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  1. Is Attendance a Good Enough Excuse for Failing Someone?
  2. I don't know what to do and it's driving me mad!!!!
  3. Screwed up
  4. is college/university to expensive?
  5. Screwed over at work
  6. Online schooling.
  7. It is kind of ironic but I need help with it now
  8. Depressed due to unemployment.
  9. How to gracefully quit at this point :/
  10. I think I've almost got it
  11. Can someone teach me maths basics dividing and times?
  12. Concerned about my job.
  13. Losing hope
  14. Flight attending.
  15. Freaking out over being reprimanded
  16. How to study for a quotation based exam in Literature (college)?
  17. Adapting to dorming
  18. Advice?
  19. How necessary is maths?
  20. Applying to grad school
  21. Getting used to the routine, and nerves.
  22. I can't study
  23. How to answer why I want to work as a barista despite my obvious training for another field
  24. Networking
  25. What Does it Take to be a Good Writer?
  26. POLL: Should Schools Do More to Teach Life Skills?
  27. Time off
  28. Japanese talk
  29. English composition help
  30. Just gone official! :)
  31. practical ways to cope with being highly sensitive to noise while studying
  32. Going back to high school
  33. Essay advice ?
  34. Having a tough time...
  35. Triggering: i dont know what to do pleas help
  36. Anxiety + jobs - current issue / need to quit
  37. Some questions about College/Uni
  38. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Screw this
  39. Memorization and Jobs and things.
  40. how to balance 2 jobs?
  41. Music Industry
  42. Skipping School
  43. standerdized tests
  44. job search.
  45. arrghhhh can some one please give me some advice
  46. I got the job!
  47. School/Life sucks
  48. need help with melodic motion/contouring
  49. What am I doing wrong?
  50. Stressed:(
  51. Geometry help?
  52. First job interview in 2 years!
  53. what's everyones Fall 2015 classes?
  54. English help!
  55. Does anyone know the math level required for stats?
  56. My dad is my boss??
  57. Concerned about my new job.
  58. disillusionmemt
  59. Help getting back up after failure.
  60. super nervous . plz help
  61. I'm really just not a good student.
  62. Lack of Concentration
  63. How do I make my boss a happier person
  64. Job rejections left right and centre
  65. Thinking about law school
  66. Job Contract
  67. Gonna fail college
  68. Job searching the right job?
  69. Out of college and still cant figure things out
  70. unpaid internship
  71. My Internship
  72. Expressions, analogies, similes, metaphors and unique English words for an essay!
  73. Why, Precisely, Do I Even Bother?
  74. Do i need to decide now?
  75. Scholarship interview. Please help.
  76. College :(
  78. Staying at college for the wrong reasons?
  79. changing careers
  80. Tattoos in the workplace
  81. super stressed..
  82. scholarship stress/fear/anxiety idk
  83. Personall topic?
  84. Thinking about military
  85. Changing Degree
  86. Offering my services for free - how to put it on a resume?
  87. Anyone been to Bristol? Or Boston?
  88. Basic English Skills Assignment 15 help.
  89. I can't cope at work!
  90. How long should you wait for an employer to reply?
  91. This will drive me nuts for the next year +
  92. Prioritizing?
  93. struggling to work
  94. LGBT scholarships: do I have to officially come out?
  95. Didn't apply for college.. really ashamed of myself.
  96. Pushing customer service for answers?
  97. shop manners
  98. Masters degrees and Future Careers - environment
  99. Security Guard
  100. military career
  101. Starting college in the winter/spring...?
  102. Cover Letter.
  103. YAY!
  104. Now I'm torn
  105. Babysitting?
  106. National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)
  107. will I be a hypocrite?? (please help!!)
  108. asking for letters of recommendations
  109. job training- smart casual?
  110. Dismissal Upheld
  111. What to do in this situation?
  112. learning disibilty :(
  113. Latin project - please help?
  114. im done with school
  115. help with learning the McDonald's menu items
  116. Thinking of switching positions...
  117. What to do with my plays
  118. Spanish HELP!
  119. Professor apparently doesn't respect my learning disability
  120. My job don't bother to send me my schedule...
  121. Basic English Skills Help part 3.
  122. What job would this be?
  123. How do you choose between two specializations that will define your life?
  124. School football lessons
  125. I waited too long
  126. To much to handle?
  127. I hate my school so f***ing much
  128. Getting back on track
  129. Writing essays in APA formatting.
  130. need to resolve something despite social anxiety
  131. Distractions while studying
  132. Would this be a good idea for college
  133. Triggering: College fail
  134. Would I cope in a workplace? Am I fit to work?
  135. Failed my first semester at university
  136. Making Changes For The Better?
  137. please help...
