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All of TeenHelp's services are run by young volunteers from around the world. Most of these volunteers have used our website in the past and want to give something back. However, we also welcome volunteers from beyond our site, including students and graduates of disciplines such as Psychology or Social Work, experienced counsellors, and anyone else who has an interest in reaching out to young people.

We have a variety of ways for you to get involved with our work. These vary from long-term positions that require a certain degree of experience and commitment, down to small projects that might require less time and effort for you to fulfill.

If you would like to talk about any of these opportunities before applying, please email us on contact@teenhelp.org or post in the Forums.

In this section:
> Our volunteer roles
> Benefits of volunteering
> Tips on applying
> What kind of people are we looking for?
> Volunteer Awards
> Volunteer Stories and Testimonials
> Frequently asked questions

Our volunteer roles

Click on a title for more information about each role and how to apply.

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Mentoring and Support Publications Communications and other Creative Roles

What you would be doing: We have a range of mentoring roles that allow you to work with young people with various issues.

What you would be doing: Writing for and editing TeenHelp's publications.

What you would be doing: What you would be doing: These roles will let your creativity shine, giving the opportunity to use your passion and energy to make new creations and raise awareness of TeenHelp!

Available positions: Available positions: Available positions:
Apply Apply Apply

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering for TeenHelp has been a rewarding experience for many of our Staff members. Some areas of growth Staff members have noticed include:

  • Leadership skills - Staff members initially start with a "primary" position and can gain additional responsibilities over time. Learning how to lead other Staff members has assisted many volunteers in their professional and personal development!
  • Teamwork skills - People who are able to work as members of a team can accomplish more in life, but it takes time to hone these valuable skills. TeenHelp's volunteer Staff members can become involved in short-term and long-term projects. They can also learn how to make their voice heard while balancing the viewpoints of fellow volunteer Staff members.
  • Work ethic - Many students don't feel adequately prepared for the work force upon graduation. Procrastination, poor organizational and time management skills, and lack of consistency or "follow through" can be the bane of a person's existence and interfere with their ability to obtain a job. By volunteering Staff members can gradually develop this area of their life while committing to the responsibility of a volunteer position.
  • Networking - Staff members who excel in their positions are able to receive letters of recommendation. If you are interested in gaining experience that will impress college/university admissions departments and company recruiters, then consider volunteering with TeenHelp!
  • Experience with mental health issues - It's one thing to read about mental disorders and psychological theories in a textbook. It's another thing to actually assist a person in a moment of crisis, offering unconditional acceptance and information/resources that can enhance their current support system. If you are exploring career options in the mental health field (e.g. therapist, counselor, social worker, psychologist and psychiatrist), then TeenHelp can offer something many non-profit organizations can't: practical and fulfilling experience with assisting teenagers and young adults struggling with mental health issues!

Tips on applying

If you're planning to apply, here are some tips to give you best chance of success!

  • Read each question carefully - Make sure your answer is relevant and actually answers the question.
  • Give useful examples - Examples that support your answer is a great way to show your skills. These could be from school, work, clubs, hobbies or friends and family. This lets us see when you have done something before.
  • Make sure you understand the role - Before you apply make sure you understand what you're applying for. Each application has a description with it, alternatively you could contact one of our current volunteers to find out more.
  • Check spelling and grammar - Run a spell check on your application before you submit.

What kind of people are we looking for?

When thinking about who makes the perfect TeenHelp Volunteers, these are the kind of values and behaviours we're looking for:

  • Enabling
  • Compassionate
  • Thoughtful
  • Validating
  • Learning
  • Committed
  • Integrity
  • Positive

If these sound like you, don't delay, please send in an application today!

Volunteer Awards

From time to time we issue awards to volunteers for outstanding contributions made by our volunteers, recognising their hard work and achievements. These awards culminate in our prestigious "Volunteer Of The Year Award", which is usually issued at Christmas, and recognises one individual who has been instrumental to TeenHelp during the year. To read about the amazing work of our volunteers click here.

Volunteer Stories and Testimonials

We have lots of stories from our volunteers available, which gives real life accounts of what it's like to be a volunteer and what individuals have gained from volunteering with TeenHelp.

"I first joined to get help after a break-up and other difficulties I faced in my life. I came back to help others who have been in a similar situation, and Iíve now been volunteering for nearly 7 years. Being a volunteer at TeenHelp has improved my confidence in supporting others, while Iíve also become more aware of issues that affect young people today." "I have been an active member of Teenhelp for just over 11 years and I have been volunteering for nearly as long! Teenhelp has provided me with a sense of comfort as I know I can always express what's on my mind without being judged." "TeenHelp has remained family to me, and a great support system. The community is amazing and friendly. I don't think I will ever leave."
"I've been a member of TH for 17 years and a volunteer for many of them. TH has always felt like coming home for me - whether I was looking for advice or helping others. There's a reason so many of us have stuck around for the majority of our lives, TH is a safe haven, a place for us to feel understood and cared for, where we've created friendships, and just have fun. It's a place to be ourselves." "I think that TeenHelp played a big part in me getting this job because of the volunteer work I do on here, thank you TeenHelp you helped give me the opportunity to be in a job that I love." "Due to the vast experience I've gained on this site, particularly in regards to mental health, I've often applied what I've learnt here to my clients, many of which suffer depression, anxiety, low-self esteem and/or a lack of confidence. With the knowledge I've gained through the interactions on this site, I'm able to relate and understand them far better than just basing my behaviour and mannerisms off my own personal experiences. Being here has helped provide me with a different perspective than one normally would get in my field of work."

Read more stories from our volunteers here:


Q: What are all of the volunteer roles?
A: A full list of roles available can be found here.

Q: Will I be trained?
A: We do not currently provide comprehensive training to our volunteers before they begin their roles. However, we do provide a range of information to guide our volunteers (typically in the form of training manuals) and to give them a starting point for developing their skills. We emphasise 'learning through doing', so it is important for you to keep an open mind to what you can learn from both other volunteers and those you work with through TeenHelp. We provide continued support to our volunteers. For full Staff members we have set aside adequate space on our site for this to be achieved collaboratively among the entire Staff; for Associate Staff members we provide this support via email. Our site contains a range of resources that can help Staff develop their knowledge further, via articles, videos, and trusted partner organisations.

Q: Will I be paid?
A: None of our volunteers are remunerated for their contribution to our organisation.

Q: Why are some roles not listed here?
A: Some of these positions for example Moderator roles are only available to current volunteers. This means you must already hold another position before you can apply for these positions. If you are unsure what positions you need to apply for further roles please contact us.

Q: Can you tell me more about the application process?
A: Further information can be found here.

Q: Who are the current Staff?
A: All of our current volunteers are listed here.

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