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Broken Constellation August 11th 2014 01:32 AM

Back to School Goals
Hey everyone :) so today was my last day of summer break, as I start junior year tomorrow. Not only will it be junior year, but it's going to be the most challenging (as I've heard) since I am entering the IB program at my school. To get into the back-to-school spirit, I decided to come up with some goals, tore them off into separate slips (a goal on each slip) and put them all into one of my many many piggy banks on my dresser (this one is shaped like a cat :hehe: ). Anyways, all the goals involve school, whether it's academics or sports. For example, some of my goals are:

- Get all A's each semester (with the exception of a B in Math).

** As a side not I'm an A average student, but get one B each semester, usually in math.

Another goal was:

- Get all A's at least one semester.

- I also had sport-related goals too:

- Score 5+ goals during soccer season.

- Win 5+ matches during wrestling season.

- Win 1st place at 1+ swim meet.

** I'm joining swim for the first time :nosweat: but I've taken many many swim lessons before, so I know what I'm doing :P

I also have club related goals:

- Finish all mandatory NHS volunteer hours by January.

- Join Jew Crew.

- Join Best Buddies.

- Join Friends of Islam.

- Be in Link Crew for the 2nd time.

So I've wanted to come up with an incentive to uphold and follow through with many (hopefully all) these goals. So my idea is that once every two weeks, I take the extra change out of my wallet, and store it in one of my many other piggy banks. Then at the end of the year, if I went through with a majority of the goals (I think I have around 15, so I'm thinking 11 or 12 would be the majority) I can keep all that extra change (though I doubt it'll add up to much :nosweat: ). And if I don't, I'll just donate it or give it to someone else.

I'd talk to my friends about this and ask for their support, but they'd kinda just shoot me down, or say I'm trying too hard, aha...I originally wasn't going to try out for swim and instead do volleyball, but one of them told me "Oh don't do that, you'd never make the team."


So yeah, aha...comments and suggestions would be awesome :)

Katrina August 11th 2014 02:25 AM

Re: Back to School Goals
Sounds awesome! Goal-setting truly is huge to making moves in life. I recently finished my first post-graduate degree, so this is the first time in... around 18 years I haven't been a student myself (though I enjoy the idea that I am always learning), HOWEVER, I do teach middle school dance full-time. So, not only do I have several very rigorous goals for my kids, but they will also be setting some goals themselves within the first week of school. A few preliminary thoughts:

1. How wonderful that you're taking up swimming! I swam competitively throughout elementary, middle, and high school and absolutely loved it. The team building aspect is great, and I dare say it is one of the best exercise routines I have ever been in.
2. As far as your friend discouraging you from reaching your goals, now is the time to surround yourself with positive people who are going to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Without that, how strong of a friendship is there!
3. Academic goals sound great. Aim high. Get to know your professor in math. Etc. Etc. Etc. :)
4. I love all of the social / fun goals you have for yourself with the clubs and whatnot. Always very important to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Keep us posted on how these go!

Its.Just.Angie August 11th 2014 02:35 AM

Re: Back to School Goals
hey :)

First of all its good to have goals.. That's how we can accomplish things in life :) but make sure you don't push yourself too hard. But if you put your mind to it you can do it :) also don't back down just because someone says you can never make it or something like that. You should do what you want. Then if you can accomplish that and say haha I did it or something like that :)

try your best and the best will come :) don't give up. You'll always have next year to try again ;)

Feel free to PM/VM anytime :)

DeletedAccount75 August 16th 2014 06:54 PM

Re: Back to School Goals
Good luck :)

Pirouette August 16th 2014 08:50 PM

Re: Back to School Goals
Sounds like you've got some great goals! :) Here is a couple of mine since I'm starting my first year of college next week:

1) No more procrastinating on homework and studying for exams.
2) Be more social in school- joining some clubs, volunteering around campus, etc.
3) Maintaining a good GPA
4) Managing time properly
5) Being more organized in general
6) Exercising more throughout the year

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