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  1. My boyfriend wants to have sex?..
  2. Female Advice Preferred: Scary!
  3. I made a huge mistake!
  4. rebound sex
  5. Making Boundaries.
  6. It doesn't feel as good as before?? What's the problem???? :(
  7. Non-PG13: Need Advice- His fetish is hanging over our heads
  8. is it possible to get free birth control in CA?
  9. Teens doing bdsm?
  10. Non-PG13: HELP ME IM SO CONFUSED Am I straight?
  11. Delayed period ? Missed period ? Nervous
  12. Male Advice Preferred: Did it take long because I'm bad in bed????
  13. Spoiler: HOW to kiss.
  14. precum question...
  15. Triggering (Abuse): so lost and scared
  16. Female Advice Preferred: help me asap
  17. Is my hymen intact??
  18. need help "toning it down"
  19. Female Advice Preferred: Loss of Virginity
  20. urgent
  21. Friends with (sexual) benefits
  22. Shaving
  23. This won't happen to everyone, right?
  24. two father for my baby
  25. Female Advice Preferred: period confusion..?
  26. Female Advice Preferred: not sure whats going on
  27. Sexting
  28. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): why rub ur vagina?
  29. Stamina..
  30. mastubation
  31. Sex Questions
  32. My boyfriend is too much of a wussy to ask this.
  33. important question !!!!!
  34. When will puberty start
  35. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Are we bad kids?
  36. Weirdly long cycle
  37. Pregnant maybe?
  38. Period Question. Please help?
  39. Female Advice Preferred: First time...
  40. Professor
  41. Help!!
  42. Sex Questions?
  43. Female Advice Preferred: Urghhh help.
  44. Wet dream with one of my friends.....cant talk to her anymore...
  45. why does it take so long?
  46. Female Advice Preferred: Porn, weird or no?
  47. Nausea after masturbation?
  48. Rape fantasies
  49. Itchy...
  50. Why don't you masturbate?
  51. Finding a fictional character attractive.......
  52. Sexual attention
  53. Triggering (Abuse): does having precocious make you susceptible to sexually abuse accidentally?
  54. Female Advice Preferred: The hair down there
  55. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): hormonal
  56. Awkwardness after a drunken sexual experience..
  57. Sexual frustration.
  58. Female Advice Preferred: penis size question
  59. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What did i do?
  60. I can't seem to stay erect
  61. help ..
  62. Mastrubration: Orgasm, but no cum??
  63. Does Fruit Juice Actually Help?
  64. Girl Help :)
  65. Using Tena lady pads for periods
  66. Male Advice Preferred: making wanking more pleasurable
  67. Female Advice Preferred: Thongs/Underwear
  68. Non-PG13: Where do I cum
  69. Frustratingly horny
  70. Non-PG13: Some questions about sex (tightness, hardness and others)
  71. Asian men penis size...does need more work for it's size?
  72. Female Advice Preferred: Really "down" when on my period
  73. Female Advice Preferred: Hymen Loss?
  74. stopping birth control
  75. I am a virgin, he isn't.
  76. Need Major Help with Foreplay
  77. Having sex
  78. Female Advice Preferred: Need Help again
  79. A downside to abstinence
  80. "The Talk"
  81. Female Advice Preferred: Threesome?
  82. I've torn something..
  83. Christian values..
  84. Male Advice Preferred: wut do guys like :/
  85. voice changing
  86. Dry humping?
  87. Non-PG13: he didnt cum
  88. Male Advice Preferred: Question about semen.
  89. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I just want it over and done with- I'm frigid!
  90. going soft. no idea why
  91. Female Advice Preferred: Birth control and my period... Yikes!
  92. Male Advice Preferred: Odd Relationship, Advice Please!
  93. Infection..?
  94. IUS insertion?
  95. I don't know if i should end things
  96. birth control , condoms , replies please ):
  97. Implant
  98. Female Advice Preferred: Um help? Asap?
  99. private
  100. Painful pap smear/culture thingy
  101. Female Advice Preferred: need advice..
  102. Fingering my gf
  103. my bf is very non educated in sex
  104. What tanner stage am I in?
  105. Best friend ignoring me because puberty??
  106. Non-PG13: Size issues
  107. Female Advice Preferred: Please Help me..
  108. Female Advice Preferred: pressure
  109. he doesn't want to...
  110. Wet dreams??
  111. sexual urges
  112. my 14yr old son and "sexting"
  113. Help with friend
  114. Dreams..?!
  115. Female Advice Preferred: My girlfriend is 18 and she's a virgin
  116. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...
  117. Too much blood loss?
  118. Toes
  119. Would you care if your teenager watched porn?
  120. :S Confused :S
  121. Triggering (Abuse): I fucked my teacher
  122. A smell..
  123. regretting sex
  124. Feel like a slut
  125. Non-PG13: advice on how to use SEX & MISCHIEF ADJUSTABLE ROPE RESTRAINTS
  126. Female Advice Preferred: He said I taste bad?
  127. how do I give a guy a...
