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lostteen September 15th 2016 04:16 PM

Is being heartbroken the same as grieving?
Is it the same process as grieving? I am asking this because when I get heartbroken I get depressed and then all off a sudden I feel so happy that I no longer care. What do you think?

~Show Yourself~ September 17th 2016 03:43 AM

Re: Is being heartbroken the same as grieving?
I would say that losing someone can be because a person died or because they're no longer with us because there was a breakup/fallout. Both are devastating and involve a similar healing process. Both involve feeling all kinds of emotions. No two experiences of loss are the same. It can vary from person to person and even the different losses a person experience.

hocus pocus September 17th 2016 02:42 PM

Re: Is being heartbroken the same as grieving?
I agree in that experiences really vary from person to person, however, I think being heartbroken can be similar to grieving. Being heartbroken during a break up, for instance, can mean that you're grieving the loss of a relationship but not necessarily that the person has passed away. Another example could be someone grieving the loss of their childhood if they had a rough upbringing. But, like it has been said, it varies, and it really depends on how you're feeling and what you think it is like.

DeletedAccount69 September 20th 2016 03:48 AM

Re: Is being heartbroken the same as grieving?
I am not sure if you go through the same exact process as you do with grief but I do think it is similar. While the person has not died they are no longer a part of your life and it feels like a death. You can't text them like you'd like. You can't hold them like you'd life. The person is physically alive but they are not physically present in your life.

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