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Mission, Values & Action Plan

Last updated: August 6th 2023.

Our Mission & Goals

TeenHelp is an online community created to give young people a safe haven on the Internet, a place to find somebody who will truly listen. TeenHelp is a place to call home. The following is our Mission Statement & Strategic Plan:

1) To provide support and advice to anybody in need.

2) To encourage those in need to seek support and advice from professionals, in addition to using our services.

3) To provide support services that are enabling, caring, delivered with kindness and compassion, safe, free and anonymous.

4) To provide a safe place for all young people to gather, share, explore and grow both as individuals and together.

5) To raise awareness of issues faced by young people and to help and encourage them to address those issues locally, nationally and/or internationally.

6) To promote tolerance and understanding between all people, from all walks of life, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

7) To give young people a place to be themselves without fear of judgement.

8) To foster confidence in one's ability to succeed regardless of how troubled one's past may be.

9) To instil the importance of reaching out to those in need both within the TeenHelp community and throughout the world.

Our Values

  • For all members:
  • Enabling - At the heart of TeenHelp is building users up to be more more resilient, confident and prepared
  • Compassionate - We take the time to listen to people as individuals, with kindness and empathy
  • Thoughtful - We give each person our time with patience and understanding. We work together and don't make assumptions
  • Validating - We are inclusive and welcome everyone, accepting who people are and where they are at in their journey
  • Learning - We don't know all the answers but are willing to improve and grow so that we can help best
  • For Staff:
  • Committed - Our Staff work with enthusiasm and dedication for TeenHelp so our members can trust us to do what we say we will
  • Integrity - We represent TeenHelp with professionalism and integrity, being honest, open and direct where needed
  • Positive - We will make TeenHelp as hopeful, safe, fair and fun as possible so this is a positive community all can enjoy
For all TeenHelpers: Enabling, Compassionate, Thoughtful, Validating, Learning. For Staff: Committed, Integrity, Positive

2022-2026 Objectives & Action Plan

This is a summary of our main objectives and the key priorities which will help us to achieve these priorities for our community.

1) Our members will have a great time while visiting TeenHelp, which makes them want to return time and time again

We will do this by:
⇨ Delivering excellent advice & support services (e.g. HelpLINK, Live Help), which users value.
⇨ Developing and expanding site services/features in our community, strengthening successful areas (e.g. Forums, Chat) while adding new features too.
⇨ Keeping our users and their experience central to everything we do.
⇨ Boosting user involvement and gaining more feedback.
⇨ Expanding the range of activities and projects on the site.
⇨ Providing opportunities for users to socialise and have fun!

We will know we are successful when:
✓ TeenHelp is rated positively by all of our users – 80% satisfaction rate.
✓ Users are retained for longer and more users return to the site – 30 day recurrence.
✓ Volunteers work in focused ways towards the objectives of the site.

2) TeenHelp will amplify the voices of young people and keep them at the heart of all services and decisions

We will do this by:
⇨ Designing services with and alongside young people.
⇨ Actively promoting opportunities to young people and make it easy for them to get involved.
⇨ Seeking the views of young people and ensure these are considered at every stage.
⇨ Working with partner organisations to engage young people.
⇨ Sharing the stories of young people to engage and influence others.

We will know we are successful when:
✓ TeenHelp services are seen as relevant and useful by young people – based on feedback received.
✓ We will make full use of technology including social media to provide support to young people.
✓ Young people are included in key areas throughout the site.
✓ Young people get actively involved in the site through volunteering and other engagement.
✓ Users are retained for longer and more users return to the site.

3) TeenHelp’s content and communications is relevant and meaningful for young people

We will do this by:
⇨ Keep publishing our excellent, regular content (e.g. Articles, Newsletter, Resources, Social Media).
⇨ Developing new resources tailored to our community.
⇨ Building more engaging and interactive content.
⇨ Expanding our social media and outreach communications.

We will know we are successful when:
✓ Users recognise the value of content on the site.
✓ Content is used successfully to engage new and current members of the community – seen by social media, outreach and similar activity.
✓ Users participate in the content on the site – measured by viewers.

4) Our volunteers have a great experience with us

We will do this by:
⇨ Developing comprehensive volunteer training for all roles.
⇨ Developing clearer Staff procedures including how we recruit.
⇨ Improving support and recognition for Staff members.
⇨ Identifying new opportunities for involvement.
⇨ Ensuring young people remain at the heart of Staff.
⇨ Promoting and celebrating volunteers and volunteering properly.

We will know we are successful when:
✓ Staff report feeling confident in doing their jobs – 80% satisfaction rate.
✓ 50% of Staff members are under 24 and 25% of Staff are under 18.

5) TeenHelp is effectively promoted to young people

We will do this by:
⇨ Improving reach/engagement on social media.
⇨ Reaching new audiences via different channels.
⇨ Delivering our Marketing Plan.

We will know we are successful when:
✓ Increase in site visitors – 5% each year.
✓ Increase in registrations – 5% each year.
✓ Increase in number of links to site.
✓ Increase in social media coverage.
✓ Increase in young people volunteering.

6) All TeenHelp users will find the support, services and content they need

We will do this by:
⇨ Developing Young At Heart for older and returning users.
⇨ Continuing our existing advice services and develop/create new ones.
⇨ Ensuring services are inclusive and participatory, so that everyone can be fully involved in what TeenHelp has to offer – taking into account location, age and other demographics.
⇨ Remaining responsive and evolve services and the site around our community and its needs.

We will know we are successful when:
✓ Users rate the site positively as meeting their needs – 80% satisfaction rate.
✓ Users feel valued and included in the site and like their opinion matters.
✓ TeenHelp is discussing the issues which are relevant to the people accessing our services.

7) Develop TeenHelp’s site and features to be ready for the modern age

We will do this by:
⇨ Updating the software on the site and adding additional tools which meet our community’s needs.
⇨ Focusing on features which are used by young people today.
⇨ Creating dynamic and interactive resources suited to people at different stages.

We will know we are successful when:
✓ Users rate our site positively – 80% satisfaction rate.
✓ The site is free from errors and technical issues.

Our History

We've changed a lot over the years, here are some of the key milestones as we've grown and developed:

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