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  1. Talking about what you've done with other people.
  2. religion is getting in the way
  3. Frustration
  4. I'm a virgin, he's not.
  5. Disgusted by oral sex
  6. damn frustrated
  7. im not a fucking slut!
  8. Non-PG13: On your face!
  9. Eating me out?
  10. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): am I sexually dysfunctional, the way I crave sex so much as intimacy?
  11. Non-PG13: Confused about "the cherry" :(
  12. Birth Control
  13. First Time
  14. How do you deal with desire??
  15. First Test :S
  16. It was terrible
  17. Female Advice Preferred: 15 and still no period?!
  18. Need to censor myself
  19. Why are boobs inappropriate?
  20. Need help with this...
  21. Lowest Dose Birth control?
  22. What is it that just gets you!?
  23. Pre-Ejaculate
  24. Sex?
  25. Bleeding? - About guys
  26. Male Advice Preferred: very small size
  27. Hair on back and arms but not down there?!?!
  28. Are you having SEX when what you REALLY want is INTIMACY?!
  29. Do you consider sex a NEED rather than just a desire?
  30. What if I virgin goes to the gynocologist?
  31. the pill
  32. Could sex make the bleeding stop?
  33. sex...
  34. Female Advice Preferred: puberty
  35. Ugh, hormones!
  36. Female Advice Preferred: It doesn't really stop hurting..
  37. Birth Control Advice?
  38. Female Advice Preferred: just turned 18 and allready all frustrated
  39. Do muscular guys look more sexy.
  40. puberty(Penis size) at 18
  41. where.
  42. Need to get rid.
  43. Non-PG13: Going down on a guy??
  44. Female Advice Preferred: Number of partners
  45. First time
  46. Foreskin problem
  47. Implanon Bleeding
  48. Relationship weird after sex
  49. Neice
  50. not sure where to put this..does sex ruin relationships?
  51. WEIRDEST question ever asked >_>
  52. Female Advice Preferred: peeing
  53. Female Advice Preferred: Puberty Question
  54. Female Advice Preferred: Breast surgery??? Thinking about it.
  55. Female Advice Preferred: tampons! *watches as guys run away*
  56. When does puberty stop?
  57. slept with freinds gf and she is pregnent
  58. lesbian sex with my girlfriend... if we are both virginal?
  59. It is too big! Ahh!
  60. Would you have/had sex with a bigger person
  61. No hormones at all...?
  62. Female Advice Preferred: questions
  63. Whats your favorite sex position
  64. guys moan :S
  65. Wet dream?
  66. Sex with a new guy...?
  67. Lost the Lust?
  68. second base...the wrong way?
  69. lost my sex drive ?
  70. i haven't orgasamed yet is there something wrong
  71. What's the difference between circumcision and being uncircumcised?
  72. Oral
  73. Non-PG13: testicle size?
  74. Female Advice Preferred: am i pregnant or is somthing else wrong with me!
  75. ouch. it hurts...
  76. Female Advice Preferred: i havent had my period
  77. Boyfriend is Small
  78. Should I have sex with my boyfriend? (Please help!)
  79. Female Advice Preferred: Unable to orgasm
  80. Really bad mood swings
  81. Non-PG13: Our sex life is ruining our relationship... (rant)
  82. loosing virginity to somebody who doesnt want to commit
  83. I feel so totaly stupid
  84. Female Advice Preferred: giving oral to females
  85. Started the pill a few weeks ago...
  86. sex talk
  87. So... im confused.
  88. When is the best time...?
  89. Non-PG13: anal sex.
  90. Pain during sex
  91. Female Advice Preferred: Touching my girlfriend
  92. wish he would moan... :(
  93. Pregnant with period?
  94. Non-PG13: Japanese women cry during sex?
  95. In the end, it's statutory rape...
  96. Best type of condom?
  97. being plus size and sex
  98. masturbating while sleeping?
  99. cant orgasm...
  100. A Couple of Problems Regarding Puberty
  101. Non-PG13: Worried
  102. Moles
  103. Cant Stay Hard
  104. first time pain.
  105. Does size matter?
  106. LOTS of blood during sex D:
  107. For my friend...
  108. Cold Sores
  109. Non-PG13: How to ease her pain?
  110. Really Embarrassing!
  111. Horrible first time feeling, 2nd post.
  112. need. sex. have. girlfriend.
  113. really dry
  114. How to give a bj
  115. Out of curiosity...
  116. Non-PG13: Ways To Turn Him On
  117. I don't know where this would go but... it's kinda urgent
  118. Chlamydia/Gonorrhea....
  119. How effective is the pill?
  120. not sure...
  121. Female Advice Preferred: Smell??
  122. Really Late Mental Puberty?
  123. Female Advice Preferred: I'm a Virgin, He's a Virgin
  124. Being for ready for sex
  125. Not to sure where to put it . . . cyba sex
  126. no condoms?
