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  1. Added Stress.
  2. My cousin stole my dads iPhone 6?
  3. I keep lying
  4. My parents are way too strict and controlling..
  5. My parents are making bad decisions
  6. Mother problems
  7. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): long story short, it's a long story
  8. Triggering (Grieving): I just don't even know.
  9. My sister is a spoiled kid
  10. Guilt anxiety
  11. I need help with my step dad. Sorry it's long
  12. church and family (kinda long, srry)
  13. Depressed and I don't know where to live! please tell me what to do!!
  14. What to do when you feel like a chauffeur in all your friendships...
  15. My friends left me
  16. How would you deal with a close friend like this
  17. Feeling sorta bad
  18. How do I politely deal with a friend like this?
  19. Vicious cycle of losing friends
  20. Feel free to move this but I need advice
  21. Dealing with rejection
  22. Triggering: S.O.S Really need help with this
  23. My social problems hating on me
  24. dealing with anxiety in a negative environment?
  25. I don't want to move again how can I convince my parents
  26. Make him realize..
  27. My mum's partner
  28. Do I not have a social life?
  29. My mom
  30. Too complicated
  31. My best friend became a murderer
  32. Was I being immature in this situation?
  33. My father is either lying to my sister or is lying to me - I'm not sure whom. He is also terrible at handling money.
  35. How do I ask her to hang out together?
  36. If someone in general isn't an initiator, then how can you tell if they don't put effort in a friendship?
  37. my mom kicked me out
  38. Mom problems
  39. My dad
  40. No one understands...
  41. Non-PG13: My friend Laura
  42. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): All of my friends are changing
  43. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Daddy issues -_- Family issues (Long..)
  44. Triggering: fuuuuck
  45. Betrayed by Friend
  46. My dad...
  47. My brother hurts me.
  48. My dad is an agro who treats my mother like dirt.
  49. How to relieve high tensions in family!?!?
  50. Ending a friendship?
  51. Made a mistake.
  52. i dont feel close to any of my friends...
  53. Are these people friends?
  54. Is anyone responsable enough for a baby??
  55. I think my friends hate me
  56. My Parents Are Trying To Get Rid Of My Friends
  57. Friends
  58. I never saw it coming, espically from him.
  59. need help handling a delicate situation
  60. i feel lonely
  61. I don't have any friends...need someone to talk to
  62. My brothers (hopefully) Ex!
  63. Losing my friends if I carry on
  64. 3hr distance between friends, will it work?
  65. feeling so lonely
  66. My dad has no respect for my privacy
  67. Is it my fault?
  68. I just wish for happiness, that's all
  69. Non-PG13: The worst brother ever!
  70. eed some advice on how to get my Mom to listen to me
  71. Need to learn that me being alright is important too
  72. Long story, need a good, well thought advice.
  73. My best friend..
  74. Is it wrong of my parents to not let me hang out with my friends while they aren't home?
  75. No idea what to do at this point.
  76. dont have real life friends and im ok with it
  77. My best friend is totally fake
  78. Is this friendship worth it?
  79. Need help making more friends!
  80. Dealing with emotional manipulation
  81. Should we stop being friends?
  82. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My father, again
  83. New year, and new beginnings!
  84. Talking to a friend I haven't talked to in years?
  85. Triggering (SH): How do I help her?
  86. Can we still be friend or has sex ruined our friendship?
  87. Age gaps
  88. My mum yet again :(
  89. Triggering: A huge misunderstanding vent/advice
  90. Female Advice Preferred: I got into a fight with my mum...
  91. Honestly don't know what to do anymore.
  92. Seriously considering running away. Like now
  93. No friends and ok with it
  94. All of my friends hate me.
  95. EVERYONE hates me
  96. I don't know
  97. I Need a Katie.
  98. Making new friends?
  99. No friends
  100. ...
