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  1. Full STI panel
  3. Not using a condom
  4. Condom/Pregnancy Question
  5. Male Advice Preferred: Erection - help needed
  6. GAD and fear of pregnancy
  7. how do i tell my dad i need a bra?
  8. Male Advice Preferred: Did having sex make you more confident?
  9. Been off the pill 2 years, periods still not as regular as they were before...
  10. Please help
  11. if a man pats your bottom when you go through a door?
  12. guys balls...
  13. Anyone here suffers from POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome)?
  14. 18 y/o virgin, didn't get erection before sex
  15. cuddling nude between 2 females is sex or not?
  16. How do I get rid of a hickie quickly???
  17. question about when boys cum
  18. Male Advice Preferred: Voice Crack Opinions
  19. did I go too far?
  20. Male Masturbation
  21. The implant or injection
  22. Vagina doctor
  23. Female Advice Preferred: period
  24. Side effects of stopping hormonal contraception
  25. is it ok to be around a nude adult if its not sex-related?
  26. Male Advice Preferred: Sex while girl is on her period
  27. Relationship Promotion = Sex Downgrade?
  28. Female Advice Preferred: toy advice?
  29. Female Advice Preferred: ???
  30. Female Advice Preferred: Pm me please?
  31. Female Advice Preferred: ???
  32. Female Advice Preferred: pm me plz
  33. Should we be worried?
  34. gay male friend had erection and sperm on me?
  35. busted by my brother
  36. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Physical Part of My Relationship Is Going Farther and Farther, Want Advice
  37. Copper IUD Question
  38. Female Advice Preferred: getting turned on alot,I need alittle help
  39. Male Advice Preferred: what do i do?
  40. I feel so guilty.
  41. ex sex?
  42. Female Advice Preferred: this is really embarrassing and I don't think I could ever have sex
  43. Non-PG13: Accidentally Injured Scrotum
  44. Feeling.... Ashamed?
  45. Omegle
  46. Is this normal? (Penis related)
  47. Dating/Casual Sex - CONFUSED!
  48. What could it be?
  49. Non-PG13: omegle - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
  50. Bottom out?
  51. Feeling guilty about how far I went
  52. Been thinking about sex and I don't like it
  53. Triggering (Abuse): this is really bothering me.
  54. My voice isn't changing?
  55. Female Advice Preferred: Sex toys
  56. I have a little sore near my vagina
  57. dose cum stain brown surfaces like wood
  58. Female Advice Preferred: Boyfriend fingered me, need help ASAP
  59. A little awkward but...
  60. I get turned on by my body is there something wrong with me..?
  61. I think I am a pervert..
  62. Triggering (Abuse): Sexual sadism? I'm really scared
  63. I'm scared and confused
  64. Discontinuing the NuvaRing
  65. Im getting worried and ashamed
  66. Should I lose my virginity now?
  67. will it grow?
  68. Transvaginal ultrasound
  69. I want to know
  70. Female masturbation?
  71. I'm confused about this
  72. Female Advice Preferred: Virgin and my period is late
  73. Advice?
  74. Help.
  75. I'm a guy and just really confused. Beware of sexual content.
  76. question for parents
  77. How many forms of contraception do you use?
  78. Errection Problem
  79. Need urgent help.
  80. Advice for my shy friend needed.
  81. Peer pressure and Porn
  82. Non-PG13: Fantasies + Risky Sex
  83. Erm a little help here
  84. Mirena IUD + Depression
  85. Is this normal???
  86. Ive done something idiotic on omegle please help
  87. 19 year old chronic masturbation addict
  88. Male Advice Preferred: giving head?
  89. question about birth control (implanon)
  90. Non-PG13: Female Ejaculation (Gushing) Messing The Bed >.<
  91. Female Advice Preferred: I need help with my period
  92. Im scared to get fingered...?
  93. Paranoid about getting pregnant...
  94. Don't Want to Give Oral
  95. Stuck
  96. I can't say no
  97. can a cough/cold be caught by just touching inside some1s pants?
  98. Help
  99. is it justified for me to sell this to a boy?
  100. I am getting worried, please help?
  101. is it ok to orgasm during massage therapy?
  102. Female Advice Preferred: tampons still uncomfortable to use?
  103. Losing virginity to an escort.
  104. At what age do your breasts stop growing?
  105. Sex with more experienced girl
  106. Invading sex thoughts when I don't enjoy it?
  107. do we have thoughts about sex cos our body feels that way? or other way around?
  108. ok to talk about sex to a guy if you have a bf already?
  109. Parent with custody consenting to abortion?
  110. Sex with GF
  111. how do you stop erections from having orgasms?
  112. 17 and I'm worried I may be pregnant
  113. Help
  114. Male Advice Preferred: Are you (or most guys you know) circumcised??
  115. Female Advice Preferred: No cramps during period?
  116. Non-PG13: 3somes
  117. Female Advice Preferred: Birth Control/Gynecologists
  118. Unable to make him understand..
  119. Do enzymes cleaners really work and are they safe?
  120. Single premature
  121. Trouble getting wet during sex...
  122. Private places for teens to have sex?
  123. my bf humped my bum at the beach and a party, is humping legal?
