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Vagina January 18th 2015 02:18 AM

minor learning disability
So i have a minor learning disability that sometimes causes me to have issues with using proper grammar. lately i been getting teased alot on other forums and in chat here by certain members cause of it and they'll correct me.it pisses me off cause they have a fit when you call them out on it and call them a grammar nazi. i dont think people should be making others feel stupid cause their grammar isnt the best. it just really bugs me i dont mean to be a idiot. :nosweat:

MsNobleEleanor January 18th 2015 08:38 PM

Re: minor learning disability
Hello there,

You're not alone in having a learning disability, many of us have a learning disability, some share and some don't. I can relate to the struggle of spelling and grammar 'cause I also have a learning disability. Sometimes when I am in chat and I can't spell something I Google it. Might be a bit slower for me to respond but it does help a lot. Could you give Google a try for spell check or even a document that checks spelling?

If users are being disrespectful to you in chat and making fun of your spelling you can submit a User Report.

If you need anything or someone to talk to you're more than welcome to send me a PM.

Take Care.

Not_here January 18th 2015 11:37 PM

Re: minor learning disability
I'm sorry people have been treating you like that. That being said, it is possible they don't know, though you don't have to tell them either if you don't want to. I guess on their part they don't stop to think why you misspell, but they just can't stand the behavior. It sucks, but also know that your disability doesn't define you and yes you might not write with perfect English but this is an international site and so you'll find people who don't mind the minor errors. Errors are expected on a site with many folks whose first language isn't English anyway.

Philomath January 19th 2015 12:26 AM

Re: minor learning disability

I am sorry you are struggling with this.
It could help signifigantly to use a spell checker. Type your responses in a wordprocessor with spell checking capabilities and paste them into chat.
I know that Evefaye gave you the link to submit a report on a user and I encourage you to use it. We take reports very seriously and the moderating team will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.
We are all here for you and I hope things improve for you around here and in general.
Take care.

Rivière January 19th 2015 01:07 AM

Re: minor learning disability
It's never a nice feeling to be mocked for bad spelling. When I was younger people mocked me for my spelling mistakes or tried to correct me because I couldn't spell something correctly or something wasn't grammatically correct became a huge pet peeve to me. Over the years though I've come to accept the fact that people will continue to mock and laugh at my spelling and grammar for a few reasons but the two main ones being that they either don't understand that I do actually have a spelling and grammar issue but also because we live in a society where people like perfection and if someone doesn't do something to the perfect standards that they expect, they will attempt to correct such mistakes. It's quite unfair, but unfortunately it happens and will continue to happen. I know getting used to people trying to correct you is difficult, but depending on how you see your 'correct-ee' can greatly help you feel a little more at ease when it happens. :)

Although many people here on TeenHelp wouldn't ever realise, I'm someone who finds it difficult to spell and I certainly find it hard to make things look grammatically correct. The way my mind processes things is a little different to other people's and so I'll often write out sentences and paragraphs in the way that my mind processes the information, which is often different to a fair few other people. To combat this, especially when I come to write huge walls-of-text posts or HelpLINK responses here on TeenHelp, I ensure my browser's spell checker is active and I'll always attempt to spend at least half an hour (yes, really, I do) on a single post. To others, they may quite simply be able to spend 10-15 minutes creating such a huge reply but for me, in order for it to be understandable and with good English, I must spend twice as long.

Fortunately creating posts is a lot different from live-chat. Places like the chatroom I rarely visit due to social anxiety and the fact I worry whether or not people will be able to understand me due to my spelling and grammar mistakes. Since I also type relatively fast and that I can find it somewhat difficult to read/see certain words for what they actually are, my spelling mistakes can be really bad.

As I have an online friend I've known for years, I've become a lot more comfortable with chatting over anything 'live', particularly because he'd often mock me for my spelling and grammar mistakes to the point where I've actually become so used to it that when I realise I really have spelt something wrong, it can be pretty funny.

All in all, try activating your browser's spell checker and set it to UK/US English as this will help you to see whatever spelling mistakes you've made. As much as it's hard, try not to worry or take notice of people trying to correct you for your mistakes. Sure you may find it harder to spell or make something grammatically correct, but if something does go wrong, read it back to yourself and have a laugh. Some of the mistakes I've done can be both really awkward and funny. You'll be surprised at what reading back your own mistakes can do to help improve how you feel about people attempting to correct you. In the end, you're just being yourself, it's just them with the issue for wanting everything to be so perfect in a never perfect world. :)

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