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  1. My Little Mini Breakdown.
  2. School schedules. ;)
  3. Two Question in One.
  4. How to achieve some confidence in my work?
  5. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I'm at my f***ing rope's end!
  6. Primavera Online vs. Regular High School.
  7. Could use some help here
  8. Triggering (SH): Coping with a triggering class?
  9. Starting to feel anxiety by my choices
  10. Sleep deprivation from schoolwork.
  11. My Job Might Get Shut Down
  12. Culinary School Stress
  14. I'm going to get suspended from school. What should I tell my parents?
  15. I don't know what to do anymore with this job. In desperate need of help!
  16. Classes
  17. University stuff
  18. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Job Concerns, Needing Advice.
  19. Resume question.
  20. calling about a job
  21. Should she repeat 8th grade?
  22. College English paper?
  23. Studying in the US, American people please help!!
  24. How do You Study?
  25. French-speaking person who can edit my short essay?
  26. Drop out..
  27. I love my job, hate my boss
  28. Music as a career.....
  29. bit long but PLEASE help: Should I stay in a college course that I love, but isn't the career I want?
  30. Teachers Who Hate Their Jobs.
  31. College Scholarships
  32. Don't know what to do with my life
  33. Um, how to fricking focus on a paper?
  34. College help
  35. ='(.
  36. Stuck between two majors...
  37. Samaritans volunteer
  38. What to do about a university paper that is to short?
  39. Career in Film production
  40. Starting a support group in school.
  41. Scam Jobs - Be Careful!
  42. Want to change career path
  43. Triggering (Substances): Adderall Abuse
  44. Scheduling stress!
  45. School Stress
  46. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Verbal Abuse
  47. Anyone here a psych major?
  48. College massivly stressing me out
  49. Triggering (Suicide): Uni work and suicide ideation?!!
  50. Pleaaase.
  51. Public Speaking Competition
  52. Question about university
  53. Having a mowing lawn business?
  54. English Bacc help?
  55. It's my life, but they don't accept it :(
  56. I think I know what I want to do with my life but I'm worried...
  57. What should I do about this class?
  58. Freshman year in college failing math class :(
  59. Struggling With Life (Long Story)
  60. My career choice
  62. Music Theory or AP Euro
  63. What do I do when NO ONE like my career choice
  64. Majors.
  65. Writing my CV/Resume
  66. NEED Your opinion on choosing which university to go to!!!
  67. Boolean expressions and truth tables
  68. Quitting my job.
  69. Question for homeschoolers
  70. Transferring to a new college
  71. Loosing all motivation...
  72. Triggering: How young is too young?
  73. Is wanting to be a hermit... I dunno... Odd?
  74. I got fired... They treated me horribly!
  75. Mental Health Support Worker
  76. What would you choose???
  77. Lacking so much motivation :(
  78. Should I do this?
  79. Predictable Parents
  80. SO SO SO SO bored with this class!!! Ah
  81. University Applications
  82. Desperation............
  83. Graduate school in the US
  84. Retaking Algebra 2/French 2
  85. What AREN'T you going to be?
  86. Assignment help-college bound or college students please
  87. happy but nervous
  88. Homeschooling?
  89. Can't handle it again...
  90. Babysitting price...
  91. Post-under graduation choices
  92. University choices
  93. Too many expectations.
  94. Can't cope with cross country :(
  95. exams
  96. Ivy Bound?
  97. What about my job?
  98. My job makes me overly anxious!
  99. GCSE
  100. Journalism help
  101. Can I get into Yale?
  102. I do need your help!
  103. Motivation to do this work?
  104. Career advice- IT
  105. Ready to move out, or not?
  106. The Lowest Grades.............
  107. Not so good grade and grad school--going to cause me a lot of anxiety
  108. Tips for Getting a Job?
  109. Ways to Keep Busy?
  110. does?
  111. Working two jobs at once! I really need help!
  112. Horrible Bosses
  113. picking which major and job path..
  114. Coursera - too good to be true?
  115. Can they fire me?
  116. I NEED HELP
  117. Dyspraxia and exams?
  118. Teen pregnancy statistics
  119. Ever Switched Career Paths at the Halfway Point?
  120. Going back to college ?
  121. Working while struggling with mental health problems.
  122. Interview tips?
  123. my career choice
  124. Public health & Grad School
  125. Motivation
  126. Does my teacher not like me?
  127. Volunteering
  128. Tips for staying focused?
  129. Can't Move Out :(
  130. The Reason I Registered on Teen Help
  131. Film/television reviews
  132. Not cut out for a desk job.
  133. trade unions!
