkward position.
  7. secrets from friends
  8. It seems so Insignifant!!
  9. i miss my mom
  10. Friends and Drugs
  11. Close friends
  12. i need my space
  13. I NEED to move my PC to my room.
  14. I feel like I don't belong
  15. Friends... how to get them?
  16. ARGH!
  17. RAAAGE
  18. I feel like something's wrong...
  19. WHY
  20. My family wont stop arguing.
  21. i don't know if this is bullying
  22. my sister is my guardian
  23. My Mom Is Gonna Run My Life Forever!
  24. anybody else feel this way?
  25. Senior Trip, Please Help!!!
  26. I NeEd HeLp... I dont know what to do anymore
  27. All Of This Over A Stupid Guy
  28. asking mum to give me a spanking
  29. I'm being Blackmailed
  30. Completely Alone
  31. I just don't know....
  32. I am getting so tired of it (long)
  33. mates and betrayl
  34. My Mom.
  35. Totally confused and lost
  36. Worried about grandmama
  37. Am I losing a friend?
  38. i'm going crazy....please give me advice
  39. So I have this new friend...
  40. My best friend is ignoring me. :(
  41. my mom and my dad yelling at me:'(
  43. An update on the friend that's never wrong (Kinda long, sorry)
  44. My Sweet Sixteen
  45. why cant she be happy for me?
  46. daddyz lil girl=[[[
  47. I hate trying to keep friends. It's so hard.
  48. I want them to see that i'm still me
  49. My friend broke up and he didn't tell me....
  50. My dad is sooo muture
  51. Prayers for my Grandma
  52. I feel like I'm losing my best friend...
  53. Never Wrong, Is She?
  54. He wasn't the one to be like this.
  55. she's really getting on my nerves
  56. Confused about my friendship.
  57. Loosing a friend?
  58. im worried
  59. Is she trying to make herself miserable?
  60. NO PRIVACY!!
  61. I am so done with my family.
  62. My Ex's Girlfriend
  63. I want to be with my father.
  64. my dad is getting on my nerves
  65. I've had a fight with my imaginary friend.
  66. How the actions of one person affect so many
  67. My mother is very irritating!
  68. They look at me differently
  69. Back-stabbing friend?
  70. I hate her!!!
  71. Hated
  72. my dad
  73. Do you think that its possible to have friends without similar interests?
  74. Aunt Has Cancer...I'm scared she's going to die
  75. My Mom Wants Nothing To Do With Me...
  76. =[ nothing's right
  77. Family...
  78. My little sister
  79. My mom hates me.
  80. Making friends...
  81. My mum accused me of stealing...
  82. I shut everyone out.
  83. My older brother
  84. FUCKING FAMILY *really angry*
  85. my mom doesn't like me anymore
  86. help please
  87. I'm very insensitive...
  88. Having the same problem with my uncle, like I had with my mom (Kind of)
  89. Attention..?
  90. Im Losing Them
  91. Helping my friend
  92. Is this normal?
  93. Ew, Ew, EW
  94. I never called her irratating
  95. my sister n my mum
  96. adopted..
  97. My Dad is leaving my Mom for another woman.
  98. Hols with friends q's...not sure if this is the right place! :S
  99. What happened?
  100. Im so annoyed...
  101. What make me so different...
  102. Why is my mom so crazy??
  103. What to do..
  104. worries :(
  105. My parents think Im a horrible person
  106. Staying organized is hard when you're sharing a room with a 10 yr old. Help?
  107. He used to be my best friend. Now he hates me.
  108. antisocail without realizing it?
  109. Complicated Situation
  110. I don't really want to tell her...it's kinda complicated
  111. Antisocial (?) Friend