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  1. Forgive and Forget
  2. Truly Alone
  3. Online-based (Long Distance) Friendships
  4. I hate my mother
  5. A friend or school?
  6. Triggering (Abuse): They're friends with my rapist?
  7. Maw....
  8. Anxiety about moving out
  9. Best friends? More like was.
  10. Not sure how to go about leaving.
  11. Bottles explode
  12. Mother Issues?
  13. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Getting sick of my friend
  14. Not Sure Why I Stay Home
  15. Annoying? /:
  16. telling my mum I don't like her
  17. Dealing with my broken family for the next two weeks? :/
  18. Worried...
  19. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Really annoys me
  20. Triggering (SH): hate my 'friend'
  21. What can happen?
  22. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i hate her
  23. Communicating with people
  24. Communicating with my Parents
  25. My friend hates me now
  26. Horrible relationship with my dad?
  27. Strengthening My Relationship With My Mother
  28. Nothing I Do Ever Makes My Mom Happy
  29. my friend is sooo annoying
  30. Jealous people?
  31. I'm upset
  32. Family, friends and work
  33. My mum...
  34. How do I say no to him?
  35. How can I convince my mum to let me work after school?
  36. Triggering: It's chaos
  37. How are these the best years of our lives?
  38. My mother doesn't understand the concept of space...
  39. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Problems at home, want to leave.
  40. My mom's in the psych ward in jail and I'm being bullied because of it.
  41. Best friend lied about being related to the King Of Pop.
  42. kinda just need to rant dont have to read i guess if you have advice that would be helpful to (:
  43. Triggering (Abuse): How far is too far?
  44. Taking my mother's maiden name
  45. I spend most of my time alone and away, i want help :)
  46. How Do I Handle It?
  47. Tremendous news for once!!!
  48. My friend guilt trips me when I don't sleep over.
  49. My brother is 18 and lets my parents control his life..
  50. Never good enough for you
  51. Shy about talking to people I don't know/making friends...?
  52. Should we keep talking or stop talking?
  53. Friends rarely ask me out
  54. Should I take my stepdaughter out of her karate class?
  55. my dad broke my cellphone.
  56. It's...... Uncomfortable.
  57. Is there anyway to deal with my messed up family life?
  58. I'm no longer needed or of use right now?
  59. Younger cousin on the internet.
  60. Making Friends
  61. Triggering (SH): Broken Family
  62. Was it wrong of me to ask my father?
  63. 2 in 1 question
  64. Why are people so god damn stupid!!!
  65. Am I overreacting? -.-
  66. Triggering (Abuse): Leaving dad why do I feel guilty!!
  67. Topics to talk about with friends..?
  68. Friends ... ?
  69. Triggering: Family arguments are to much! :'(
  70. Triggering (Abuse): Turning away...
  71. Is it just me?
  72. My Parents dont give me money!!!
  73. Parents are way to strict?
  74. Deleting my "friend" on facebook... Without causing unnecessary drama
  75. envy... :(
  76. Being left out constantly! D:
  77. Parents bringing me down and other relatives
  78. Random sleepover question
  79. It's hurting...
  80. Troublesome parents
  81. No emergency contact...
  82. My backstory of the past few months
  83. solitude.
  84. My Mum is Emotionally Abusive
  85. Trying My Best Not To Feel All Alone
  86. I need an advice .
  87. Mother hates my music...
  88. My Friends Boyfriend...
  89. I have no reason to hate him, but I don't like my stepbrother
  90. Triggering (SH): My coworker saw my cuts...
  91. Help With Family
  92. Triggering: Child Protection Service are coming I NEED HELP
  93. My Mother
  94. Triggering: What should I do?
  95. Triggering: My Father
  96. My aunty
  97. He's weird...
  98. ...
  99. I tried to fix it
  100. Melanomic Pancreatic Cancer?
  101. My life is empty
  102. Am I in the wrong??
  103. Connecting with people
  104. I don't know what's going to happen.
  105. My friend is soo annoying
  106. This always happens
  107. My closest classmate dropped out of college. :(
  108. I feel really alone
  109. Had enough now.
  110. Triggering: I'm worried about someone
  111. I need help :(
  112. Triggering: my father hates me ..
  113. I'm a bad sister
  114. ?Should i move on?
