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TeenHelp April 13th 2022 01:56 AM

How to incorporate more steps into your daily routine
How to incorporate more steps into your daily routine
By Cassie (cynefin)

Ten thousand steps per day is considered the 'golden rule' for some. However, many of us have difficulty reaching that amount, especially if we have specific conditions or sedentary lifestyles such as spending a lot of time in school or the office. Below are a few ways to add some extra steps to your routine.

To begin with, it may help to figure out the amount if steps you already take each day. Many devices such as smart watches and phones count for you. If you don't have these devices or do not want to use them, try an inexpensive pedometer instead.

If you live in a rural area, you know that cars are a key part of transportation - it is often too far or too dangerous to walk or bike in those areas. If you live in a city, however, you might have access to more of a bike and pedestrian friendly area. If you do, try walking or biking to your location when you get the chance.

Try to park farther away from the store or location you are going to. You may feel safer doing this during the day, when the parking lot is all lit up and feels safer. Park towards the back of the lot, or as far back as you feel comfortable with, and get walking!

Aside from changing your parking space, consider taking the stairs (if and when you are able to) instead of taking an elevator or escalator. Even a single flight or two of stairs can bulk up your step count a little bit.

After you shop for groceries, make more trips to and from the car. It can be tempting to load up on as many bags as you can fit into your hands. However, multiple trips ensure your food's safety (think eggs!) and add to your overall step count. You can use this technique when around the house as well, when moving things from room to room. Doing laundry or an overall house clean is a good example of this.

Move even when you're sitting and relaxing! This one might sound a bit odd - or contradictive. Many people small, folding stationary bike pedals and use those while at work or while watching TV. These bike pedals come in all forms, but a basic one with the ability to adjust the resistance will do fine. The cost of one of these may be a chunk of your spending money - you may need to save up or forgo the bike. If you cannot bike or don't want to, try stretching during your downtime instead.

Last but not least, get in some extra steps by doing something fun. Take a hike or walk around your neighborhood - take in the sights, sounds, and be present for the experience. Enjoying your neighbor's flowers during a mid-day stroll will feel less like exercising and more like fun. Go window shopping or walk around the mall to window shop and people watch.

Getting our steps in can be difficult but doing small things such as taking the stairs or parking near the back of the parking lot from time to time do make a difference. Choose a few of these to try for yourself.

Rika May 15th 2022 12:12 AM

Re: How to incorporate more steps into your daily routine
I have been terrible about being physically active ever since I lost my job in 2012... I just have had low back pain which causes me not to wanna walk or try much. I walked today though and not much low back pain so far.

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