  128. I seped with my bestfriends boyfriend and may be preggers
  129. Problem down there
  130. blisters
  131. Good Feeling in the Brain?
  132. I don't ejaculate.
  133. sex with best friend
  134. Boyfriend and I don't know what to do...
  135. Got my period on my graduation day... D:
  136. He's got potential, but does it match up?
  137. Virgin Probs
  138. Might as well just lay it out there--we're sick of condoms.
  139. Is it weird that I want to be the best?
  140. He has a very low sex drive???
  141. How can I make it not obvious I'm a virgin?
  142. Scared of the sex thing.
  143. Foreskin always retracted?...
  144. Why can't I feel anything?
  145. Sex question!(Anal)
  146. Birth Control - Active v Inactive Pills
  147. Cumming?
  148. Problem with foreskin :(
  149. I had sex with my now exgf......
  150. What's the big deal?
  151. took birth control a day early
  152. Male Advice Preferred: HELP! How do I stop masturbating?
  153. Female Advice Preferred: camping while on your period?
  154. Female Advice Preferred: Yeast Infection?
  155. The answer is no.
  156. Non-PG13: Skype Playtime
  157. Male Testosterone Cycle
  158. does oral count?
  159. Non-PG13: Your opinion?
  160. changeing up the sex
  161. lingerie?
  162. Freaking out over upcoming pap!!
  163. why does this always happen?
  164. Puberty Help!!!
  165. ashamed
  166. Female Advice Preferred: Shaving
  167. Female Advice Preferred: uh. help/.
  168. Female Advice Preferred: Toys
  169. Female Advice Preferred: Trim or shave?
  170. Trojan Extra thin vs Durex extra sensitive
  171. Is she pregnant?
  172. Sleeping with your partner
  173. Female Advice Preferred: Shaving downstairs
  174. Going to have sex in 4 weeks
  175. Sex before smear test - quick question.
  176. can't reach orgasm!
  177. Dildos
  178. Sex without condom and birth control.
  179. lost it.
  180. Non-PG13: blowjob?
  181. HELP NEW..!I masturbate daily(some random questions)
  182. Female Advice Preferred: Shaving down there.
  183. Female Advice Preferred: Starting on the pill!
  184. Female Advice Preferred: Sex Toys
  185. Hymen question.
  186. Erection & masturbation problems
  187. Fetish question...
  188. Female Advice Preferred: Discharge? Infection?
  189. Non-PG13: White girl and black guy
  190. Weird sex life w/bf
  191. Dont get turned on by my bf's touch
  192. The cum comes out when p*ss*ng
  193. Is sex councelling an option?
  194. What should I do?
  195. Female Advice Preferred: how to stop cramps?
  196. Scared to have sex...
  197. Male Advice Preferred: ONE FOR THE GUYS FROM A GIRL:Bondage
  198. Coming off the pill?
  199. 2 orgasms o.o (have you ever had a experience like this)
  200. Non-PG13: To Impress a Girl
  201. Female Advice Preferred: Nipples changing colors????
  202. I don't like it...
  203. Too Much Sex leads to peeling?
  204. Female Advice Preferred: Penis size, please respond, want different opinions
  205. Should I tell?
  206. Felling horny alot
  207. is this normal size?
  208. need your suggestion about getting head
  209. oral sex do you do it to make your bf happy?
  210. Triggering: Weird urge/fetish
  211. Did I ejaculate inside my girlfriend?
  212. Non-PG13: Penis size preference, ladies?
  213. how to know what a guy is after
  214. Female Advice Preferred: Swallowing
  215. Female Advice Preferred: 2nd period
  216. Female Advice Preferred: Not reallly sure whats going on
  217. Worried about my friend?
  218. Why I don't feel anything during intercourse
  219. Female Advice Preferred: Stupid Tampons.
  220. Non-PG13: The pill....??
  221. Should I just get some new condoms?
  222. Non-PG13: Had sex for the first time...
  223. Female Advice Preferred: pain?
  224. Non-PG13: Sexy moves
  225. Non-PG13: How much masturbation is too much?
  226. Girl said no to seeing her boobs what will she do?
  227. Pull out method
  228. sex
  229. Non-PG13: Female Masturbation Questions
  230. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What's so appealing about talking dirty?
  231. Female Advice Preferred: Questions about the pill (+ regulating my period)
  232. Penis problems please reply ASAP!!
  233. 3 week long period... ugh.
  235. Female Advice Preferred: Not sure if I had sex or not :S
  236. Non-PG13: At what age would a girl be considered a "slut" if she lost her virginity?
  237. Non-PG13: Is it normal to c.um on a girl's face?
  238. tanner stage
  239. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Keeping my Friend With Benifits as my side?
  240. hes rough with me
  241. Female Advice Preferred: virgin
  242. Non-PG13: He has a HUGE penis, help?
  243. Female Advice Preferred: period cramps
  244. UTI and Sex
  245. Female Advice Preferred: HELP, Guide To Anal
  246. Is this okay?
  247. He's Too Quiet..
  248. infection?
  249. STD testing.
  250. does oral count as a loss of verginity