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Legal Statements

Last updated: May 22nd 2022

This document is a part of the TeenHelp Terms of Service. For other information governing the usage of services provided by TeenHelp, please click here.

In this section:
> Eligibility
> Copyright Policy
> Disclaimers
> User-submitted content
> Quality of advice
> Meeting other users from TeenHelp


TeenHelp registration is open to anyone, provided that:

  • These Terms of Service have been read in full and understood by the user prior to their usage of any part of TeenHelp, and that the user's conduct on TeenHelp demonstrates that these Terms of Service are being followed.
  • Users under the age of thirteen have read and understand TeenHelp's COPPA compliance statement (detailed in the TeenHelp Privacy Policy) and where relevant have obtained parental or guardian consent that they may use services provided by TeenHelp.
  • Older users have only positive intentions in their usage of TeenHelp. The conduct of older users should reflect an appreciation for the age difference between themselves and the rest of the TeenHelp community, and the effect their participation may have on other users. Older users whose intentions are doubted will be removed from TeenHelp immediately, and appropriate authorities may be contacted if necessary.
  • If the user registers more than one account at TeenHelp these accounts will not be used in order to deceive users or otherwise violate these Terms of Service. Inappropriate use of multiple accounts may result in the permanent suspension of all accounts associated with that user depending on the severity of the violation.
  • The user understands that any content they place on the site, which may include but is not limited to text or images posted in the Support Forums, Chat Room, user profiles, or anywhere else, is subject to these Terms of Service.
  • The user understands that they can request that their account is deleted from the site but that this may not extend to all content they have previously placed on the site.

Copyright Policy

All content on TeenHelp is copyrighted and may not be reused, reproduced, republished or retransmitted via any medium without the explicit permission of TeenHelp, including all text and images found anywhere on the TeenHelp domain. The TeenHelp logo and other images are the property of TeenHelp, and TeenHelp reserves the copyright, trademark, trade dress and right of publicity of the images and the TeenHelp name. Such images may not be reused in any medium without the explicit permission of TeenHelp. TeenHelp reserves all other rights over all content without exception.

By submitting content to any area of TeenHelp, the user transfers copyright privileges to TeenHelp. This includes, but is not limited to, granting TeenHelp the authority to add to, modify or remove parts of the content, or to use or disseminate the content via any medium as deemed appropriate by TeenHelp, at any time after submission. Users should not post content on TeenHelp of which they are not the author or owner, or of which the user is unable or unwilling to transfer data usage rights. Any further use or distribution of content will be fully anonymous and in-line with the Terms of Service, especially the TeenHelp Privacy Policy.

For any queries about copyright please email contact@teenhelp.org.


TeenHelp provides its site and services and those of its third party associates 'as is'. TeenHelp does not warrant that such services will be appropriate, error-free, or free from computer viruses or other harmful materials. TeenHelp disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, to the fullest extent permitted by law, including the warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties' rights and of fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will TeenHelp, its associates or its staff be liable to any body for any damages whatsoever that may result from the use or misuse of services provided by TeenHelp, including any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, lost profits or lost data.

User-submitted content

All content on TeenHelp is written and submitted by TeenHelp users. All postings are the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of TeenHelp or any individual or collective of its staff. Where unreferenced such information may be inaccurate or biased, and TeenHelp does not make any claims towards the validity or reliability of such information. All postings should be taken 'as is' and should not be considered as supported or endorsed in any capacity by TeenHelp or its staff members.

Quality of advice

TeenHelp is run exclusively by volunteers who share their experience and opinions with users. They are not considered professionals and no formal training or qualifications are required to volunteer with TeenHelp. While we endeavours to provide training, guidance and support to our staff, TeenHelp cannot guarantee the quality of advice of its volunteers. TeenHelp is a listening service only and should not be treated as a professional advice service. TeenHelp and its volunteer staff cannot accept any liability, legal or otherwise, when a TeenHelp user chooses to follow a course of action suggested to them by a member of its volunteer staff. It is up to the user to decide whether or not to trust advice they have been given. Professional advice and assistance should be sought in situations where necessary. Under no circumstance will TeenHelp be able to contact emergency services on the user's behalf. If you currently need medical attention (from blood loss, an overdose, or anything else), you should call your local emergency services immediately.

Contacting or meeting other users outside of TeenHelp

TeenHelp encourages users to only contact others on the website and other services provided by TeenHelp. If the user chooses to contact or meet others outside of the site (for example by phone or social media), the user accepts the risk that this entails. TeenHelp and its staff cannot accept any implied responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of users in these circumstances. Further information is available in our Safety Zone (click here).

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