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This page is a compilation of websites outside of TeenHelp that may be of benefit to our users. If you run a website that you would like to be listed here, and would be willing to link back to TeenHelp in return, please email us at contact [at] teenhelp.org. If you would like to view the Resources we have listed here, please choose a category from below.

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Sex and Relationships

Sex and Puberty

Organisations and websites

Bedsider is a great resource to find information about birth control. As well as a website they have a useful app to help you track your periods and remind you to take birth control.

Planned Parenthood [USA]
Planned Parenthood provide detailed sexual health information as well information about sexual health clinics and other services in the United States.

Scarleteen is a comprehensive sex education resource site for teenagers, covering many different issues relating to sex and relationships.

Sex Etc
Sex Etc is a useful resource for all things to do with sex and sexual health. With loads of information, tools, games and more to help educate you.

Talk Sex With Sue
Talk Sex With Sue - maintained by sex expert Sue Johanson - provides information for young people about all things related to sex, sexuality and sexual health.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

Menstrual Calendar
This application allows you to log your menstruation cycle, weight, medical information, and days in which youíve been sexually active. Extra security settings help you to keep everything private. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Puberty is designed to give teens struggling with growing up a foundation to seek help. In this application, they are able to read a full book on puberty, or skip to particular chapters that relate to them as an individual. Available for free on Android devices through their application store.

Pregnancy and Childcare

Organisations and websites

Child Care Aware
Child Care Aware is an information hub for parents and child care providers. They aim to provide reliable information about high-quality care and community resources, linking parents and child care providers.

Emergency Contraception [USA]
This website, maintained by Princeton University, provides information about emergency contraception and how to obtain it.

Healthy Children
This website aims to provide a complete guide to childcare, broken down by the child's age, which helps you to know important information such as changes to nutrition as your child grows.

Pampers Village
This website by Pampers and Skyword is designed to help new parents connect with one another share information to support the happy and healthy development of their children.

Information and articles

Eating during pregnancy
It's very important to eat well whilst pregnant to ensure your child remains healthy. This articles gives some great tips on the types of food to eat and the types it's best to stay clear of during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy options
When a young person finds out they are pregnant it is easy for them to struggle to know what to do. This article gives an overview of the main options available to somebody who has recently become pregnant.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

50,000 Baby Names
50,000 Baby Names is an application that helps you explore possible names for a new child. Youíre able to search via similar names, popularity, origin, meaning and sex to find the right name for you. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Pregnancy +
This application lets you follow your pregnancy day by day, keeping track of diets, exercises, kicks and contractions and more. Available for free on Apple devices through their application store.

LGBT, Sexuality and Gender Identity

Organisations and websites

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network
AVEN is a community and resource directory for asexual individuals, those questioning and their allies.

Empty Closets
This LGBT community offers a forum, chat room and other resources that help you with all aspects of your sexuality.

This YouTube channel features daily video blogs by a team of young LGBT people. Their videos cover a wide range of issues affecting LGBT life, including finding one's identity, coming out, and relationship help, as well as discussing current events affecting the LGBT community.

Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) [USA]
PFLAG is run by friends and family members of LGBT people who wish support the welfare of LGBT people and their families and raise awareness of LGBT issues.

Stonewall [UK]
Stonewall is a national charity who campaign on LGB rights in the United Kingdom.

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is a site that aims to prevent suicide in the LGBTQ community. It offers various support methods including a 'Dear Trevor' section and a helpline for those living within the US. They aim to provide a safe and accepting environment for young people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Information and articles

Coming out
This guide gives some great advice if your planning or in the process of coming out of the closet.

Relationships and Dating

There are no links in this category.

Mind and Body

Depression and Suicide

Organisations and websites

Befrienders are a World-wide organisation who support people in distress. Their website lists crisis phone lines from around the globe that you can call just to talk to someone.

Blurt Foundation
The Blurt Foundations aims to increase people's understanding of depression, with useful information about how depression can affect school and work, as well as peer support options.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) [UK]
CALM is a national UK charity that helps to prevent suicide in men. They run an evening telephone line and provide other resources to help men contemplating suicide.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance [USA]
The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is a national organisation who focus on two of the most common mood disorders, research new treatments and raise awareness among the public.

