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Wheek! September 29th 2021 10:59 PM

Working and appointments
I am applying for a full time job that is 9-5. I see a lot of random doctors a lot of the time. How the heck do people get appointments done while working?? I feel like I'm going to get fired right off the bat if I get the job for needing time off.

DeletedAccount69 October 1st 2021 02:23 AM

Re: Working and appointments
I get paid time off every pay period and as that builds up I'm able to take time off. When I first started and had no time off... I just didn't take time off till I accumulated enough time. I was fortunate that I was seeing my psychiatrist every 3 months and I had a therapist weekends or nights.

Honestly, it all depends on the employer. Some don't care if you utilize your paid time off and some do. My old employer required us to always have 40 hours on the books at all times. It was tough and I hated that job.

My current employer is a lot more lenient and encourages mental health days.

Not sure this helped.

MsNobleEleanor October 2nd 2021 06:26 AM

Re: Working and appointments
I have lots of appointments; my work isn't typically 9-5. I can start work at 9am and finish as early as 3 or 7pm. I travel around for my job and it gives me flexibility to schedule appointments while being able to work without losing hours.

Are you able to ask your employer if taking 2 or 3 three hours from a Tuesday morning for an example off for an appointment and then make that up by going into work early and/or staying late and/or a combination of both? I don't know what type of job you'll be doing, if that's possible it could be something that could accommodate your hours and appointments.

I do this for my work in a way. If a Monday I am starting later I offer to work later if it's possible to accommodate everyone. I also gove my work a week or two notice (that's all that they require).

Hope this helps and good luck on your interview!

Ethereal. October 3rd 2021 09:48 PM

Re: Working and appointments
I would discuss this with any potential employer after you've gotten hired. Let them know "I have X and Y appointments already scheduled on A and B dates." immediately so they are aware. Some employers might not be so keen on allowing you on taking that time off; but a lot would be willing to knowing that you're not going to be off doing useless stuff. They might ask you to work extra hours on one day or fill in on a shift you normally wouldn't work, etc.

As for the appointments that haven't been scheduled but will be after you've gotten a job, do what you can to work around your schedule but it'll not always work. As always, let your employer know as soon as possible so they can prepare well far enough in advance.

Also, a lot of places will give you more time off the longer you work there. So after two years, for example, you might have ten days paid time off. When this happens, then it'll be easier to work your doctor appointments around these days off.

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