  124. I need advice, teen pregnancy
  125. Masturbation Help
  126. Female Advice Preferred: Period issues
  127. Female Advice Preferred: Do I masturbate too much?
  128. Female Advice Preferred: paranoia post-sex!!!
  129. I'm 17 my boyfriend is 15
  130. help i want condoms but im 9 years old
  131. if your teacher is retired is it ok to chat in bed with him?
  132. Female Advice Preferred: Is it slutty having cyber sex with strangers?
  133. Female Advice Preferred: Starting 'the pill'
  134. New girl-premature
  135. advice please
  136. Male Advice Preferred: My boyfriend doesn't want to eat me out. Why!?
  137. Penis size??
  138. Female Advice Preferred: best friend had sex with my ex- boyfriend of 4 days at the age of 14
  139. IUD
  140. Triggering (Abuse): Want to remain friends with my most recent attacker
  141. help!
  142. Female Advice Preferred: Mirena IUD
  143. Shaving and spread of hair?
  144. First Time Sex Question.
  145. Breakthrough Bleeding?
  146. pulling out
  147. Too Tight?
  148. I am afraid to disappoint her?
  149. Sex without a condom?
  150. LOL..
  151. Not sure..
  152. Questions About STDs???
  153. HPV and warts
  154. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Pill Problems - Missed Periods - UHOH
  155. Non-PG13: Chances of pregnancy?
  156. Girls opinions needed: Zipper scar on penis head?
  158. Antidepressants are confusing me about my sexuality.
  159. Triggering (Abuse): There's Options
  160. Advice
  161. Triggering (Suicide): Morality of certain kinks
  162. Non-PG13: Omegle mistake
  163. Female Advice Preferred: Very Worried...
  164. Shaving arms?
  165. Would I hurt her?
  166. my friend asked me if i want to see his erection?
  167. Female Advice Preferred: Is my period normal?
  168. BDSM ??
  170. What do you consider as "losing your virginity?"
  171. Female Advice Preferred: Period question...
  172. Male Advice Preferred: Girl's nipple size????
  173. Why can't guys keep it in their pants?
  174. Female Advice Preferred: Spanking?
  175. Hurting and bleeding vagina
  176. a male friend of mine is gay so is it ok?
  177. Ejaculation Embarressment
  178. Non-PG13: I'm Embarrassed To Ask This :(
  179. Female Advice Preferred: Uh lil advice or help?
  180. can she get pregnent if washed my hands with sperms on it with water?
  181. Non-PG13: A "hairy" situation
  182. Irregular.
  183. Female Advice Preferred: Not period or is it?
  184. Can't orgasm
  185. Please help...
  186. How often do you masterbare?
  187. Nipples hurting
  188. What would you call this? Bedwetting problem.
  189. Painful breasts after sex
  190. When to Lose Virginity?
  191. Female Advice Preferred: Please help.. Where is it?
  192. In a pickle
  193. young sex
  194. Advice please
  195. when my bf goes the 3rd time its liquid and not sticky, but sperms?
  196. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): The sex that my girlfriend has had
  197. A little worried...
  198. Help with my "straight" friend
  199. Female Advice Preferred: Can I have advice?
  200. help? me now
  201. what's it like?
  202. Male Advice Preferred: Is there something wrong with me?
  203. He wants to eat me out.. should i shave? I never have before..
  204. is it ok to like being slapped or is that like being wife-bashed?
  205. Non-PG13: Selfish Lover?
  206. Please help.
  207. Ex Sex
  208. Why is she playing games?
  209. Does size really matter? (Girls Only)
  210. Need cramp relief RIGHT NOW!
  211. Female Advice Preferred: Please answer A.S.A.P thanks
  212. BOOBS
  213. will you catch germs+infection if your undies are wet when you sit on classroom chair? i change mine but still its wet
  214. birth control/sex
  215. this is embarrassing…
  216. I feel like a whore and i feel dirty
  217. Female Advice Preferred: ? About my period
  218. can girls do this
  219. Female Advice Preferred: Bought gf a sex toy, is that ok?
  220. why is it wrong
  221. Female Advice Preferred: Is pain on the right side after sex normal?
  222. to embarrsing
  223. Non-PG13: Problems with orgasming
  224. why are our boobs to do with sex?
  225. GF is nervous ahead of us having sex. Help!
  226. Is this normal? What does it mean?
  227. is it ok to talk dirty with your bf if your a virgin?
  228. Confused
  229. Is 14 too young?
  230. Is something wrong with me or are some girls just built differently?
  231. Female Advice Preferred: The Depo Shot.. help!
  232. Male Advice Preferred: Sexual frustration or lust?
  233. 16 and a half and no period.
  234. My body!!
  235. Do you ever cut your pubic hair? How often?
  236. Feeling in love with soemone probably too far from your reach?
  237. Triggering: Friend with benefits?
  238. do guys have sexual nipples too? or just girls?
  239. ok to not tell my bf about vib?
  240. Where to lose virginity?
  241. Could I be pregnant?
  242. cant get wet
  243. Female Advice Preferred: Tampons
  244. Mom and her boyfriend having sex
  245. Could I get pregnant?
  246. Male Advice Preferred: Confidence problems
  247. Just wondering about this....
  248. What are your thoughts on Birth Control?
  249. Question about hormones
  250. I keep getting UTI's after sex?