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undeleted1 January 12th 2016 09:12 PM

Trying to turn things around, but depression gets in the way

Green Yoshi January 13th 2016 02:03 PM

Re: Trying to turn things around, but depression gets in the way
Hello Ryan :hug:

Like I've said before, you're someone who's lost a lot of things. However, this also means that you'll be able to regain them back in the future, and remember that you are someone with your own capabilities. If the people you met are people who ignore you and take you for granted, it's THEIR loss. Not yours. You sound like a nice person who takes other people's worries to heart, and you're someone who can make new friends. There'll be people like you, and since you're the kind of person who cares and is sweet, chances are the people who you deserve to be with are also sweethearts.

These people will nurture you, take care of you and ensure that you won't get hurt. Your past experiences have made you stronger, and once you overcome this mental slump, you'll be able to beat your depression of yours and get your situation back on track.

The main element you lack in yourself is self-confidence. You've only talked about how much you lack, and what you've to learn.. and how much you wish you want to be like everyone else whom you might be moving along. But what about the things about you that are so near perfect? You're someone who likes helping people, and you are willing to try so many things. Doesn't matter if you don't succeed at first.. cause it's the experience you get that allows you to get better at things and situations such as socializing and making friends. You're a reliable, sweet guy.. what kinda girl wouldn't want to be with you?

:hug: I know that it seems tough for now, but what you must do is persevere and keep having faith in yourself and your abilities. You could be someone who helps people to do some charity activities, and your personality is great for it because you're deep and you care a lot about other people, and you can put yourself in other people's shoes. :hug:

Rather than concentrating on what you think is wrong about yourself, remember that there's so many qualities you have that are so perfect and wonderful. :hug: Be bold, and take a brave new step in saying hello to people... and just be yourself. People who bully just want to bring you down to their level, because you're better and stronger than them. Don't let them deceive you into thinking otherwise. :hug: The key is to keep fighting, and forget what it means to give up. Because determination and strength of will is how a man can turn oceans, and change the world. You can change your fate and everything when you learn to believe in yourself and be strong. :hug: You'll also always have us to rant to if you got something on your mind. :hug:

You'll always have me! :hug:

Palmolive January 13th 2016 06:55 PM

Re: Trying to turn things around, but depression gets in the way
Hey there,

I'm sorry you're going through a rough time but so glad you've come to us here for some support. Be proud of yourself or reaching out.

It sounds like you've had a tough past so I really want to give you the opportunity to talk to us about anything from your past that you who'd like to talk too us about. Of course if you don't want to talk to us about any of it then we're not going to make you and that's okay but I just thought that if you wanted to then maybe we could help you through it a bit more and help in some way. Just know you are not alone.

Struggling to make friends can be hard. Have you thought about going to groups that you have interests in and hobbies in or have you thought about going to any support groups. I go to a recovery college for support groups and I'm awful at socialising because of how anxious I get but there, people are the same and they understand. They get it, you know? So it makes it easier to talk to them actually. Maybe you could have a look and see what's in your local area and see if there is a thin like that to help you socialise but also to help you with feeling low and depressed.

People can go through the exact same experience and not have the same feelings or thoughts about it. So because your family don't appear to struggle with what's happened, doesn't mean it's wrong or bad for you to be struggling with it. Sometimes we just need a bit of extra help you know? Do you have anyone to talk too? Someone like a friend, a family member, a coups seller or even your doctor? Try real hung out to someone, getting help is really important and having someone to talk to can be really helpful and beneficial. Of course we're always here for you but sometimes having someone to talk to face to face can be even better, you know?

I know this is really hard for you right now but recovery is possible and you can get there and get through this so keep on fighting and don't be alone. I believe in you and know you have the strength to get through this. And just remember, you aren't by yourself so don't struggle in silence,

Hopes and wishes,

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