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Re: Is Scratching Truly Bad or Self Harm? - January 15th 2014, 12:43 AM

Hey there,

I know that I already posted on your post in the Social Groups, but I decided that there are a few things that I may want to add.

I wanted to link you to this post called "Is this self harm?" That way, if you ever have any questions as to something that may be considered self harm, you can check out this link. Scratching IS on that list because it does leave marks, and you did mention you get scabs from bleeding, which means you are causing harm. It's not a good way to cope.

The link also gives the definition of self harm. Quote:
"Self-injury, self-inflicted violence, self-injurious behavior or self-mutilation is defined as a deliberate, intentional injury to one’s own body that causes tissue damage or leaves marks for more than a few minutes which is done to cope with an overwhelming or distressing situation."

Anything you do to physically hurt yourself in order help yourself cope with a situation is self harm.
Due to that definition, yes, it is self harm.

I think that since you think you have depression, it is important for you to try and get diagnosed by a professional, who would know more about it. For example, you can see a doctor or therapist about this and they will be able to tell you more about depression and treat you if you have it. Even if you don't have depression, though, they can be great for support and advice! Talk to an adult and see about seeing a professional.

I also decided that maybe I should have linked you to the hotlines list because you mentioned having suicidal thoughts. They cover a wide variety of topics and can work you through your problems.

I already linked you to the alternatives list on the post in Social Groups, but I will stress the importance of finding better ways to express your emotions, since self harm really doesn't do that. You can write, do art, or listen to or make music for instance. Exercise is also a good way to release stress.

You can do this!


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