Hopeline [USA]
Hopeline (Kristin Brooks Hope Center) is a national organisation who offer hope to millions of young people experiencing depression. Hopeline run a range of suicide intervention programmes, including a the 1-800-SUICIDE telephone network for those in crisis.

Yellow Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon is a suicide prevention program that aims to educate and empower people as a means of preventing suicide among young people.

Self Harm

Organisations and websites

FirstSigns is a volunteer-led organization aiming to educate the public about self harm and to support those affected by self harm. They offer publications, a message board, and other online services, as well as training seminars in the United Kingdom.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)
TWLOHA is an international organisation who hope to raise awareness of depression, suicide, self harm and addiction as well as connect people to services that can help them with these issues.

Information and articles

Understanding self harm
What is self harm? Learn about who harms, why, and how to help yourself or someone who self harms in this e-booklet brought to you by Mind, the leading mental health charity for England and Wales.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

SAFE Alternatives
This application helps you to battle your urges to self harm using a number of different logs that help you to explore issues such as impulses and negative thinking. Available for a small charge on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Rape and Abuse

Organisations and websites

RAINN is the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network for the USA. They run a telephone hotline and hotline for those who have experienced sexual assault, as well as connecting you to local services and other resources that can help.

The Hideout
The Hideout provides information and advice for children and young people who have been victims of domestic violence.

Information and articles

What to do if you are raped
This page gives an overview of the key things you should do if you are raped.

Stages of leaving an abusive relationships
This document gives an informative view of the most common stages people being abused go through, and tips for moving on after you have left an abusive relationship.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

OnWatch allows those at risk of abuse to protect themselves by instantly and discreetly connecting them to their support network, emergency services or campus police. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Mental Health

Organisations and websites

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
This United States-based organisation provides great information on many issues surrounding anxiety, such as choosing the right therapist and managing the symptoms on a day-to-day basis.

Living With Anxiety
This site has a large number of resources to make it easier to live with anxiety, including helpful videos, techniques to control anxiety and choosing a medication.

Mental Health Foundation
The Mental Health Foundation raises awareness of mental illness by conducting and publishing research. Their website contains extensive information on many mental health issues and how to tackle them.

Mental Health Matters
Mental Health Matters provide a large database of articles on many different mental health issues, along with therapies and medications to treat them.

Mind [UK]
Mind is a national mental health charity in the United Kingdom. They provide a wide variety of services across the UK, such as day centres, as well campaigning on mental health issues.

Mindyourmind provides and maintains an extensive amount of articles, videos, and resources for those struggling with mental illnesses.

OCD Online [USA]
OCD Online is a comprehensive resource site about OCD and the treatments available for those who are afflicted with it.

OCD-UK are a national charity for people affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder in the United Kingdom. It aims to raise awareness of OCD and support those who suffer in silence from this often debilitating disorder.

Rethink is a UK charity that campaigns on mental health issues. Their website has a range of information about diagnosis, living with mental illness and seeking support.

Voice Collective [UK]
Voice Collective is a service run by Mind that helps young people who are dealing with hallucinations. Their website provides a lot of useful information, and they also run support groups and other events in London.

Information and articles

How to meditate
This is a detailed guide to help you learn about the benefits of meditation and to learn the basics of starting to meditate.

Stress and the City
Stress and the City is a free eBook produced by StressingOut that provides a very thorough look at common causes of stress and how to manage it in your daily lives.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

This application guides you in deep breathing from your diaphragm to help stabilise your mood and relax when faced with stressful situation. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

This application is an enjoyable way to improve your wellness through many simple and easy activities that can put together into your own personalised guide. Available for free on Android devices through their application store.

iSleep Easy Free
iSleep Easy Free is an app that uses meditation to help you get a restful sleep. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

This application aims to help people with anxiety to cope with every day life with a range of tools including assessing your mood, helping change the way you think, and letting go of fears. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

This application helps you to track your mood and to learn what things cause your mental health to get worse using charts. Available for free on Apple devices through their application store.

