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TeenHelp is a peer support community and listening service. We have multiple ways you can get advice on our site along with lots of resources to help you find the answers you need. Each is slightly different and has its own benefits and limitations. Below you can find information about each of our methods of advice to help you decide which one is most suited to what you need (you can use as many of them as you would like to).

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Why should I get advice in this area?
Support Forums
Our Support Forums are a community of many thousands of teenagers who are all willing to share their experiences with one another and to help out.

Support Forums are ideal if you want to start posting right away, connect with lots of people or don't want to register. You might have to wait a short while to receive a response.
HelpLINK is our anonymous email support system. It is staffed by our Mentor team, who are selected by us for their ability to give good advice.

HelpLINK is one of our main advice systems and is ideal if you want to get detailed advice from our team of Mentors. You don't need to register and can get advice directly to your email address in a timely manner if you wish.
Chat Room
The Chat Room allows you to talk with a large number of our members in a group discussion, both for social and for support and advice purposes.

Chat is ideal if you are looking to speak to people right now. There are usually people in Chat most of the day which is a good way to make new friends and participate in a range of discussions.
Live Help
Live Help is offered in our Chat Room staffed by our Mentor team, who are selected by us for their ability to give good advice.

This is ideal if you want to speak to our Mentors right away to get support. Start out in the Support & Advice room in Chat and look for a Mentor who is available to help.
LINKUp is our buddying service where you can be matched to a Mentor based on subject for longer term support.

LINKUp is ideal if you have multiple issues and concerns and want to talk to people over a longer period of time.

For guidance of using all of these features please visit our handy How To guide.

In addition to our direct advice services we also offer a wide variety of content, tools and resources:

Alternatives and Coping Methods





If you're unsure about where or how to get advice, or if you have any questions about the site, please get in touch.

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