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SouthernBelle. August 6th 2013 03:43 PM

Do I need a new doctor?
For the last few months, I have felt terrible. I'm a seventeen year old female. I'm in a healthy weight range, I make certain to get eight hours of sleep every night, I eat healthy whole foods. I've tried introducing more lean protein into my diet, and I exercise four/five days each week.

I consume a lot more than is normal for me, judging by my eating before and my eating now. Whereas I used to push back my food, I suddenly have an overwhelming appetite that's out of my control. Thank goodness my binging entails fruit and vegetables. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and huge, because I eat anywhere from four to six large meals of mostly fruits and vegetables a day. I'm actually not big: As said before, I'm a normal weight and all. This sporadic eating and lack of self-control triggers the eating disorder I had before, as well as a recurring depression born of a mortal fear of becoming like my mother.

I'm constantly exhausted to the point that I can't peel myself off of the couch. The only time I feel even remotely energized is when I'm walking or jogging, and then my energy is sapped very quickly. I'm pale - I can't get a tan for anything, though I used to be able to just walk out into the sun and acquire one. My eyes have dark circles about them. My head aches a lot of the time, and when it's very bad, I can't think straight. If I stand too quickly, I get dizzy spells. Once, I was tired and stumbled, and had to reach out and grab hold of a door facing because I took a nose dive toward the floor.

My doctor's done blood test after blood test, but none of them say that anything is wrong with me, and beyond the blood tests, she has done nothing. She won't explore other options or call me back in for more tests. She's ruled out a thyroid problem and various vitamin deficiencies, and through it all, she remains maddeningly optimistic. Optimism is good, yes, but not when I feel ill and need a doctor.

My mom really doesn't want to take me to another doctor, because (as she says) she "doesn't know of any other doctor" and she's "afraid that I'll get a worse doctor".

I'm sick of this. I'm a runner, for crying out loud. I hate sitting because I feel so tired all the time. I just want to be as energetic as I was before. I want a different doctor, but I'm only seventeen, so finding one is difficult. I'm going to college this spring, and I want this to be fixed by the time I go.

Do I need a doctor? How the heck do I find one, and convince my mother to take me to one?

Spoons August 8th 2013 01:05 AM

Re: Do I need a new doctor?
I think that it would be worth it for you to try another doctor. I know that yours has done blood tests, but if she doesn't want to look beyond the blood tests to look for other causes of what may be going on, it could be worth it to get a second opinion from someone else. A second opinion would allow you to either hear that there's no other tests that can be done (but I'm sure there's something), and they may even show more concern over what's going on, recognize there is a problem, and run more tests.

I think that if you have insurance, you can call the insurance company and they can give you a list of doctors that are covered by your insurance. Then, you can call and make an appointment. If not, you can always talk to your current doctor and ask for recommendations, do an online search, or even ask the people in your life if they've seen a good doctor.

Then, you can sit down and talk to your mother and let her know why you are so concerned about seeing another doctor. Let her know that your health is very important to you and you don't feel as if your current doctor is doing enough for you. Tell her you know it's hard, but you really want to get better and think seeing another doctor is the way to go. Honesty is key!

Best of luck! I hope all gets resolved!

Always * August 8th 2013 03:42 AM

Re: Do I need a new doctor?
I don't think it can hurt to get a second opinion. You can't really blame you're doctor for not necessarily calling if you get "normal" results or what ever. Unless they need you to come back to discuss something or something is wrong they don't usually bother calling people back because they're just so busy, I don't think your doctor sounds like a bad doctor by any means, she (or is it a he?) should be maybe trying more tests BUT she might have a reason to do it (ex. knows your symptoms are not going to show up in something outside of your blood). But by talking to another doctor you can find out if anything else can be done. I'm Canadian so my issue isn't the same, I'd just call my clinic and be like "yo, i have X issue I'd like to get a second opinion on with a second doctor" and just go, but I don't have to worry about insurance... And really, you won't end up with a "worse" doctor. Some doctors can be sorta douchy, I mean I've really liked all the doctors I know (personally and as a patient) but still, but any how, it's a malpractice suit if they don't do their jobs properly so yeah don't worry about that :) their just might be nothing else to do

Pessimistic Panda August 8th 2013 04:08 AM

Re: Do I need a new doctor?
Second options wouldn't hurt. I know being active and tired, probably bothers you. I have always had issues with being tired. Not that I'm a doctor and can give suggestions. Try more protein, protein powder. My doctor has suggested that, and maybe even a food journal. Possibly the food your eating could trigger your tiredness. It's worth a shot and then if you can't get a different doctor try to talk to your doctor about what you found on your own food wise.

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