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TeenHelp August 5th 2017 08:51 PM

How to make a zen garden
How to make a zen garden
By Cassie (Cassado)

Sand gardens, also known as zen gardens, are boxes lined with sand and other decorations such as rocks or figurines. These gardens can be easily rearranged and raked through, thus creating a calming diversion for people of all ages. They make great gifts for yourself or for other people, but can sometimes be expensive to purchase. Read on to learn more about how to make your own zen garden.

The purpose

Before making your garden, consider the purpose of it. Are you making it for yourself, or for a friend? Are there any specific parameters that your garden needs to include? Thinking of the purpose of your garden can help to determine its size, container, and decorations.

Materials needed

A container that holds sand. Consider your needs when choosing your container. For instance, if you have a busy desk or cats in your home, you may opt for something with a lid to help prevent a mess. If you are using it as a decoration, perhaps you'd prefer something open and airy. Possible containers can include plastic containers used for food, glass plates or bowls, metal tins, or a terra cotta pot base. If you cannot find something that works for you, consider looking at a secondhand shop.

Something to rake the sand with. There are miniature garden tools specially marketed for zen gardens, but those can be expensive. Get creative and find (or make) your own garden rake. Some rake ideas could include a toothpick, a popsicle stick, a twig from outside, a small back scratcher, or a fork. Other options for a rake could include a children's size rake or a rake that may come with the purchase of other items, such as a children's doll.

Sand. You may need up to a few pounds of sand to put into your chosen container. Many dollar stores, craft stores, or large commercial stores have a home decor section. Browse through and see if you can find a pound or two of decorative sand. You could also look for a small bag of children's play sand, or sand marketed as substrate for reptiles. Lastly, you could visit a beach and bring some sand home if you're able to.

Decorations (optional). Decorating your garden can be a relaxing way to give it a unique look of its own. Some decorations could include rocks, worry stones, beads, or mini figurines. If you are on a budget, visit a dollar store or look outside as rocks can be washed and added to your garden.

Setting up your garden

When you are ready, gather your materials. Thoroughly wash and dry anything you're using from the outdoors.

Slowly pour the sand into your chosen container. Use your rake or give the container a little tap to even out the sand. Next, add your decorations. Get creative!

Use your rake to swirl or draw in the sand in a way that is appealing to you.

When you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, rake the sand or rearrange your decorations.

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