  127. Female Advice Preferred: Um..down there..
  128. Any lasses online availible to help me.
  129. Female Advice Preferred: errrr help?
  130. Non-PG13: head :/
  131. Female Advice Preferred: brownishblack discharge.
  132. pain during sex
  133. Non-PG13: getting ready for anal
  134. how did u know
  135. Changes after HPV Vaccine
  136. Help?
  137. Non-PG13: Is it a bad idea to have sex while you're on your period?
  138. I'm a virgin, she isn't
  139. i hate twinkies.
  140. Not sure where this fits?
  141. Going on the pill
  142. Help.. please!
  143. Advice needed :p
  144. he got a charlie horse in his penis
  145. is this normal?
  146. something special for my boyfriend - ideas please?
  147. Female Advice Preferred: Wondering.
  148. Female Advice Preferred: delete this please
  149. What do you think's gonna happen tonight?
  150. Why couldn't I finish?
  151. Female Advice Preferred: Is it weird for your mom to do this?
  152. Sex Without Getting Caught
  153. Male Advice Preferred: Masturbating/Sex
  154. Bad effects...
  155. good?
  156. Should I be worried?
  157. The pill and pregnancy?
  158. period or no period?
  159. Can I do this?
  160. Period problems
  161. nymphomaniac
  162. does he want more too..?
  163. I desperately need help...please...
  164. Trying to push me into more...
  165. Moving too fast??
  166. Why do some people care if other people are virgins or not?
  167. Not sure how I feel about this guy
  168. Friend's Mom.
  169. Approaching the topic of sex with the girlfriend...
  170. He just wont
  171. rough kisser
  172. virgin at 20 years old
  173. Non-PG13: Failure to launch... orgasm trouble
  174. Female Advice Preferred: solutions..?
  175. Female Advice Preferred: orgasams?
  176. Stupid question
  177. My Boyfriend and I only have sex once a month if that!
  178. Going Down
  179. Help!!! (girls may be more familiar with this, idk)
  180. Too busy or too depressed to even masturbate?
  181. Im still bleeding even after my period finished..
  182. Non-PG13: A story I'd like to share (Warning: LONG).
  183. I NEVER Want It
  184. anal = farting ?
  185. I'm so ashamed of myself.
  186. Questions about blowjobs
  187. should i be worried? please help.
  188. BJs???? I'm Scared!!
  189. VERY swollen...
  190. No sex for me =(
  191. i keep telling him...
  192. Sometimes sore?
  193. Female Advice Preferred: Birth Control advice
  194. Female Advice Preferred: Huge rash? (only female replys this is girl stuff LoL)
  195. How to kiss?
  196. my frist anything
  197. my issues with myself are now stopping me having sex
  198. Non-PG13: Closet Fun..Weird? or just Scary?!
  199. Non-PG13: Incredibly awkward for me...
  200. Female Advice Preferred: Implanon
  201. Male Advice Preferred: Does it feel any different?
  202. Period pains!!
  203. More Experienced please help!!
  204. huge problem with putting on condom
  205. most worst places ever (:
  206. Not sure if I should go back on birth control pills
  207. Something in me is changing.
  208. Can you really?
  209. Female Advice Preferred: Late Period?
  210. ...It's going to get better, right?
  211. how can i get over what shes done in the past
  212. "first sex" relationship
  213. Non-PG13: Favorite position?
  214. Female Advice Preferred: I am worried.
  215. It still hurts - help!
  216. Showering together
  217. Female Advice Preferred: First period
  218. I just lost my virginity...
  219. I feel all naked, lol.
  220. Non-PG13: I want to make him happy but... i'm scared... =/
  221. Male Advice Preferred: orgasm trouble
  222. Female Advice Preferred: spotting?
  223. Penis Size
  224. my body is weird now
  225. Female Advice Preferred: embarrassed
  226. Female Advice Preferred: Okay, so im 13 and iM STILL NOT HAVING TO WEAR DEODERENT!
  227. a bit freaked out by penises...
  228. Huge chest bone.
  229. Female Advice Preferred: Awkward...
  230. how do you know you are ready?
  231. Female Advice Preferred: Can't Decide...
  232. Desire gone. Confused.
  233. Do You Find Braces Unattractive?
  234. Starting the pill.
  235. Non-PG13: Ever watch porn.. just to watch it?
  236. Non-PG13: How long does it take...
  237. feel sick during and after sex :\
  238. It hurts.
  239. I'm a little confused
  240. Female Advice Preferred: Puberty
  241. Triggering (Suicide): herpes
  242. Female Advice Preferred: Losing your virginity
  243. in a big dilemma here...
  244. She regrets me
  245. Antibiotics and the Pill
  246. Eating at me
  247. We dont have any pillow talk
  248. I am "The Man"
  249. Female Advice Preferred: How is this even possible?
  250. i feel the guilt