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  1. Single premature
  2. Trouble getting wet during sex...
  3. Private places for teens to have sex?
  4. my bf humped my bum at the beach and a party, is humping legal?
  5. I need advice, teen pregnancy
  6. Masturbation Help
  7. Female Advice Preferred: Period issues
  8. Female Advice Preferred: Do I masturbate too much?
  9. Female Advice Preferred: paranoia post-sex!!!
  10. I'm 17 my boyfriend is 15
  11. help i want condoms but im 9 years old
  12. if your teacher is retired is it ok to chat in bed with him?
  13. Female Advice Preferred: Is it slutty having cyber sex with strangers?
  14. Female Advice Preferred: Starting 'the pill'
  15. New girl-premature
  16. advice please
  17. Male Advice Preferred: My boyfriend doesn't want to eat me out. Why!?
  18. Penis size??
  19. Female Advice Preferred: best friend had sex with my ex- boyfriend of 4 days at the age of 14
  20. IUD
  21. Triggering (Abuse): Want to remain friends with my most recent attacker
  22. help!
  23. Female Advice Preferred: Mirena IUD
  24. Shaving and spread of hair?
  25. First Time Sex Question.
  26. Breakthrough Bleeding?
  27. pulling out
  28. Too Tight?
  29. I am afraid to disappoint her?
  30. Sex without a condom?
  31. LOL..
  32. Not sure..
  33. Questions About STDs???
  34. HPV and warts
  35. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Pill Problems - Missed Periods - UHOH
  36. Non-PG13: Chances of pregnancy?
  37. Girls opinions needed: Zipper scar on penis head?
  39. Antidepressants are confusing me about my sexuality.
  40. Triggering (Abuse): There's Options
  41. Advice
  42. Triggering (Suicide): Morality of certain kinks
  43. Non-PG13: Omegle mistake
  44. Female Advice Preferred: Very Worried...
  45. Shaving arms?
  46. Would I hurt her?
  47. my friend asked me if i want to see his erection?
  48. Female Advice Preferred: Is my period normal?
  49. BDSM ??
  51. What do you consider as "losing your virginity?"
  52. Female Advice Preferred: Period question...
  53. Male Advice Preferred: Girl's nipple size????
  54. Why can't guys keep it in their pants?
  55. Female Advice Preferred: Spanking?
  56. Hurting and bleeding vagina
  57. a male friend of mine is gay so is it ok?
  58. Ejaculation Embarressment
  59. Non-PG13: I'm Embarrassed To Ask This :(
  60. Female Advice Preferred: Uh lil advice or help?
  61. can she get pregnent if washed my hands with sperms on it with water?
  62. Non-PG13: A "hairy" situation
  63. Irregular.
  64. Female Advice Preferred: Not period or is it?
  65. Can't orgasm
  66. Please help...
  67. How often do you masterbare?
  68. Nipples hurting
  69. What would you call this? Bedwetting problem.
  70. Painful breasts after sex
  71. When to Lose Virginity?
  72. Female Advice Preferred: Please help.. Where is it?
  73. In a pickle
  74. young sex
  75. Advice please
  76. when my bf goes the 3rd time its liquid and not sticky, but sperms?
  77. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): The sex that my girlfriend has had
  78. A little worried...
  79. Help with my "straight" friend
  80. Female Advice Preferred: Can I have advice?
  81. help? me now
  82. what's it like?
  83. Male Advice Preferred: Is there something wrong with me?
  84. He wants to eat me out.. should i shave? I never have before..
  85. is it ok to like being slapped or is that like being wife-bashed?
  86. Non-PG13: Selfish Lover?
  87. Please help.
  88. Ex Sex
  89. Why is she playing games?
  90. Does size really matter? (Girls Only)
  91. Need cramp relief RIGHT NOW!
  92. Female Advice Preferred: Please answer A.S.A.P thanks
  93. BOOBS
  94. will you catch germs+infection if your undies are wet when you sit on classroom chair? i change mine but still its wet
  95. birth control/sex
  96. this is embarrassing…
  97. I feel like a whore and i feel dirty
  98. Female Advice Preferred: ? About my period
  99. can girls do this
  100. Female Advice Preferred: Bought gf a sex toy, is that ok?
  101. why is it wrong
  102. Female Advice Preferred: Is pain on the right side after sex normal?
  103. to embarrsing
  104. Non-PG13: Problems with orgasming
  105. why are our boobs to do with sex?
  106. GF is nervous ahead of us having sex. Help!
  107. Is this normal? What does it mean?
  108. is it ok to talk dirty with your bf if your a virgin?
  109. Confused
  110. Is 14 too young?
  111. Is something wrong with me or are some girls just built differently?
  112. Female Advice Preferred: The Depo Shot.. help!
  113. Male Advice Preferred: Sexual frustration or lust?
  114. 16 and a half and no period.
  115. My body!!
  116. Do you ever cut your pubic hair? How often?
  117. Feeling in love with soemone probably too far from your reach?
  118. Triggering: Friend with benefits?
  119. do guys have sexual nipples too? or just girls?
  120. ok to not tell my bf about vib?
