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TeenHelp May 5th 2019 01:52 PM

The Daughter of the Pirate King: a review
The Daughter of the Pirate King: A review
By Jenna (.:Bibliophile:.)

The Daughter of the Pirate King is the first book in a duology written by Tricia Levenseller. The novel follows Alosa who is the daughter of the pirate king. She is sent on a mission, by her father, to retrieve an ancient map that will lead them to treasure. The novel starts off with Alosa being captured by her enemies so that she can search for the hidden map. During her time in captivity she meets Riden who is the first mate of the crew who captured her.

There were a lot of people who raved about this novel and it
made me want to read it. I wasn't sure it would be my cup of tea but given how so many people loved it I thought it might surprise me. I can say that I didn't hate the novel but I didn't think it was anything spectacular. It was a pretty generic young adult novel. I suppose it seemed pretty formulaic which is one of the things I struggle with in regards to young adult novels. They all have a similar plot and they all wrap up similarly. I don't think there was anything that stuck out to me about this book. I can understand why there were a lot of people that liked it but I need a lot more in a novel to love it.

I listened to this novel on audio and one of the things I struggled with was that it seemed like it might have been written for a younger audience such as 12 or 13. It's possible that it was the way it was narrated. However, I found myself questioning what age of young adult this was written for because there were some things that seemed unrealistic. The main unrealistic thing was that this young girl mans a pirate ship. I suppose with any fiction book you have to suspend disbelief a bit but it seemed like I was being asked to suspend my disbelief a bit more than I could.

I ended up being able to get to the second book in this duology and I actually liked it slightly more than the first book but I still didn't find it to be a spectacular read. I rated both books 3 stars. I didn't hate them but I don't think either will be novels that stick with me long term and they won't be something that I'd recommend.

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