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struggling to work - March 4th 2015, 12:48 AM

Hi, I could really use some advice.

I've got so much work to do right now - 2 really important pieces of coursework to do and catch up work and seminar preparation, I just literally have no motivation to do it and my attention span is absolutely terrible. Its really starting to worry me because I've always been ok at motivating myself before now, but I've lost all motivation and my grades are starting to suffer right at the point where the work is more important than its ever been. I don't think its completely down to laziness I mean I've forced myself to sit here for hours trying to get stuff done but now I keep putting off the work because its such an awful prospect to think about so it never gets done, and when I do start I start I really can't concentrate and keep zoning out/ getting distracted especially as I have to do masses of reading and I can't concentrate long enough to finish a page. I'm scared I will do badly in my exams again (I've recently had mocks and did really badly) the thing is this sort of thing would usually panic me into actually working but right now I'm not doing anything to change it. I know I only have myself to blame but I don't know what to do, I constantly feel tired and distracted and cannot concentrate. I'm scared this will mean I cannot pass my degree or do well- I'm doing a law degree so its pretty tough and if I can't concentrate I don't stand a chance..thing is I don't really have a back-up plan and would be devastated if I didn't pass and get through to next year.

Please advise! thank you.

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