  115. Triggering (Bullying): Whose sid shall I take?
  116. Triggering (Substances): (TW Suicide) Long but please please help me...??
  117. Father failures
  118. Triggering (Suicide): What am I doing wrong...?
  119. help with my mom
  120. Running Away
  121. Abandoning my teenage life and friends....
  122. Triggering (Grieving): Left friends
  123. Best friend thinks I like her
  124. How to get us all together?
  125. Best friend told her parents?
  126. Calling people on using words negatively
  127. Triggering (Suicide): So... My sister tried to commit suicide.
  128. Step parent with a reclusive teen controlling father and interfering grandparent
  129. Triggering: idk
  130. Relationship with Family about Dropping Out
  131. Triggering: I'm scared of my best guy friend...
  132. I really want to talk to my friend again but im afraid
  133. My Dad Left Me?
  134. My Dad Is The Biggest Bully I Know
  135. Bye Bye, Best Friend.. Brother.
  136. What is wrong with me?
  137. Aggravating Friend (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  138. Is there something wrong with me?
  139. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): drama starting basic ass bitch
  140. My Dad gets mad over the stupiest stuff...
  141. Missing my grandparents.
  142. just because im older does that make it okay for my mum to do this?
  143. Change my mom's way of thinking
  144. Don't know what happened
  145. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is it acceptable for a dad to only care about his daughter because she's dating?
  146. Triggering (Abuse): I'm sick of that place!
  147. im worried about my friend
  148. Friends...yeah okay
  149. Friends Are Hard To Come By
  150. No friends..Can't relate
  151. Literally No Friends, Unsure
  152. How to Alienate Myself From My Friends
  153. Triggering (Abuse): Should I tell my mother that my little sister was sexually assaulted?
  154. Connecting with my father
  155. :'(
  156. Please Don't Judge
  157. What can I do?
  158. Very clingy friend..?? :/
  159. making friends
  160. Triggering: Body image
  161. I just can't take it.
  162. Can't Stand my family
  163. i wont give up
  164. Realising I don't like my stepdad.
  165. Nobody cares...
  166. I don't know what to do..
  167. Am I being selfish or reasonable?
  168. no one
  169. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My parents
  170. bestfriend
  171. hi
  172. Making friends?
  173. Not sure what to do... Please help!
  174. is this wrong?
  175. friends vs. family
  176. IS WHAT I AM DOING BAD -___-
  177. Really messed up my relationship with my sister
  178. how i look
  179. The Mother-in-law
  180. Mum controls everything I do, urgent advice needed!
  181. How to deal with myslef
  182. Yet again ruining another internet relations/reputation
  183. Meeting New People?
  184. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Not sure where else to put this... but I'm looking into emancipation.
  185. Feeling third wheel-ish - what do I do ?
  186. Home for christmas :'(
  187. Turning on my best friends
  188. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I thought they were my friends
  189. Advice about Dad.
  190. Triggering (Abuse): Problems with my sister
  191. My friend is extremely mad at me??
  192. New society, yet still no friends
  193. My sister - cannot stand living with her
  194. My brother is a jerk
  195. Can't get along with mom
  196. Going Home for Christmas - Worried.
  197. need help in repairing a broken/awkward friendship
  198. My dad hates me...
  199. I still don't feel like the wrong has been fixed.
  200. Triggering (ED): Awful Relatives
  201. money problems, overwhelmed at home
  202. it's been a while since I've made a thread
  203. Such a cliche but
  204. Triggering: My mother is in a crazy state of mind
  205. my mom is immensely overprotective?
  206. Triggering (Suicide): Should I tell my friends?
  207. Things to do with teenagers
  208. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I feel like I don't belong to my family
  209. Triggering: my family
  210. "Wish you were here..."
  211. Drifting Away from Friends
  212. What should I do? :(
  213. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Don't fit in with family
  214. Really don't know what to do.
  215. Idk anymore
  216. I feel like I don't have any friends
  217. over protective parents
  218. Friend Problems... Pretty Depressed
  219. Triggering: Reject
  220. moving
  221. Triggering: Still invisible to family and friends NEEDS ADIVCE ASAP
  222. Am I just overly hopeful and crazy? Probably
  223. Triggering (Abuse): My sorry excuse for a grandfather.
  224. getting yelled at for something stupid...
  225. Really frustrated
  226. Triggering (Abuse): I love both my parents
  227. I miss him...
  228. Parent may be cheating
  229. Changes
  230. Moving in with my dad?
  231. what do i say to my friends?
  232. Evil girl putting screen shots on Facebook of me
  233. Why do I still keep trying?
  234. CONFUSED!
  235. Triggering (Substances): My parents are PISSING me off >____<
  236. Ex Best Friend
  237. No friends.
  238. My best friend
  239. I finally reached out to my brother
  240. I need help
  241. Feeling alone
  242. Sometimes
  243. Not sure if I'll be accepted
  244. won't take no for answer ?
  245. My sister constantly makes fun of me
  246. My dad is killing me
  247. Triggering (Suicide): Best Friend is moving states T_T
  248. Best friend going downhill
  249. Why's he upset with me?
  250. I feel like I am in high school again