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soakmeinboba June 13th 2018 06:32 AM

Intimate Depression
I lay in the bathtub soaking
wet with water running
around my silhouette. Shaking
as the washcloth smeared regrets
over my skin. The bubbles
give my sins a scent.

As I vent I leave the shower
running so my sobs
are the only thing drowning.
The constant tapping on my face
keeps me awake as I sink into
the various stews my mind creates.

Weights are lifted with pruning. Peeling
of dead skin keeps me from
reeling into depression. There is a harmonic
progression between the faucet and my face,
the scrubbing and my disgrace, the steam and
my own embrace.

I need this state. The decompression
from being bottled up, like a coke, with a smile
is worthwhile. It teaches me
that the expression of weakness
is key in the building of a better me.

DeletedAccount69 June 13th 2018 06:57 AM

Re: Intimate Depression
I thought this was really well written. You have so much talent. I liked this part the best:


As I vent I leave the shower
running so my sobs
are the only thing drowning.

Thank you for sharing and I hope you are okay. :)

Svisttt June 13th 2018 09:02 AM

Re: Intimate Depression
This was really well written! :hug: Thank you for sharing it, it was a very enjoyable read and I hope you're doing alright! <3

Celyn June 13th 2018 12:49 PM

Re: Intimate Depression
I really liked this and can relate. Thanks for sharing :hug:

Wheek! June 14th 2018 04:57 AM

Re: Intimate Depression
You are so amazing with using description and painting a picture!I love the third stanza.

Golfing girl June 14th 2018 06:17 PM

Re: Intimate Depression
This was wonderful :) hugs.

soakmeinboba June 17th 2018 10:36 AM

Re: Intimate Depression
Thank you all :)

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