  138. College social life
  139. Fired After Three Shifts.
  140. Obscure Jobs.
  141. Freaking out again. *sigh*
  142. C on Midterm!?
  143. job stress
  144. Should I change my college course?
  145. Assignments due Sunday night, working 32 hours between now and then...
  146. Need ideas and opinions!
  147. Forging a Doctor's Note
  148. decisions!
  149. Cheating or no?
  150. getting school work done while struggling with mental health
  151. Changing schools?
  152. School feels like hell for me
  153. Need advice-between jobs/degrees
  154. Triggering: I am a failure...
  155. I feel like a waste
  157. Getting into an ENGLISH college when you basically can't speak the language
  158. Medical Leave.
  159. Dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  160. What classes should I take with Calculus II?
  161. Pre-Med?
  162. Need help with suggesting new accounts and services!!!
  163. Basic English Skills Help, please part 2
  164. Ideas for a school project?
  165. understanding feminism
  166. Test Help! (AP World History)
  167. I think it's over
  168. Finishing my book. -_-
  169. Triggering (Suicide): My grades..
  170. Psychology Help!
  171. What classes are you taking next semester?
  172. I made a really bad mistake!
  173. college, what do I do? (from the UK)
  174. College and Work
  175. Tips for memorizing/remembering stuff for tests
  176. Going to University
  177. Hopelessness
  178. Career Crisis
  179. Trying to teach myself
  180. Dreadful Chemistry
  181. How do I know that it's worth stepping forward?
  182. No idea what I want to do with my life
  183. Is college worth it?
  184. SAT Exam
  185. Applying for a job when i have a theft under $5000 charge against me?
  186. Educational Problem #2: Working with people who's grasp of the English language seems tenous at best
  187. Educational Problem #1: Rewriting peoples workt
  188. Overwhelming Stress from School Apps
  189. I got fired
  190. Basic English Skills Help, Please!
  191. Connect With Your Teenagers - 5 Effective Skills To Build Rapport Instantly!
  192. Getting Around the Walls Your Teenager Puts Up!
  193. What level of education does your dream job require?
  194. Job interview tips?
  196. Distance Learning
  197. Study abroad vs. study away
  198. Incredible Work-Rate: Reach The TOP
  199. should i change majors?
  200. i need to make a decision about my life which will benefit me the most
  201. Did anyone else dramatically change careers while in university or college?
  202. GCSE solo performance and I have no idea ;-;
  203. School problems
  204. D in algebra
  205. Triggering: School ISSUE
  206. 7 days a week
  207. What am I doing?
  208. Staying motivated
  209. High School Senior
  210. First year of university. Troubled past NEED TIPS!!!!!
  211. Doing badly for exam
  212. My jobs choice
  213. Forced to do college
  214. Should I go back for a second associates degree?
  215. Being pushed into something I need to quit...
  216. Body Mods and Jobs
  217. Is it me and/or IB?
  218. Exam results
  219. Placement Options
  220. probation .says I cant have a job. (lobby discrimination)
  221. Vortex Of Hell
  222. Unemployment woes
  224. Starting College
  225. Joining the Navy
  226. Starting 10th grade in a new school tomorrow and im so nervous!!!
  227. What classes are you taking?
  228. Triggering (ED): Starting my new job please reply!!
  229. i got fired again :(
  230. First year experience? Loans, work, and balancing it all?
  231. i need a job
  232. Four AP Classes!
  233. Exam results: Expectations
  234. The Homework Help Thread
  235. Concentration
  236. What industry do you work in?
  237. What are you studying?
  238. GED Info and Taking On Odd Majors
  239. 3 Year Bachelor Degrees in US?
  240. Suicidality affecting career
  241. Advice About a Job Debacle.
  242. I want to be a good Author....
  243. Need Money
  244. Nervous!
  245. got my fall schedule what's yours
  246. What do I do?
  247. Lost in (at?) college
  248. Take offer, or stay the same.
  249. California Secondary Teaching Credential.
  250. Should I re-sit if I get lower than a C? (AS Psychology)