PTSD Coach
This application helps you to understand post-traumatic stress disorder, assess yourself for the condition and manage anger and distress associated with PTSD. This application Available for free on Apple devices through their application store.

Relax Melodies
This application has a wide range of relaxing noises that help to reduce stress and anxious feelings and to help you get to sleep at night. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Relaxing Sounds
Relaxing Sounds includes a variety of different sounds to help relieve stress. It can be used when reading, doing yoga, or when trying to fall asleep. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Eating Disorders

Organisations and websites

Beat [UK]
Beat is a national charity who provide a variety of eating disorder services in the United Kingdom.

ED Referral
ED Referral provide is a comprehensive directory of eating disorder treatment centres around the World.

National Eating Disorders Association [USA]
This organisation helps those struggling with eating disorders through podcasts, videos and downloads offering comprehensive information about eating disorders.

Addictive Behaviours

Information and articles

Raising children without addiction
This article is about youth and their reasons for becoming addicted. It discusses the ways to avoid addiction and helps parents confront it before it becomes serious. It cleverly attempts to tie in parental figures as a common cause for a child's addiction.

Seeking treatment for compulsive behaviours
This website focuses on restoring order and balance back into one's life in three main areas: substance abuse, eating disorders, and sex addiction.

What are addictive behaviours?
This page discusses the definition of addiction and attempts to draw a thin line between good habits and addictive traits. If you worry about yourself or someone else, this web site can help determine early warning signs of addiction and give you a general idea of how the process begins.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

Recovery Record
This application supports you to recover from an eating disorder. It helps you to monitor your feelings and learn methods to cope in your day to day life. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.


Organisations and websites

Cerebral Palsy Symtoms
This website will help you learn about cerebral palsy, the symptoms that might be experience and the different types of cerebral palsy.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation [USA]
This organisation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with a spinal cord injury by funding innovative research and grants, providing information and advocacy.

LD Online
This website provides extensive information (including articles, audio and video) that deals with every aspect of living with a learning disorder.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
This organisation offers a complete approach to helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being, stay self-sufficient and keep their homes safe.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
NCLD work to ensure all people with a learning difficulty have the opportunity to succeed in school, work and life. Their website contains many resources, such as a variety of articles and podcasts.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
The NINDS website has a huge bank of information about hundreds of disorders and the kinds of support and treatment available for each.

This is a UK-based charity that provides information on cerebral palsy, how to cope immediately after diagnosis, and how to live a normal life.

Whizz-Kidz [UK]
Whizz-Kidz is a UK charity that supports disabled children to get the most out of their lives by helping them obtain a wheelchair and other mobility equipment to fit their needs.

General Health

Organisations and websites

Afraid To Ask?
Afraid To Ask? provides comprehensive information about all those embarrassing problems you don't want to ask anybody about!

DrugWatch provide extensive up-to-date information about many different prescription and over-the-counter medications.

KidsHealth has separate sections for parents, kids and teens! TeensHealth offers a comprehensive collection of articles on health concerns that matter to you, from emotional well-being to physical health. All articles are reviewed by a team of medical experts.

Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit group practice of medical and scientific specialists joined by the philosophy of putting the patient first. Manage your health with online tools and information, learn about medical conditions and more on Mayo Clinic's extensive website.

NHS Change4Life
Change4Life is about getting people to live more healthily by eating the right foods and exercising regularly. Their website provides some great information about changing your life for the better

NHS Choices
The website of the UK National Health Service contains extensive information about a range of health issues. For those living in the UK the website can also help you seek treatment and other local health services.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

The FitnessBuilder application allows you to create a multi-week fitness plan, schedule workouts, track your weight, and even access live personal trainers. It also lets you keep up with health and fitness news. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Substance Use

Organisations and websites

This site provides interactive information and resources for teens in the fight to stand up against drug related peer pressure.

