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  1. Obese and job searching in the pandemic
  2. Triggering (Grieving): Can I do Online school? How does online school work?
  3. Useful Study Sheets
  4. Courses to supplement personal training
  5. Dealing with burnout
  6. No solution
  7. Careers
  8. It feels like COVID stole my education from me.
  9. Overwhelmed for college
  10. Covid: Five ways to be better at online uni
  11. Iím really slow at learning my new job
  12. Dream job/career.
  13. School.
  14. Supervisor
  15. Decisions..
  16. Emotionally Drained.
  17. Career you wanted at 10 vs what you want to be now
  18. Hopelessly in debt
  19. Communication is non-existant
  20. College dorm or stay at home?
  21. Work, work, work...
  22. So lost...
  23. Stuck.
  24. Parents not fully understanding/appreciating my career path
  25. Work struggles.
  26. Frustration and Fear
  27. Back to school...
  28. How is working life?
  29. Music Appreciation
  30. Lack of enjoyment.
  31. Trial shifts
  32. How to say no.
  33. Need a bit of help with government essay
  34. New course
  35. The best job
  36. How to maintain my focus?
  37. Is farming a good proffecsion?
  38. Just a Rant about the GRE
  39. Decisions D:
  40. What has been your favorite or least favorite job?
  41. I feel so lost... college just doesnt seem to be for me
  42. How to quit my painful job?
  43. Favorite Subjects?
  44. For once, I think I'm happy...
  45. Working/School while chronically ill
  46. How to choose career
  47. Help!
  48. Job/Career.
  49. Night time work.
  50. Need opinion
  51. Troubled with 11th Grade Classwork and Course Selection for 12th
  52. I've never interacted with my gym teacher!!!!
  53. Online courses?
  54. Want to quit.
  55. Triggers at work and school
  56. Discouraged
  57. Seeking for translation services
  58. Memorizing lots of numbers.
  59. Job
  60. That first semester of college didnít go as planned...
  61. Geometry
  62. Scared
  64. Will I get kicked out of college??
  65. Depressed
  66. i got suspended for the first time and i dont know what to do
  67. College Admission fears
  68. Should I audition? Am I selfish if I don't?
  69. Where should I work?
  70. Having trouble keeping up
  71. Failing Junior Year
  72. I hate going to school and need advice.
  73. Super scared to start uni
  74. Tips to surviving high school
  75. Recommended Study Strattegies?
  76. Anyone know about research jobs?
  77. Triggering (SH): Got an interview, donít want the job
  78. Female in a male-dominated class?
  79. Can someone please help me with my spelling
  80. Obsessed? Welcome to move it, wasnít sure where it fits...
  81. Terrified
  82. Didn't get the job feeling quite depressed
  83. Triggering (SH): PSHE DAY+Nervousness
  84. Empty Summer
  85. Triggering: Not good enough
  86. Would someone be able to help and tell me if this makes sense
  87. Public Administration
  88. Using TeenHelp as a way to booster my job propects
  89. Anyone got any advice?
  90. Content Writing
  91. Need tips for tutoring
  92. A lot of the teachers think I hate them...
  93. Job brainstorming
  94. How do you guys get A in PE?
  95. Ideas for a project?
  96. My mom doesn't want me to work at a fast food place
  97. I don't know where to look for jobs.
  98. Triggering (Suicide): School
  99. Applied at Torrid
  100. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Considering finding a new job
  101. Asking about an apprenticeship
  102. (School Rant) What am I supposed to do with my life/ I have good grades so I can't complain
  103. My career choice (for now)
  104. Human services degree?
  105. Are my grades good?
  106. What do you think of my metaphor?
  107. Too much work
  108. Transferring?
  109. I feel like a failure...
  110. I might get suspended; what should I do?
  111. Job interview tips
  112. Choosing a profession - computer gaming
  113. English tutoring
  114. I need motivation... I feel like giving up
  115. Leaving a club?
  116. How to stay professional?
  117. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i can't do this anymore
  118. questions about putting TH work on resume
  119. extremely stupid.
  120. Volunteering at a prison?
  121. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): School is becoming a huge problem
  122. Teaching advice?
  123. possible new position but freaking out!