  134. Different Educational Systems
  135. Triggering (SH): Two years later, and it still bothers me?
  136. Will a job make me more or less anxious?
  137. High school GPA for Stanford/UC Davis
  138. Help with careers for people with mental illness?
  139. Organic Chemistry!!!
  140. Is it really for me?
  141. UNI or JOB ?
  142. What am I doing with my liiifffeeee...
  143. Sick and tired of monotony!
  144. Statistics help please!
  145. Aspiration: Author.
  146. I finished first quarter math with a 39% and nothing is helping!
  147. I feel like I'm slipping
  148. Teaching application
  149. (co)Work(er) Probs
  150. Should I stay in this new job?
  151. I feel like dropping out of school
  152. Getting a job
  153. Help with a story? :/
  154. Tips For Surviving
  155. Got a new job and am freaking nervous
  156. Getting hardly any work hours...should I worry??
  157. I don't want to work internationally
  158. Grades ):
  159. School Clubs
  160. I feel like I blew it
  161. Any one else?
  162. What would I do?
  163. Cisco 650-153 exam education
  164. Failed a paper :O
  165. Will my teachers give me more time for school work?
  166. This or that ????
  167. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Still failing math
  168. Do any of you have a job, and enjoy it?
  169. 2 issues in a row I guess... This one is about a volunteering experience
  170. Graduate school. Would greatly appreciate a former or current grad school students insight
  171. Do I need school?
  172. How can I condense my writing?
  173. I got a job!!! Need help ASAP!
  174. Job searching and anxiety
  175. Stressing out z:
  176. I can't do it
  177. Work or college
  178. I'm really ill and I have a job seeker's appointment tomorrow.
  179. The 'Career Talk'?
  180. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What's the f***ing qualification called?!?!
  181. Should I have switched?
  182. A job... It's something I want but it doesn't want me.
  183. Transferring job sites
  184. how many of you Volunteer as a Firefighter or EMT?
  185. I am terrified of Math?
  186. how can someone get a jo without refferences?
  187. Pet Sitting!
  188. Social work!
  189. dropping a course & refunds
  190. Stats question help
  191. Should I stay or should I go?
  192. ugh school is going to be the end of me
  193. Triggering: I need some advice please?
  194. I don't know!!!!
  195. Trouble in Chemistry
  196. Having Trouble choosing a major?
  197. I'm worried it'll affect my work.
  198. California State University
  199. Random
  200. Course Work
  201. Failing 2 classes.. Help?
  202. I don't even know where to start.
  203. Confused
  204. I feel lost
  205. Going to be a CNA
  206. I'm so scared...
  207. Asking Too Many Questions
  208. I'm very stressed about my future. :/
  209. Med?
  210. Problem with my resume
  211. Becoming a teacher
  212. Should I stick with first year or go ahead to second year?? So undecided!!
  213. Chemistry!
  214. Study Abroad In China
  215. Triggering (SH): I think my teachers are on to me
  216. Working nude?
  217. Math teacher?
  218. How easy is it for Americans to work in Canada?
  219. Considering going back to college
  220. College Freshmen!! :)
  221. Recommendation Letter-Transferring
  222. Class Schedule
  223. Hate my school
  224. Physics help anyone?
  225. Cover Letter
  226. I Might Fail One of my Classes! HELP
  227. Procrastination D:
  228. Changing careers....
  229. Freshman
  230. Did I do the right thing?
  231. I have to take Algebra 2
  232. Wording emails to professors...the stress!!
  233. College!
  234. When is everyone going back to school? And what year/grade will u b in?
  235. College how to make friends?
  236. College! Where should I live?
  237. Physics or Biology?
  238. Not sure what career to choose
  239. Sciencey stuff.
  240. W's on my transcript
  241. Is Psychology considered a Science?
  242. Advice for College Freshmen
  243. How did you chose your career/path?
  244. Placement problems
  245. College
  246. Female Advice Preferred: Changing for PE &.&
  247. Highschool sports
  248. Biology Project
  249. Worst day at work ever. Can anyone top this?
  250. Math class question