  121. Where to lose virginity?
  122. Could I be pregnant?
  123. cant get wet
  124. Female Advice Preferred: Tampons
  125. Mom and her boyfriend having sex
  126. Could I get pregnant?
  127. Male Advice Preferred: Confidence problems
  128. Just wondering about this....
  129. What are your thoughts on Birth Control?
  130. Question about hormones
  131. I keep getting UTI's after sex?
  132. Lifeguard in Love?
  133. Male Advice Preferred: Problems with erections.
  134. Non-PG13: Gf wants it raw but I don't what should I do?
  135. Moderators of this forum, please look here!
  136. Female Advice Preferred: Girlfriend is too tight - what do?
  137. My clit is sore
  138. emberassing
  139. is this a problem
  140. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fantasizing.....
  141. Female Advice Preferred: Discharge ALOT of it, is it normal
  142. period
  143. Female Advice Preferred: Cramps...
  144. Female Advice Preferred: late period
  145. My first time
  146. Female Advice Preferred: Desencitised
  147. Need some advice on 1st time. (Male)
  148. Female Advice Preferred: Cheating....
  149. Getting under someone new to get over someone old?
  150. first time with a new guy
  151. Serious question(not a joke)
  152. shaving
  153. Best lube...??
  154. First time
  155. It's too big
  156. question mostly for biological guys
  157. how do you turn yourself off? : (
  158. Helppp!
  159. Shaving... Down There
  160. Made a mistake...
  161. Throughout My Life.
  162. Female Advice Preferred: To YOUNG?
  163. How would you know if you were pregnant on the depo-injection?
  164. The Shot
  165. Is self harm pronography inlegal? ( US )
  166. Would you give a rink job?
  167. i cum too much !!!! MIMI CUM CUM AND CUM !!!!
  169. Anal
  170. Non-PG13: M & F Advice: Males Penis Odour.
  171. How weird is this? Am I sick, weird? Am I alone? I'm so scared something is wrong with me
  172. is it ok to rub when on the phone to adult?
  173. Sooooo.....
  174. Omegle:(
  175. Non-PG13: Briefs and low sperm count
  176. Sex Obsessed Friend
  177. (Male here) Excessively getting horny
  178. Fantasies
  179. Female Advice Preferred: Pap test..
  180. How long should you wait to have sex?
  181. Is it possible for birth control to make you horny?
  182. I want to go on the pill but im scare!help
  183. New problem :$ Any help is appreciated
  184. Non-PG13: Painful experiences
  185. Should I start taking it yet?
  186. Threesome?
  187. Female Advice Preferred: Do you shave your arms?
  188. Pressured into it or not...?
  189. Penis head skin swollen !
  190. Masturbation...?
  191. Non-PG13: More pleasure while dry humping
  192. Non-PG13: how can i help my boyfriend?
  193. sometimes he cums fast and sometimes not at all why?
  194. Triggering (Abuse): My Secret...
  195. Omegle Probs
  196. Female Advice Preferred: Girls, at what age did you have your first orgasm??
  197. Am i becoming a slut again?
  198. Okay, so remember that post from a week ago?
  199. Condom Stuck Inside For A Day
  200. STIGMAS
  201. Shaving "down there" and eventual irritation
  202. a guy fingered inside my undies without washing his finger first, is it ok or no?
  203. Girlfriend and Snapchat?
  204. Male Advice Preferred: Random Guy On Facebook
  206. Im totally embarrassed tot alking about htis... PM?
  207. Non-religious arguments for abstinence/non-abstinence.
  208. wanting to much sex
  209. I want him bare...
  210. Female Advice Preferred: Pap test?
  211. No interest in sex?? Almost 20 yrs old:/
  212. How do you (Christians only please, or people willing to take a Christian's point of view on this) view...
  213. How many sexual partners have you had? What is too many?
  214. Why are adults shocked about teen sex?
  215. Sex Dreams?
  216. Birth Control pills?
  217. Why dont i enjoy sex with my boyfriend?
  218. Just wondering
  219. Body problems
  220. I'm going to tell my mom
  221. What do you do with your roommates if you bring a boy/girl home?
  222. Male Advice Preferred: Guys, would you feel comfortable with buying tampons for your girlfriend or friend??
  223. Awkward conversations
  224. is my penis size average/normal
  225. Female Advice Preferred: Discharge?
  226. how do i fix my body problem?
  227. period.
  228. Female Advice Preferred: Menstrual Cups and IUD
  229. Pretty confused, and hurt
  230. Male Advice Preferred: my nail hit his penis urethra part
  231. helpppp.
  232. Bleeding after orgasm
  233. I'm late...
  234. What pads do you use?
  235. Female Advice Preferred: Help My Contraception is Making Me Crazy
  236. My boyfriend wants to have sex? And I don't know if I am ready?
  237. White discharge no period
  238. Nuva ring--feeling it during sex
  239. Sexuality Preference
  240. hair
  241. i ripped his ...
  242. Period during ovulation?
  243. Female Advice Preferred: Shaving Help?
  244. I'm worried... help! :( (female advice prefered)
  245. Periods
  246. Non-PG13: Friends with benefits?
  247. Female Advice Preferred: The cursed fingers
  248. Female Advice Preferred: Any Advice?
  249. Where to have sex?
  250. Spooning best guy friend! Confused.