  101. Friends think I'm boring.
  102. Low self esteem
  103. Therapist + Christmas
  104. I can't take anymore of this
  105. Conflicted to Ask.
  106. Seasonal Feelings.
  107. I'm in charge?
  108. She needs help, but...
  109. Speaking to my mother
  110. My brother likes to use albiest language
  111. Meeting people with out going to clubs
  112. Grounded....
  113. How can I establish boundaries between me and my parents?
  114. I dont think my dad understands
  115. Triggering (SH): I am a financial burden to my family
  116. Parents disagree with relationship
  117. I want my mom!
  118. What does this mean?
  119. Triggering: A dilemma
  120. Friends joke too much.
  121. Really depressed, please help:(
  122. Am I a mistake?
  123. How can I tell if i'm being used
  125. Triggering (Suicide): i cant handle this
  126. Mom is losing her mind.
  127. I feel so paranoid in my own home!
  128. Non-PG13: father acting childishly
  129. Triggering: The Guilt brings me back.
  130. Is this normal or weird?
  131. We both know we're not close any more. Can't I just give up the act now?
  132. Help
  133. my friends relationship
  134. Family always are the ones to backstab you
  135. I don't know what to do
  136. Guilty feelings.
  137. Make my friend happy
  138. ailments
  139. im so alone and confused
  140. My friend
  141. Can't stand my so-called friend
  142. Triggering: my parents don't want me to move?
  143. Triggering (SH): She is a compulsive liar
  144. Problems at home making me question my goals?
  145. Best friend left
  146. Got my money back :)
  147. I need more friends
  148. So
  149. I let my Aunty
  150. My dad left the house
  151. Triggering (Abuse): I have no idea what to do now.
  152. Relationship with My Younger Sister
  153. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Father
  154. Triggering: [Cheating] My mother treats me like her partner
  155. Relationship with younger cousin
  156. Mom and sis always fighting...
  157. How can I make friends?
  158. I don't know what to do
  159. Mom always asks me for money
  160. What is her problem?
  161. Triggering (Bullying): Going on about my weight
  162. My best friends a complete bitch
  163. I'm moving in with my boyfriends parents soon. Telling my family is going to be hell.
  164. Who's more selfish
  165. It's getting really hard to respect my father.
  166. Grandfather has cancer
  167. Having a hard time making friends in college
  168. Spoilt sister.
  169. True friends stab you in the front
  170. selfish?
  171. how do i come to terms with it?
  172. May be getting kicked out
  173. Arguing with parents
  174. Why is my friend making such a big deal about my choices????
  175. Don't quite understand.
  176. Can't Take It Anymore
  177. My birth mother.... (Post adoption help)
  178. Non-PG13: Dad's girlfriend is pregnant
  179. Living with someone difficult
  180. Help
  181. Texting?
  182. How to become friends with a shy person with English as her 2nd language?
  183. Removing people as "family" on facebook when they aren't even family but your friend is overly sensitive
  184. Is it okay to hate your parents?
  185. difference in outlook and perspective ..resulting in conflict with my parents!! help please!!!
  187. I'm 16 and my parents won't let me hang out with friends on my own?
  188. emancipation
  189. Mom has online relationship, mood changes
  190. Verbally abusive dad and rest of family doesn't give a shit
  191. Triggering (Abuse): sister abuses me
  192. My Mom...
  193. not sure... family, bye
  194. Spoiler: Appearently she can't handle info She told me
  195. Moving out at 14?
  196. Uh-oh
  197. Home schooling
  198. This socialization thing is hard
  199. Can parents stop a child from getting clothing in a certain size?
  200. Fake Friend
  201. what apps you guys use on your phone to make friends?
  202. Screw my "friends" and family
  203. Dad and Stepmom might be splitting up What should I do?
  204. I don't miss people, and it's really causing trouble
  205. Saying goodbye to a friend of 17 years...
  206. About My Parents...
  207. Female Advice Preferred: I want to wear makeup but I don't know how to ask.
  208. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Problems with parents escalating quickly.
  209. My Little Brother Is Acting Really Weird
  210. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My therapist called my mom manipulative... help
  211. Triggering (Abuse): I hate her more than I believed possible.
  212. My sister left home
  213. Partying
  214. Not sure what to do
  215. They're my family too.
  216. Friends for years then majorly screwed up
  217. how to apologize to soneone who hurt me a million times more often
  218. Triggering: ...... FML
  219. Love child .... :(
  220. Done with friendship
  221. Friend only wants to talk when it's about HER
  222. Situation with my best friend
  223. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): friend trouble
  224. Building a relationship with 14 yr/old cousin w/ 10 yr age difference
  225. Family problem
  226. Non-PG13: My aunt still treats me like I'm eight!(help!)
  227. Would you meet an Internet friend in person?
  228. Should I text her?
  229. its kinda sad..
  230. Friend Betrayed My Trust!
  231. Family is nagging me constantly.
  232. My Friend Doesn't Know About My Depression
  233. Friendship problem
  234. Trying to meet friends online
  235. Triggering: Worried about my friend.
  236. Did I do something wrong?
  237. Triggering (Suicide): People are like leeches
  238. Triggering (Bullying): She has changed.
  239. What Would You Do if you saw a new student eating alone at lunch
  240. Still living with my parents
  241. Meeting friends online
  242. Are friends a hassle?
  243. Advice on former friends and closure.
  244. When You Are Probably Going To A Different School And You Don't Know How To Tell Your Friends
  245. Not Appreciated By Friends
  246. teacher is my sister
  247. Betrayed by my BFF's
  248. bad friendship - making the call?
  249. My best friend keeps saying she's fat....what do I say?
  250. How to find Family Tree?