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Terms of Service

Last updated: February 2nd 2023.

1. Terms of access

By accessing any area of TeenHelp ("TH", "the site", "the services") you declare that you ("the user") have read, understand and accept this document in its entirety. You declare acceptance of any future versions of this document and declare that should you disagree with any revisions you will cease access to any services provided to you by TeenHelp immediately and until such a time as you are again able to accept this document in its entirety.

You declare that you will comply with all terms stated within this document (collectively "The Terms of Service", "ToS", "the terms", "the agreement"), which are constituted within this document and a number of linked documents, which are separated for no other reason than convenience.

You acknowledge that these terms are binding and represent an official agreement between yourself and TeenHelp that you have accepted by accessing this site or any other services provided by TeenHelp. You acknowledge that failure to follow these terms may result in the immediate suspension of your access to TeenHelp and where relevant and necessary further action may be taken.

2. Description of service

TeenHelp is a peer support community and listening service which help young people find the answers and help they need. TeenHelp primarily provides a free, safe, supportive environment for its users to meet others and seek support and guidance in a range of online services. TeenHelp has many thousands of registered users and just as many guests who visit the site regularly. TeenHelp's staff members are volunteers who are here to listen and give advice. The volunteer Staff are under the direction of the Project Coordinators, who are also volunteers.

3. Legal

Legal information governing the usage of TeenHelp can be found in TeenHelp's Legal Statements (click here).

4. Privacy

Information governing the collection and use of personal information on TeenHelp can be found in TeenHelp's Privacy Policy (click here).

5. Acceptable use

Information governing the acceptable usage of TeenHelp's services can be found in TeenHelp's Code of Conduct (click here).

6. Extended terms for Staff

A series of training manuals are available to all members of Staff. The conditions within these manuals shall be understood as being extended Terms for the relevant Staff members.

7. Complaints

All complaints and disputes will be addressed by following TeenHelp's Complaints Procedure (click here).

8. Terms of service

In all situations insufficiently accounted for by these Terms of Service, or when clarity of these Terms leads to complications, the direction of the Project Coordinators will preside. These Terms of Service may be revised at any time at the sole discretion of the Project Coordinators. Notice may or may not be given upon revisions. It is the user's sole responsibility to periodically check this document for updates. Revisions become effective immediately.

Any queries regarding this document should be directed via email towards contact@teenhelp.org, where they will be handled by a Project Coordinator.

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