  124. NSLDS Resolution
  125. Annnnd guess who's panicking?
  126. What classes are you taking?
  127. 3 credit semester
  128. Medical Coding
  129. Homeschooling!
  130. Trying out online courses
  131. Should I tell them about my availability in an interview?
  132. Singing in Front of the Grade
  133. Where to from here?
  134. My PSAT score
  135. A few questions about volunteering ^^
  136. If it's not one thing, it's another...
  137. Personal statement
  138. After finishing final exams in junior year, can one consider themselves a senior then?
  139. I guess that's something
  140. Female Advice Preferred: Is this the spot to get babysitting advice?
  141. i don't know what to do?
  142. Triggering: Dropping Out
  143. Teacher says I've plagiarized my essay...
  144. How does uni looks like in general?
  145. I need confidence
  146. First day of work and I hate my manager
  147. So I'm taking 22 units and
  148. Are you honest about your mental health at work and school?
  149. Getting hired? scholarships?
  150. Starting Uni: Survival Guide
  151. So stressed :(
  152. im dumb :(
  153. School just started and I'm already failing
  154. School Nerves!
  155. Honestly just a vent post. No need to reply.
  156. How do you guys deal with procrastination?
  157. I have no idea why I feel this way...
  158. Please Help Me
  159. Law school?
  160. pre-algebra tutor needed.
  161. Not sure if this is the right forum, but...
  162. Volunteering at a care home
  163. Taking the GRE.
  164. College Visit Nerves!
  165. Why can't I find a job
  166. Don't know what to do anymore
  167. Living in dorms and home sickness
  168. what's everyone taking this fall? 2: Electric Boogaloo
  169. any highxchoolers out there to talk about their experice in highschool?
  170. College choices?
  171. Do you volunteer and why do you?
  172. The process of an art making project (job related)
  173. what's everyone taking this fall?
  174. Triggering (SH): Becoming everything I hated
  175. Sponsor for financial help for my education
  176. College
  177. Considering dropping out of college
  178. Future careers / course opportunites
  179. Feel like I wasted my first year of uni?
  180. I'm a teaching assistant - but a terrible one.
  181. Is a letter a good idea?
  182. Stuck
  183. I'll never do good
  184. UCAS statements?
  185. Anxiety in Fast Food
  186. Stress is killing me
  187. Got a job!
  188. Non-PG13: How long?
  189. School Uniforms.
  190. Animal Adaptations Assignment
  191. In summer after first year in college, can one still think of themselves as freshman?
  192. Assignment help (Animal Behaviour)
  193. Let myself down
  194. Online classes
  195. Should I quit school to get a job to support my family?
  196. etsy modeling for a product
  197. CAE exam
  198. I have no plans and it's frustrating me
  199. Thankful for a summer job
  200. Quitting my apprenticeship.. please help :(
  201. Job Trouble
  202. Summer
  203. Overwhelmed/confused/unsure
  204. Triggering (ED): Should I pursue this?
  205. Is this a bad idea?
  206. I can't focus
  207. Job Considering
  208. Help with speaking.
  209. I've been trying so hard to start a team at my school...
  210. Would someone mind checking my Resume/CV please
  211. Parents are on to me about everything...don't want to fail but i do.
  212. Finals coming up and I'm TERRIFIED
  213. Cheating or just stupidity?
  214. What to do with my life?
  215. Online classes advice!!
  216. Declining an offer?
  217. Hard decisions
  218. Rules.
  219. Living in Dorms Tips?
  220. Stressed
  221. Wish me luck!
  222. I mess everything up
  223. I have lost my job again not confirmed but maybe
  224. Should I quit orchestra?
  225. Online Resources
  226. i dont know whats going on
  227. Tutors!
  228. Part Time Work
  229. I want to go to Princeton.
  230. I've really missed the ball on this.
  231. report card post (again)
  232. How should I handle this situation?
  233. My lecturer is out of order.
  234. AP classes
  235. What are you guys passionate about?
  236. Internship Discouragement
  237. Technical Writing: Memorandum Memos
  238. Annotating
  239. What major?
  240. H.S making me depressed & anxious, parents won't address it.
  241. What can I do?
  242. Anatomy and physiology assignment
  243. Can I transfer and tryout?
  244. college major
  245. Dropping out of college (again)
  246. Not sure if going back to school is for me.
  247. Dropping out of high school
  248. So yeah an update on my horrible year
  249. During summer after junior year ends, does that make one a senior during that time?
  250. unemoloyed, anxiety, undiagnosed learning difficulty