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Re: Cutting in college? - January 5th 2014, 10:34 PM

If you're not in danger of seriously injuring yourself and are not suicidal, I don't think you'd have any trouble. They might direct you toward resources that could help, but it doesn't sound like you'd be in danger of having your residential status revoked at all. At least not at my school. I can't speak for every college, but I go to school in Rhode Island, so not that far from where you are. In my experience, Housing Directors and RAs are very well-educated on issues such as cutting and know that a lot of the time, self-injurious behaviors aren't necessarily indicative of suicidal thoughts. I would be careful, however, not to let the fear of having your residential status revoked stand in your way of seeking help if things were, for any reason, to get serious. In that case, it's better to reach out and get help. I don't regret seeking help for my suicidal thoughts at all. Yes, getting "kicked out" of the dorms was an inconvenience for quite a while, but in the end, I know that it was important that I sought help.

I hope this makes sense!