This site contains a vast network of information on countless drugs including the effects, doses, health issues, legal issues, images, and the chemical structure of drugs, as well as experiences from those who have used the drug.

NIDA Information for Students and Young Adults
This website provides educational resources and materials about a multitude of different substances, and is geared towards students and young adults.

RehabInfo.net is a comprehensive guide for the entire treatment process for addiction Ė from spotting issues to finding and enrolling into rehabilitation.

Teen Rehab Centre
This website has a lot of useful information about drug addiction, with some pages focusing on some of the mental health issues that are commonly seen side by side with substance use.

Information and articles

Teen Drug Evolution: A Parents Resource Guide
This article provides useful information about abusing over the counter and prescription medications and is aimed primarily towards concerned parents.

Quit heroin: The comprehensive guide to heroin recovery
This article provides a thorough look at the process of heroin addiction and steps to a successful recovery.

Friends and Family

Organisations and websites

Empowering Parents
Empowering Parents provide a range of features such as a forum, articles and audio podcasts that give useful techniques and solutions for the parents of young people.

ParentChannel.tv offers practical parenting advice through video clips developed by parents and leading parenting experts, which aim to cover all aspects of child development including learning, behaviour and well being.

Death and Grieving

Organisations and websites

For The Love Of Christi [USA]
For The Love Of Christi is an organisation in Austin, Texas who provide free grief support to young people and their families.

The Compassionate Friends
The Compassionate Friends provides support for parents, families and loved ones following the death of a child.

The Dougy Center
The Dougy Center provides support for grieving youth and their families and trains both individuals and organizations on local, national and international levels to serve this group.

Information and articles

When a Loved One Dies
'When a Loved One Dies' is a series of articles on grief and hope, presented from a Christian perspective.

Peer Pressure and Bullying

Organisations and websites

Kidscape [UK]
Kidscape offers many services to combat bullying, including prevention tips, a helpline, and training for parents and teachers.

Stop A Bully [Can]
Stop A Bully is a safe bullying reporting program, allowing any student in Canada to report bullying to school officials, without any risk of becoming a target themselves.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

BullyTag empowers victims and bystanders to anonymously report real-time information on bullying incidents. Using pictures, video and audio youíre able to warn people who are in a position to take action. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.


Organisations and websites

Life Coach Directory [UK]
Life Coach Directory is a free confidential service that connects you to qualified life coaches in the UK who can support you in making positive changes in your life.

Education and Careers

Organisations and websites

BBC Bitesize [UK]
BBC Bitesize provides great revision materials for people preparing for their GCSEs or for other stages in the UK school system.

Duolingo is a free language learning app.

Getting-In [UK]
This website is for students in the UK and provides revision guides to help with completing both GCSEs and A-levels, as well as guidance on choosing the right university to attend.

This website has extremely useful guides that cover essentially every mathematical topic you'll ever need for you homework.

S-cool [UK]
S-cool provides a range of excellent information to get you through all of the common subjects studied at GCSE and A-level, including step-by-step guides and practice tests.

SparkNotes has many different guides and work summaries to help you write essays or prepare for exams.

Applications for phones and mobile devices

Dictionary.com mobile application
This application provides an extensive dictionary and thesaurus. Once downloaded, you donít need the Internet to look up words, which is great for students in buildings that donít have Internet access. Available for free on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices through their application stores.

K12 Periodic Table of the Elements
This application allows you to explore the elements and their key attributes in a simple, easy-to-use way. Perfect for homework and basic science courses. Available for free on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.

Food and Recipes

There are no links in this category.

Media and Entertainment

Organisations and websites

This I Believe
This I Believe is a website dedicated to sharing essays written by people on the topics that are important to them and covers a wide range of subject areas.

Technology and Gaming

Organisations and websites

Thinkuknow is a website that aims to help people of all ages learn how to stay safe online and has information in section tailored towards different age groups.

Fashion and Style

There are no links in this category.


Applications for phones and mobile devices

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross
Pet First Aid provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through common pet situations including administering medication and emergency care. Available for a small charge on Apple and Android devices through their application stores.


Organisations and websites

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